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Democrats and the News Media Have Truly Perfected “Putting Lipstick on a Pig”

Watching the news media the morning after Hillary Clinton’s coronation in Philadelphia last night was heartbreaking because they clearly have no journalistic integrity left, and a nation without a truly independent and honest press cannot stand. So Americans who watched only CNN and MSNBC this morning will be left with the false impression that the Democrats put on a wonderful show of unity, patriotism and support of our police and military last night, and that Hillary Clinton is a wonderfully competent and compassionate woman. Yes indeed, they have truly perfected the art of putting lipstick on a pig because absolutely none of that is true and they know it!

The truth is that when General John Allen took to the stage with other military people last night, he had to shout because the audience booed and taunted them with chants of “Lies! Lies! Lies!” and “No more wars! No more wars!” And then when Medal of Honor winner, Florent Groberg, stood before the Democratic Convention, Democrats literally turned their backs on him as he spoke and was also taunted with chants of “No more wars! No more wars!” When Sheriff Lupe Valdez of Dallas County, Texas asked for a moment of silence to honor fallen police officers, with some of their family members with her on the stage, loud shouts of “Black lives matter! Black lives matter!” rang out. But she wasn’t really there to honor police anyway; you could even say she was chosen as the DNC’s “token” police officer because she’s also a Latina and proud lesbian. So the presentation of the Democrats as ultra-patriotic supporters of police and country was nothing but a ridiculous façade; which was necessary because the Republicans had pointed out the lack of American flags the first days and how they ignored the families of murdered police officers even though they invited and honored the mothers of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland and others. In fact, police officers weren’t even allowed to wear uniforms on the convention floor (which is sadly reminiscent of Hillary Clinton’s greatest concern when discussing rescuing Americans in the midst of the terrorist attack in Benghazi). So despite their best efforts, the delegates were far from united as people on the floor testified after the fact since they did their best to cover it up with chants and loud music…including how Hilary Clinton herself was booed repeatedly.

Additionally, the Democratic Convention’s “gauzy” attempt to make Hillary Clinton something she isn’t, an agent of change, is pretty easy to see through with just a little knowledge of the facts. For instance, we heard a lot about how she “helped,” “worked to,” or “supported” various “changes,” but the facts paint a very different picture. Here are the only three bills passed with Hillary’s name on them during her eight years in the Senate, so all that warm and fuzzy stuff we heard about how Hillary Clinton “works across the aisle,” “gets things done” and is a real “change maker” is a big fat lie with no facts or evidence to back it up. And as we all know, when it comes to the Clintons, words really do matter as proven when Bill Clinton said “it depends on what the meaning of is is”.

Hillary Clinton’s record as Secretary of State was so disastrous that they virtually skipped over those four years of her biography at the Democratic Convention, and since that’s been covered in great detail in previous posts here, I’m just going to skip over it other than saying that there’s absolutely nothing positive that can be said of what she did in those four years because she demonstrated total disregard for our laws, rules and even a modicum of restraint when it came to foreign policy. She left a path of utter chaos and destruction in every single country where she “meddled,” the cost of which will be borne by many generations to come.

Then near the end of Bill Clinton’s unbelievable attempt to “vouch” for Hillary Clinton’s character (which few people who know anything believe), I couldn’t believe my ears when he said, “How did this square with the things that you heard at the Republican Convention? What’s the difference in what I told you and what they said? How do you square it? You can’t. One is real, the other is made up.” Wow! He actually told the truth and invited everyone to challenge his own credibility because he’s the one who made everything up!! And since I agree with him that the American people will have to decide which is the “real” Hillary, I suggest listening to Bill’s speech very carefully (especially for the “qualifying” or “limiting” words he used) because the entire Democratic National Convention was a well-staged illusion and no more reality than the web of deception and farcical “love story” Bill Clinton spun at the convention Tuesday night!

So let’s try to figure out what the “real” indisputable evidence tells us about the “real” Hillary Clinton as opposed to the fantasy presented at the Democratic National Convention. Every presentation and person who spoke on her behalf attempted to portray Hillary Clinton as someone who would ALWAYS go to bat to defend and protect helpless children, but the facts and the words out of Hillary Clinton’s own mouth reveal a very different Hillary. So listen as the “real” Hillary Clinton literally brags and laughs about getting a forty-two year old rapist a ridiculous plea deal despite knowing that he had viciously raped a little twelve year old girl. I wanted to throw up when I heard her brag about the lengths she went to in order to get the attention of the “premier” blood analyst, about whom she said, “If you could get him interested in the case, then you knew you had the foremost expert in the world willing to testify so that it came out the way you wanted it to come out.” And at the end of the above tape, there’s no doubt she was pleased that she “got him off” with just “two months” for time served despite knowing full well that he had brutally raped a young girl. And just as disgusting as that, it’s shocking to see how far some in the news media will go to defend and make excuses for her even though they knew full well that the disgraceful attitude she exhibited in the preceding tape wasn’t about her view of the judicial system. Additionally, she didn’t have to take that case as they said, and this video also reveals just how desperate some news media celebrities really are to protect and defend her…they’re definitely putting lipstick on a pig! So everyone should listen to Hillary in her own words and her tone and attitude to determine if that’s the “real” Hillary or the mythical version invented at the Democratic Convention this week. That young girl’s life was ruined and if Hillary Clinton really cared about women and children and “regrets” taking that case as she claimed in one of her books, she would have done something to help this poor woman, which she certainly could afford to do if she cared so much. And if she’s really done so much to “change” the lives of so many children and women, I’m surprised they weren’t at the convention to sing her praises.

The Democratic Convention also made a big deal about what a champion Hillary Clinton has been for women, but none of Bill Clinton’s rape and molestation victims or Jennifer Flowers (who he had an adulterous relationship with for twelve years with Hillary’s knowledge) seem to believe that based on how she treated them. So let’s see what the “real” facts say about the “real” Hillary when it comes to women; particularly when it comes to victims of rape and sexual assault. Hillary says rape victims should be heard and believed …until she said ”until they are disbelieved based on evidence” when asked if Bill’s rape victims should be believed. She apparently knew about her husband raping Juanita Broaddrick as well. In fact, she actually thanked Juanita for keeping her mouth shut about it based on an encounter they had a few weeks after the rape, which Juanita perceived as a threat. Sadly, Bill Clinton is a serial rapist and Hillary Clinton enabled his violent predatory behavior throughout their marriage for the sake of her own political ambitions. While knowing that Hillary actually led efforts to smear, discredit and destroy Bill’s sexual assault victims should be enough to discredit her claims as someone who has always defended women, the hypocrisy of so-called feminists really isn’t surprising since they didn’t believe the truth even when they heard Hillary’s own words describing how she defended a man she knew had viciously raped and beaten a twelve year old girl. So it’s just not possible to hear the testimonies of all these women and sincerely believe Bill Clinton’s shamelessly deceptive depiction of his relationship with Hillary, which we know doesn’t exist based solely on the information proven in previous court cases. For instance, after Bill and Hillary Clinton arrogantly lied to the American people about his twelve year adulterous relationship with Jennifer Flowers, He finally acknowledged it under oath in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case six years later. And speaking of the Paula Jones case, Bill Clinton ultimately paid $850,000.00 to settle the case, which is a pretty good indication that he was lying about Paula Jones too! But if there’s anyone foolish enough to believe the lies Bill Clinton told at the Democratic Convention about his and Hillary’s “love story,” it might be a real good idea to watch how brazenly he lied to the American people about Monica Lewinsky; which he did repeatedly until an infamous blue dress stained with his semen proved without a doubt was a very deliberate and calculated lie. So anyone tempted to ever believe a word that comes out of Bill Clinton’s mouth should listen to his shameful testimony about that under oath, and if anyone still believes him after hearing that, the shame is on them.

Of course, it was quite interesting to hear President Obama touting Hillary Clinton’s praises, competence and reliability at the Democratic Convention having heard Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign ad calling Hillary Clinton a liar. Even though that should say all there is to say, it’s also noteworthy that he didn’t really say anything all that significant to recommend her for president. It was also amusing to hear him say she has an “infectious” laugh, which isn’t really how very many would describe Hillary Clinton’s laugh! Of course, he did say she was “in the room” too lest we forget that. Personally, I thought that was a pretty lack lustre endorsement if I ever heard one, so it’s amazing to hear how the media virtually swooned over it. However, I did agree with one thing President Obama said; based on her job titles and years in the positions she held, Hillary Clinton really should be the most qualified person to run for president. But her total lack of judgment and accomplishments in all those years only proves her unfit to hold the office and that she can’t be trusted with the power and responsibility that comes with it. So anyone who honestly thinks they can believe ANYTHING Hillary Clinton says definitely needs to listen to this amazing video of how she lies and contradicts herself by claiming to be on both sides of almost every significant issue.

It’s not too surprising that the Democratic Convention’s total separation from truth was very much on display when it came to Donald Trump, which was especially interesting considering how strongly they criticized and mocked the Republicans for talking about Hillary Clinton so much at their convention. And it’s especially not surprising that one of the most deliberate lies came right out of Hillary Clinton’s own mouth when she said Donald Trump “called women pigs” because as everyone knows, he only called Rosie O’Donnell a pig. And he only did that after she attacked him for giving Miss USA, Tara Conner< a second chance when it was disclosed that she had a drug problem; which the Democrats would normally consider a good thing. But taking the risk of telling such a bald-faced lie was worthwhile for Hillary since it was meant to offend women and drive them to vote for her, which it might well do to some degree. One of the saddest and most pathetic lies repeated at the Democratic Convention came from Khizr Khan, who would have otherwise been a very sympathetic figure due to the loss of his son while serving our country; but what he said was not at all related to anything Donald Trump has ever said or implied. In fact, that was political theatre at its best and a sad example of how desperate the Democrats are; which anyone who listens honestly to what Donald Trump really said in context knows (including the millions of Americans who voted for him). His suggestion to implement a temporary ban on Muslims isn’t about being prejudiced or a hater, or even “ignorant”; it’s about using common sense to keep Americans safe from people who want to kill us and take over our country until potential immigrants can be properly vetted. Perhaps the people who really think that’s a bad idea don’t know that our top intelligence leaders have said it’s not possible to “vet” people coming in from Syria and that ISIS is infiltrating refugees in other regions as well. What Mr. Khan said so dramatically about our Constitution wasn’t applicable or true either since our Constitution doesn’t grant rights to non-citizens, which is what Donald Trump has been talking about. I’ve written extensively about Uma Abedin before, so won’t get into that and her very close relationship with Hillary Clinton and how dangerous that is again here. But it is important to point out the hypocrisy of such hand wringing by the Democrats and some Republicans because they should know that it’s perfectly legal and CONSTITUTIONAL for presidents to ban people from entrance into our country under certain circumstances. In fact, even President Obama himself has banned Muslims from coming here because of their suspected terrorist connections, along with the last five of his predecessors! So people need to read the text of the applicable law at the link above and stop the nonsense because Donald Trump is far from ignorant since he obviously knows the applicable law better than his critics and is more concerned about our safety than political correctness.

Also, Donald Trump hasn’t ever called for the US to pull out of NATO as stated repeatedly at the Democratic Convention and elsewhere, so listen to what he actually said about “revamping” and “updating” NATO. Donald Trump didn’t say he wouldn’t defend our NATO partners either regardless of the Democrats and news media falsely saying that over and over again, so listen to this report which quotes exactly what he said. He actually said that the US wouldn’t “automatically” defend NATO partners who aren’t fulfilling their part of the NATO agreement by making the required financial contributions, but would defend those who are abiding by the terms of the NATO agreement. And based on information provided by NATO, funding and financial accountability have been an issue and concern for NATO since the Wales Summit in 2014.

Additionally, we keep hearing from Hillary’s campaign and the news media how Donald Trump committed treason by encouraging Russia to “hack” the Secretary of State’s emails. Well, that’s nonsense on so many levels, but the most interesting is that President Bill Clinton himself signed a treaty with Russia in 1999, titled Treaty with Russia on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, which provides for a broad range of cooperation in criminal matters including the production of documents and information. Donald Trump was clearly mocking and goading the mainstream news media when he said that, and no one in their right mind really thinks Donald Trump believes for one minute that the media would “reward” Russia “mightily” if they released Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails. So they fell right into that trap and provided even more proof of how dishonest the media and Democrats are, which is a disgrace and exactly why the American people don’t trust any of them and are willing to “take a chance” on Donald Trump even though he has no political experience…and maybe even BECAUSE he isn’t a politician and has a proven track record as a businessman. So once again, while the media, Democrats and Republican elites like to talk about how ignorant Donald Trump is, it appears that they’re the ones who don’t know what they’re talking about. Unfortunately for them, they don’t even realize how this kind of stuff just makes people more likely to support Donald Trump; most people don’t like liars and seeing people trying to “rig” the election the same way the Democrats did in their primaries.

That reminds me of another lie repeatedly told at the Democratic Convention…that Donald Trump isn’t a successful businessman, that he bankrupted everything he touched and didn’t make anything here in America…blah…blah…blah. Well, the “didn’t make anything in America” is obviously not true since he has so many buildings and businesses gracing America’s skylines all over the United States. And while he did file for “reorganization” bankruptcy four times, it’s important to look at what that means instead of relying on the false implications of that well-worn mantra. Needless to say, making that out to be a negative aspect of Trump’s business experience (especially lying about it as Hillary Clinton did) is just further proof of the hypocrisy on display at the Democratic Convention since President Obama and the Democrats were ALL ON BOARD (and I don’t recall hearing them express concern for the people who “lost everything”) when they put General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy and literally violated bankruptcy laws to benefit the executives and unions and put dealers out of business based solely on their political party affiliation. Here’s a little more of the shocking details of what Obama and the Democrats did to Yale King and other Republican auto dealers in the “auto bail-out” they were all for because misappropriating bankruptcy laws was the only way they could accomplish what they wanted—taking over the auto industry to “redistribute the wealth” to their donors, which Hillary Clinton was all for. So listening to the preceding videos should be more than enough to make any truly fair-minded, non-socialist individual scared to death to vote for Hillary Clinton!

While I give the Democratic National Committee and mainstream news media a lot of credit for putting lipstick on a pig to foster the false illusion that the Democratic National Convention and their candidate was and is something they’re far from being, the really good news is that they no longer “control the message” as they have in years gone by and people can get the news these days without the biased filters the Democrats have relied on for so many years. But they don’t seem to get that yet, and don’t realize that “putting lipstick on a pig” or trying to “make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” just doesn’t work anymore. So while there will always be a surprising number of true believers who refuse to see the truth regardless of the strength of the evidence, it’s apparent that the majority of Americans know “phoney” when they hear and see it…just as they know sincerity when they hear and see it. Thankfully, God really is bringing to light the things being done in darkness and it’s not so easy to mislead and deceive the American people anymore!

Let’s Remember Who’s Really Colluding with Russia!

The mainstream news media has been feverishly pitching the notion that Donald Trump is “colluding” with Russia to interfere with the upcoming election by releasing the hacked Democratic National Committee emails right before the Democratic Convention; especially with the threat of even more emails to come. Of course, since that’s the sole focus of their reporting, we’re not hearing much about the reprehensible bigoted, racist and insulting content of the Democratic National Committee emails; much less that they proved that the DNC was literally working on Hillary Clinton’s behalf to make sure she won the Democratic Party nomination, along with colluding with the news media. The media is also doing their best to distract from how upset Bernie Sanders’ supporters are about having proof that the system was in fact “rigged” to keep Bernie from winning, which is the basis for a recently filed racketeering lawsuit alleging significant voter fraud in Democratic primaries throughout the country. It’s also important to remember that last month’s initial report about Russia hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s email server wasn’t seen as such a bad thing at the time since the early reports said they were looking for “dirt” on Donald Trump as reported by Andrea Mitchell.

So Donald Trump confronted the Clinton campaign’s lies head on today as he often does with a full press conference, which just handed the media another rabbit hole to run down when he half-jokingly asked Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s thirty thousand missing emails and said the media would really reward them. While the news media thinks that’s terrible and is now accusing Donald Trump of inviting and encouraging Russia to hack into America’s emails, I’m willing to bet the majority of Americans agree with Trump and would like to see those missing emails as well! It’s also hard to see how Donald Trump was encouraging Russians or anyone else to “hack” Hillary’s email since that’s something that no longer exists because Hillary Clinton and her lawyers deleted the emails and did their best to “wipe” the server clean. So the only way Russia or anyone else could possibly release the missing emails would be if they had “hacked” the server before Donald Trump and the rest of us even knew it existed; which was already suspected and even concerned the news media, who freely admitted it would be a much bigger story if Donald Trump wasn’t in the mix. And if the server was hacked by Russia as everyone suspects, it’s really hard to believe the news media actually thinks Americans don’t have a right to know what those emails say BEFORE voting for Hillary Clinton in November. Of course, the sad truth is that they don’t want us to see those emails or any others because they’re colluding with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to make sure she gets elected and are scared to death of what might be in those missing/deleted emails. And based on this video about just a few things already revealed, they have real good reason to worry about what even more of Hillary Clinton’s secret emails might prove!

However, putting all of that aside, the real concern the mainstream news media and all Americans should have is what we already know about Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia since she’s the only presidential candidate who’s been “colluding” with them, and literally endangered America’s national security in the process. Despite the media’s feigned concern regarding Donald Trump being openly “friendly” with Putin or because he wants to improve America’s relations with Russia, they were all on board and very approving and in complete awe when Hillary Clinton presented the infamous “reset button” to Russia’s Foreign Minister soon after becoming Secretary of State. Apparently, Hillary Clinton herself thought that was a real good idea at the time and obviously welcomed the opportunity to make her intentions known in the well-staged public press event seen in the preceding video. Since the definition of “collusion” according to Wikipedia is an agreement between two or more parties, sometimes illegal and therefore secretive, to limit open competition by deceiving, misleading, or defrauding others of their legal rights, or to obtain an objective forbidden by law…typically by defrauding or gaining an unfair market advantage, giving Russia’s Foreign Minister a “reset Button” doesn’t constitute collusion. Of course, that also means that there’s no evidence, implied or otherwise, of Donald Trump colluding with Russia since he very publicly asked them to release Hillary Clinton’s thirty thousand missing emails if they do in fact have them.

However, there’s a great deal of evidence that Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton colluded with a number of players in a fraudulent scheme they ran through the Clinton Foundation that ultimately transferred the control of up to fifty percent of America’s uranium production right into the hands of Vladimir Putin through Uranium One, as reported here in detail. So if the news media is really concerned about who’s willing to put our country at risk for their own enrichment and personal gain, I strongly suggest watching this “Clinton Cash” documentary and honestly investigating and reporting on what it says between now and the upcoming election. But the very sad truth is that they don’t really care because they’re blinded by their own liberal/socialist ideology, and by the time they do (barring God’s divine intervention), it will be too late for them and for America.

It Looks Like Jill Stein Co-opted Bernie’s Revolution Last Night

Contrary to The Democratic Party’s best efforts to present a vision of unity in support of Hillary Clinton, that’s far from the truth as illustrated in this article about how Green Party Candidate Jill stein marched into the Democratic Convention last night and marched right back out again with many Bernie supporters in tow! While I didn’t agree with much of what Bernie Sanders’ campaign was about, I still felt very sorry for his ardent supporters as I watched him throw them under the bus and tell them that they had to get behind and vote for Hillary Clinton, who literally embodies EVERYTHING he spoke out against during his campaign. I can only imagine the sense of disappointment and betrayal they must have felt because they really believed in Bernie Sanders and the revolution he so passionately encouraged them to participate in.

Then as I watched Jill Stein boldly step in and usurp Bernie Sanders’ revolutionary message in this remarkable stroke of genius last night and give the “true believers’ hope and encouragement, I had a sense that history was being made and that Jill Stein will end up being the greatest threat to Hillary Clinton’s long sought dream of becoming President of the United States.. She makes a lot of sense and supporting her doesn’t require those who believe in change to suspend all common sense as did Bernie Sanders’ abandoning them and his cause for the sake of unity with the woman who represents everything he’s been railing against for the past year or more. Jill Stein might also appeal to the women who are voting for Hillary Clinton just because she’s a woman, and it will be interesting to see if last night really was a significant turning point in the upcoming presidential election as I suspect. In any case, I think Green Party candidate Jill Stein is someone to keep an eye on this election season since I believe Bernie’s most ardent supporters will support her now because Bernie Sanders really did sell them out, which she took full advantage of last night. There’s no doubt that she finally caught the attention of the national news media, so I’m sure we’ll all be hearing a lot more about her in the coming weeks and months; especially once the Hillary Clinton cronies start trying to destroy and discredit her. I don’t know anything about Jill Stein, but she’s obviously very well spoken and perhaps even charismatic (especially in comparison to Hillary Clinton) and there’s no doubt that she was speaking right to the hearts and souls of Bernie Sanders’ disillusioned supporters last night and very likely co-opted his message and revolution.

Corruption, Lies and Death Always Reign in Hillary’s Parade

As Hillary Clinton prepares to officially accept the Democrat nomination for President of the United States this week, corruption, lies and very timely deaths once again reign in her parade. From the first days Bill and Hillary Clinton burst into the consciousness of the American people through today, they’ve been clouded in corruption, lies and one very timely and convenient death after another, and they took their endless parade of corruption from Arkansas right into the White House, which continued through the eight years they were in the White House, Hillary’s scandal ridden run for the Senate and the eight years she was there right on through her four years as Secretary of State. And now we’ve into her corrupt run for president and are just learning how Hillary Clinton’s penchant for corruption, lies and scandal have infected and corrupted the Democratic National Committee, which was used as an extension of her presidential campaign to steal the primary election from Bernie Sanders and the millions who voted for him as documented here, here and here. However, most people aren’t aware of the very timely and suspicious deaths of those connected to Bill and Hillary Clinton and even to The Democratic National Committee, including the recent deaths of two men who had knowledge that would have stopped Hillary’s parade of corruption and lies into the White House dead in its tracks. First, the former President of the United Nations General Assembly, John Ashe, died in his home quite mysteriously on June 22, 2016, which was the day before he was scheduled to testify in a bribery case connected to the Clintons. Here’s the FBI’s announcement of the charges in that case, and here’s in part how it all goes back to the Clintons’ connections to some of the same people and ”China Gate”, another Clinton White House fund raising scandal. And then there’s the death of The Democratic National Committee’s voter expansion data director, Seth Rich, on July 10, 2016, less than a month after the publication of this shocking article revealing SIGNIFICANT voter fraud in eleven Democratic primaries and that a racketeering lawsuit exposing nationwide vote rigging in DNC primaries was about to be filed by the Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity, in which there’s no doubt Seth Rich would have been called as a witness.

While in the White House, Hillary Clinton’s parade of corruption included the reprehensible firing of Billy Dale and the entire White House Travel Office staff, who were accused of embezzlement and replaced with Clinton cronies from Arkansas. Even though she literally tried to destroy their lives, they fought back and won in court and were rehired. Hillary Clinton also hired Craig Livingstone and orchestrated the illegal collection and retention of FBI files on the Clintons’ political opponents. She was also suspected of being involved in the highly suspicious death of Vince Foster (her attorney) and the subsequent cover-up; along with the missing Rose Law Firm (White Water) records that later showed up in the White House residence, as well as the well-publicized shredding of documents at the Rose Law Firm. Details about some of that and even more of the ever-present cloud of corruption surrounding Hillary Clinton, including extensive campaign finance violations, are documented here, and this video further documents and provides proof of Hillary Clinton’s absolute ruthlessness, extreme abuse of power (literally using the IRS and FBI to target her “enemies”), her repeated criminal endeavors and a shameless pattern of obstruction and corruption throughout her entire public life; including the personal destruction, imprisonment and timely deaths of many people associated with her. The previous videos also reveal that she really is a serial liar, (or a “congenital liar” as William Safire so famously called her in this 1996 New York Times article), her total lack of morals and ethics, and that her craven pursuit of political power is the only thing that matters to her regardless of who gets hurt or dies in the process.

Hillary Clinton’s run for the Senate (from New York even though she’d never lived there) was another parade of corruption, lies and devastation when she and Bill orchestrated a huge Hollywood gala fund raising campaign event that became a huge scandal and once again, Hillary Clinton escaped any accountability or legal responsibility for her crimes while her benefactor, Peter Paul, was left holding the bag and languishing in prison. The preceding video also describes another shocking and disgraceful parade of corruption and how Bill Clinton pardoned fourteen Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) terrorists (who never even applied for the pardons) within two days of being asked to do so in order to garner the political support of Puerto Ricans in Hillary’s 2000 campaign for the Senate. It’s beyond comprehension how the Clintons’ corruption and lies never seem to impact them and they keep right on deceiving the American people, and worse yet, it doesn’t even seem possible that the Democratic Party just nominated this woman for President of the United States of America.

Then as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s parade of corruption and lies included violating every rule and law governing the retention of email, correspondence and schedules as required by the Freedom of Information Act. She was “extremely careless” regarding the proper maintenance of classified and highly top secret information in using a private email server without basic security in place (said to be less secure than Gmail) and using various devices in non-secure areas while travelling as stated here by FBI Director James Comey. She destroyed over half of the emails before turning over only print copies (which can’t be digitally verified) to the State Department (years after she left even though she was supposed to do that when she left) and then lied about all of that repeatedly. Despite many others being charged and even jailed for doing much less, Hillary Clinton wasn’t even charged and won’t have any legal consequences for clearly violating multiple federal laws, so once again, as she’s done for as long as we’ve known her, Hillary Clinton got away with shamelessly lying about that and so much more.

When her parade of corruption, lies and death came around to what she actually accomplished as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton orchestrated and approved the NATO led overthrow of the Libyan government and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi and worked to install the Muslim Brotherhood. But that led to total chaos and the terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans just weeks before President Obama’s re-election, so she lied about all of that to the American people and to the Benghazi families and then had the audacity to say the families were the ones lying. So true to typical Hillary form, she blamed it all on everyone else…including blaming the Libyan people for resisting NATO’s invasion of their country and actually laughed about killing Muammar Gaddafi! She and President Obama also sparked the unrest in Egypt and pushed Hosni Mubarak (an American ally) out of office and financially backed and supported the Muslim Brotherhood and the election of Mohamed Morsi, who was eventually overthrown by the people when he tried to replace their fledgling democracy with tyrannical Islam. The Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton were given obscene sums of money from countries and individuals who had business with the State Department and benefited by decisions Hillary Clinton made in their favor; including donations from Russians and other interested parties who were granted permission by Hillary Clinton’s State Department to transfer significant control of the United States uranium production to the Russians, as revealed in this shocking “Clinton Cash” documentary. She also conspired with Google to stir up unrest in Syria to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, which has led to the slaughter of countless thousands and the refugee crisis now threatening Europe and the United States. So Hillary Clinton’s parade of corruption, lies and death while Secretary of State will be felt by the world and all Americans for years and generations to come because she left behind a trail of total destruction and chaos after destroying and overthrowing stable governments and reliable American allies; usually in an effort to install the Muslim Brotherhood in anti-democratic, anti-American governments..

So there’s no denying that throughout her entire political life, Hillary Clinton’s parade of corruption, lies and very timely deaths has left behind a path of utter destruction and devastation, and the Democratic National Committee is no exception; especially with the recent murder of The Democratic National Committee’s voter expansion data director, Seth Rich, on July 10, 2016…the day before a federal racketeering lawsuit was filed alleging significant primary election fraud. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was co-chair on Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign, so it was fairly obvious that she was trying to help Hillary and running interference for her; especially when she scheduled the Democratic Primary debates in an effort to limit the people watching them. But once the recently released DNC emails “proved” that the DNC staff were working to help Hillary win the election and the disgraceful tactics they used to discredit Bernie Sanders, Debbie Wasserman Schultz should have been fired on the spot. Yet that’s not what happened; in fact, she was allowed to submit her resignation effective after the convention, and was planning to gavel in and close out the convention and to speak to the delegates until there was a revolt by Bernie Sanders’ supporters. And since it would have been a political disaster for Hillary if Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed off the stage, she wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near it. However, her banishment was nothing but a political decision and didn’t have anything to do with sincere regret or consequence for what the DNC did because as further proof of just how comfortable Hillary Clinton really is with rule breaking and corruption, Debbie Wasserman Schultz will now be the Honorary Chair of her campaign; which really just means that Hillary Clinton will have to start picking up the tab for what Schultz has been doing on her behalf at the DNC instead of the Democratic National Committee. If it were anyone else, there’d be an investigation into the matter since there’s no doubt that multiple campaign finance laws were broken, but Hillary Clinton and her political cronies have become so corrupt that they actually think the American people are just like them and don’t care about what’s right and wrong. However, I have a feeling they’re wrong and that the American people aren’t going to let Hillary Clinton’s reign of corruption, lies and death march right back into the White House again. Fortunately, God reigns over all, so I’m praying that He brings to light everything she’s done in darkness and reins in Hillary’s parade of corruption, lies and death once and for all!

It’s Time to Turn Back the Socialist Revolution Now Under Way in America

The values and institutions that have always made America great are now openly under attack by radical racists and revolutionist, with President Barack Obama leading the way. In my previous post, I documented the radical racists, communists, Marxists and socialists who shaped President Barack Obama’s personal and political ideology and destiny, and didn’t get into his family’s radical communists/socialists background as I understood it to be at the time. So I decided to check into that as well since I was so surprised by what I learned in researching the previous post, which pales in comparison to what I discovered earlier. In fact, it’s all so shocking and incomprehensible that I initially decided not to share it here because I thought most Americans wouldn’t believe it despite the evidence. However, with the events of Sunday morning, the murder of even more police officers in Baton Rouge, I decided that it’s incumbent on me to share what I’ve learned and trust everyone to see the evidence and judge it for themselves.

I’ve spent almost a week digging into what I’d call the underbelly of Black Lives Matter, the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, Black Nationalists and President Barack Obama’s family and was shocked to discover the racial hatred and push for revolution that’s been at work in America for over five decades. It’s an insidious plan to divide Americans along racial and political lines, to destroy the family and ignore the God-given right to life, to eradicate the moral fabric and values Americans have always held dear, to dumb down education and virtually outlaw expectations of excellence, to undermine individuality and literally force moral/immoral compromise, to promote reliance on government and to hold impoverished blacks and other minorities captive in failing schools and economically depressed neighborhoods for the sake of fomenting the anger, frustration and unrest required to accomplished the desired revolution. Yet in spite of many attempts to effect the necessary racial tension, discontent and unrest in our country’s history, the revolution never succeeded because people were educated well enough not to fall prey to it and there were too many political, judicial, military and police obstacles in place to prevent its success. But the revolutionaries have been very patient and persistent because they realized that they’d have to infiltrate our institutions of Government and education at every level, which they’ve been doing for decades now in order to gain the necessary political power and to sow the seeds of moral decay, victimhood and revolution in the impressionable minds of young Americans.

Education in America used to be about reading, writing, arithmetic and high standards of achievement and excellence; which have been utterly abandoned by most public schools for social engineering and politically correct rot that defies all common sense. And the universities that used to foster and encourage political debate, diversity of ideas and the importance of critical thinking now forbid the freedom of speech that’s at the very core of our Constitution and actively encourage the youth of America to be a bunch of robotic whimps in need of counseling if their tender little ears and eyes hear or see anything that offends them…and the revolutionists even tell them what offends them, as seen here and here. In fact, most of our universities are now overrun with radical and liberal professors who openly promote anti-American and socialist policies and ideas, and based on my personal business experience with college students and graduates, many of them don’t even have what would have passed for a ninth grade education just fifteen years ago. They can’t write in cursive or sign their name, they have no knowledge of American history, no understanding of proper grammar (including proper sentence structure) or verb tense, and are taught that whether or not they get the answer to a math equation right doesn’t matter as long as they can explain how they arrived at the wrong answer. God and the Bible have been kicked out of our schools and universities and homosexuality and sexual promiscuity are now embraced as high ideals deserving honor and protection. Standards of discipline and proper behavior have been abandoned and replaced with outlandish politically correct theories of social justice. The normal back and forth and name calling between kids is now labeled “hate speech” or “bullying” and forbidden, and honor rolls and trophies for high achievement and athletic performance have now been eliminated because that might damage the self-image of those who don’t perform as well.

So while Americans weren’t paying attention, the teacher’s unions came in and radically racist, liberal and socialist teachers took over the education of our youth, and now our kids are no longer equipped to succeed in business (inability to write coherently has kept me from hiring many, many current college students), they’re not equipped to deal with conflict of any kind and therefore can’t cope with the normal disappointments of life; such as losing a job, the breakup of a relationship or criticism of any kind. They have an attitude of entitlement and become angry and combative whenever expected to uphold the most basic requirements of responsible work ethics; such as simple adherence to dress codes. Therefore, in addition to not getting a good education, the youth now being shepherded through today’s public school systems and universities are being set up for failure in life, which will understandably lead to becoming malcontents and make them more susceptible to the enticing inducements to participate in the unrest encouraged by those fomenting revolution in America.

If all of this happened as the result of a well-orchestrated plan and President Barack Obama is in fact leading the revolution, at this stage of his presidency, there should be clear and convincing evidence of how such a revolution is being accomplished through his position and authority since socialism calls for the government to control everything—for every institution and business to be “nationalized.” Well, as most of us already know, President Barack Obama and the Democrats nationalized America’s healthcare system through ObamaCare; yet few realize that Common Core is designed to nationalize education in America as well. So take the time to watch this shocking video of how that happened and what it entails. Worse yet, listen here to check out what the Common Core curriculum looks like! It’s no wonder that more and more families have decided to home school their children, especially those with strongly held religious values, and no less surprising that the teachers’ unions and various government agencies are trying to shut them down or bring them under their control. Additionally, President Barack Obama has been pushing to “nationalize” America’s police, and as I’ve written previously, he literally disarmed police departments around the country, as well as all federal agencies; which is something anyone who doesn’t already know should read about since that insanely dangerous order has been fully implemented for just two and a half months now. President Barack Obama literally confiscated vital defensive weaponry and equipment from all police departments and even outlawed buying military style equipment (such as armored vehicles) with their own funds. Supposedly, the order was in response to the Michael Brown/Ferguson riots, but what I’ve learned over the past few days makes me think all of that was just another example of “never letting a good crisis go to waste” taken to the next level of actually “creating the crisis” to further their revolutionary plan; which there’s evidence of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton actually doing in the process of overthrowing (even killing Muammar Gaddafi) the leaders and governments of American allies and replacing them with Islamic tyranny by way of the Muslim Brotherhood. So it’s not really surprising that President Barack Obama and Al Sharpton (one of his closest advisors) want the federal government to take control of police departments, which they’ve already started doing through orders from the Department of Justice in places like Ferguson, Cleveland, Tampa, Albuquerque, Baltimore and many more cities than most people realize. Yet that’s clear evidence that President Barack Obama is trying to nationalize America’s police, and I’m obviously not the only one who believes that based on this article. So while President Barack Obama “talked” about improving relations between police and communities of color as he moved toward nationalizing them and literally disarmed them, he’s done the exact opposite by repeatedly inciting enmity and mistrust between blacks and police as proven by his own words. That’s why I personally hold President Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter, along with the Democrats who support them responsible for the murder of the police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, as well as the others who have been executed since Black Lives Matter started marching and calling for “dead cops.” The American people aren’t stupid and know that Black Lives Matter, President Barack Obama and the liberal left have demanded that all police be held accountable for the acts of a few police officers (regardless of whether or not the shootings were justified). Yet they don’t want to be held accountable for the murders of eight police officers by clearly racist black men or for the other police officers who have been murdered around the country since they started chanting things like “Pigs in a blanket…fry ‘em like bacon!” and “What do we want? Dead cops! And when do we want it? Now!” That’s clearly inciting violence and the murder of police officers, and if it’s fair to blame the speech of Donald Trump for inciting the violence of others at his rallies, surely it’s fair to blame Black Lives Matter, President Barack Obama, Democrats and the liberal mainstream news media for the racially motivated hate filled slaughter of police throughout America. But the Department of Justice under Barack Obama has become so racially motivated and biased that it’s done real damage to race relations in America, and everyone knows that it only provides protection and “justice” for blacks, Muslims or their other political cronies. And that was proven when the DOJ dismissed the case against the New Black Panthers even though the case was ready to go to sentencing. The prosecutors in the case testified that they were instructed not to prosecute cases with minority defendants and to focus on crimes against them instead, which proved the Obama administration’s unprecedented racial bias once and for all. Their testimonies and the DOJ’s “defense” are shocking, so I strongly urge everyone to watch the above video and check out the associated links. I’ve been so disillusioned by everything I’ve uncovered over the past couple of weeks that I can’t help wondering if there’s a connection between the DOJ dismissing the New Black Panthers’ case in 2009 and the men who killed police in Dallas and Baton Rouge this month being members of the New Black Panthers. What a sad day in America when someone even thinks about something like that; yet that’s where we are.

Additionally, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are obsessed with restricting our Constitutional right to bear arms; which few Americans realize was very specifically intended to protect Americans from their own government when necessary to protect their rights and Constitutional form of government. President Obama and the Democrats have also attempted to nationalize or take over control of certain businesses (such as General Motors) and all banks and financial institutions through onerous regulations, laws like the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and by totally dispensing with or politicizing the rule of law; applying it or ignoring it depending on which best suits their purpose. For example, everyone who’s taken the time to look into it agrees that the birth certificate President Barack Obama presented as proof of his birth and identity in 2011 is an obvious forgery, and a very bad one at that. In fact, Sheriff Arpaio’s news conference about their investigation into the president’s birth exposed an elaborate hoax and cover up, which provided a vital link to help make sense of everything else I learned about Barack Obama’s family. Sheriff Arpaio’s investigators discovered that Hawaii is the ONLY place in America where an adult from ANYWHERE can register their birth in Hawaii (as of 1982) just by proving that their parents met the residency requirements at the time of their birth, which is explained in great detail in the video. Therefore, I’m providing the following links with a reminder and caution that as I said earlier, it took digging into the underbelly of a very unfamiliar and unsavory world and listening to things I personally found extremely offensive, including vile language, racism and hatred, along with shocking anti-Christ venom. But that’s the only way to access the unique information and forensic evidence Dr. Phil Valentine presents regarding the forged documents associated with President Barack Obama’s fraudulent biography, which is continued here and makes a very compelling case for Barack Obama being the son of Malcolm X. He provided even more evidence here and here; including the purpose and goal of such an audacious and daring deception with roots going as far back as 1912. It’s astounding to hear how men throughout history so accurately described and planned for exactly what’s happening in our country today, and if you do the research I’ve done, you’ll soon learn how much danger America is in and find out who Barack Obama really is. And based on his true identity and what he has actually done to radically and fundamentally transform America, it’s clear that Barack Obama is leading a socialist revolution and fulfilling the radically racist dreams inherited from Malcolm X, his biological father, along with those of many life-long friends and associates who dreamed of changing America into a socialist country and beyond to who knows what.

As I’ve studied Barack Obama over the past months , I’ve been conflicted because it’s difficult to know if he’s more Islamic, more socialist or more racist; but I now realize that it’s possible for all of that to be true without being in conflict. And understanding his true heritage and the virulent racism and socialist or even Marxist-Leninist ideology he’s been fed his entire life makes it easier to see how all of that comes together through the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, Black Nationalists and now Black Lives Matter. The revolution or “fundamental” transformation Barack Obama had in mind for America that he’s working to accomplish now is a combination of radical Islam and Marxism-Leninism mixed with extremely radical racism that will shock most Americans; blacks and whites alike because black Christians are equally despised. So I’m including the following links with the warning that many of them are EXTREMELY offensive and shocking; yet they provide the information needed to really understand what Americans face if the socialist and racist revolution Barack Obama and his cohorts have undertaken is not stopped.
This is a very revealing and powerful exposé with extremely offensive language, racist and anti-Christ sentiments (particularly in the question and answer section at the end), titled “Time To Know Who Barry Or Barack Really Is” by Dr. Phil Valentine.
This four part video series reveals the revolutionary goals and virulent hatred of the New Black Panthers and similar Black Nationalists groups, which both Micah Johnson and Gavin Long (the men who killed police in Dallas and Baton Rouge) belonged to.
This disturbing video shows armed New Black Panthers calling for revolution and the murder of police in Texas, using some of the same language Black Lives Matter uses…’Oink oink, bang bang!’, who President Barack Obama repeatedly praises and encourages.
In this MSNBC interview with Houston’s Black Lives Matter leader , Ashton Woods said he saw Micah Johnson at rallies, and President Barack Obama is once again shown defending Black Lives Matter and saying they shouldn’t be blamed for the murders of the Dallas police despite all the times he virtually blamed all police for the death of black men by police officers.
And regardless of what Ashton Woods said about Black Lives Matter not condoning bloodshed, this video proves otherwise since it shows them literally calling for “dead cops.”
This two part video series is very revealing and shows the worst of Black Lives Matter and how despite proof that Michael Brown/Ferguson was a total lie, it’s still being promoted by the liberal news media, members of Congress, sports celebrities and used to fraudulently justify Black Lives Matter’s incitement of violence against police and other acts of domestic terrorism.
This video shows one more time of MANY when President Barack Obama defended and lied about Black Lives Matter and their tactics and praised the movement.
This video shows Minnesota Black Lives Matter proudly chanting about killing cops and mentions some of the political reasons Democrats support Black Lives Matter, which I agree could well backfire and frustrate yet another attempted revolution.

If you don’t think this great country of ours is in real trouble, just listen to Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s words VERY CAREFULLY as she encouraged Black Lives Matter protestors the day after five police officers were murdered in the streets of Dallas as they literally gave their lives to protect them! She in effect assured them that she and the president will support and back them no matter what…”to work with you in the difficult mission of building a better nation and a brighter future.” Well, that sounds a lot like a revolution to me, which brings us to the final phase of the long sought revolution that’s well under way in America. They’ve obviously achieved getting fellow revolutionists in the highest levels of American government since there’s no higher position in our government than our president and attorney general, who clearly support the revolution or fundamental transformation of a country they don’t seem to like very much. Additionally, the Muslim Brotherhood now hold many key positions in the Obama administration, including in every intelligence and defense agency. And as this shocking video reveals, President Barack Obama requires willingness to fire on American citizens for retention and advancement in the military; which makes this a VERY important video for every American citizen to watch. Unfortunately, none of this comes as a surprise to me because for almost three years, I’ve publicly predicted that race riots would break out this July and that President Barack Obama would declare Martial Law before the upcoming elections, which I believe based on the very unusual and unprecedented Presidential Order President Obama signed regarding Martial Law soon after becoming president. But as I often do when I’m writing articles like this, I went online for the first time to see if I was the only one who thought that and was really surprised to find this report and others about the revelation that the Obama administration was working with Black Lives Matter to create a “summer of chaos” that would lead to Martial Law (which I hadn’t heard about previously). Not only that, this was published over a month ago and now we’re literally seeing it play out right before our eyes as predicted.

So for the first time in American history, those seeking revolution and the destruction of America as we know it actually have the political power to bring it about. They’ve racked up unsustainable debt and caused an unprecedented drop in our credit rating, crushed the engine of America’s economy by saddling businesses of all kinds with extremely burdensome regulations, ruined our healthcare system, destroyed America’s high standards of education, poisoned the minds of our youth and fostered such moral decadence that it almost makes the sixties look good in comparison. They’ve left our borders open for the free flow of destructive drugs and countless illegal aliens, in addition to literally flying them in from all around the world (including potential ISIS terrorists sworn to destroy America), obliterated the rule of law by picking and choosing which laws they will or won’t enforce or who they do and don’t apply to; as proven by the allowance of sanctuary cities protecting illegal aliens from deportation; not to mention our own FBI director literally describing how Hillary Clinton broke the laws governing the safekeeping of our national security only to say she shouldn’t be criminally prosecuted for her crimes. They’ve literally disarmed police departments throughout the nation, which means they’re no longer able to protect Americans from an onslaught of revolutionists armed with the very weaponry President Barack Obama has denied them. At the same time, they literally emptied America’s prisons, where many prisoners have been converted to a very radical form of Islam and leave prison to join “Islamic Villages” around the country. Our military has been decimated and humiliated, with hundreds of TOP generals and commanders being forced to retire or outright fired, and now President Obama repeatedly refers to AMERICA’S military as “my military”. President Barack Obama has also released GTMO’s most dangerous prisoners to return to the battlefield where Americans are still being killed even though he denies having “boots on the ground.” And President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have shamelessly interfered with the politics and governments of other nations; such as Israel’s election, Canada’s election, the UK’s Brexit vote, the overthrow and murder of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya (after lying about the humanitarian “crisis” that didn’t exist and unwisely ignoring Louis Farrakhan’s warning that chaos would ensue), fomented revolution and forced President Mubarak out of Egypt and literally welcomed and celebrated the election of Mohammed Morsi/the Muslim Brotherhood (who Obama and Clinton backed and even funded with 1.5 million taxpayer dollars)—only to have the Egyptian people throw him out when he tried to squash their fledgling democracy and make Egypt an Islamic State. The Obama/Clinton State Department also worked with Google to stir up unrest and civil war in Syria to overthrow President Assad, which has turned into a real humanitarian crisis of epoch proportions. And when Turkey’s military took a very bold stand to keep President Obama’s good friend, President Erdogan, from thwarting democracy and transforming Turkey into another authoritarian Islamic State, Barack Obama once again stood against democracy in favor of an Islamic State. I’m personally inclined to think that might have been another “created crisis” to justify the desired end result–changing Turkey’s secular democratic government into an authoritarian Islamic State. So it doesn’t take much imagination to recognize that President Barack Obama favors revolutions and authoritarian Islamic governments and there’s no reason to think he wants anything less for America. In fact, while it was presented as a “joke,” Americans should take the first few lines of President Obama’s last speech at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner very seriously since he joked that it was the last one and that it was the end of the republic…not laughing matters to most Americans.

As I attempted to process and wrap my mind around what I found when researching what I thought would be a very different post, as hard as it is to believe a fraud of this magnitude is even possible, I’m sad to say it wasn’t all that hard to believe once I got over the initial shock. I kept remembering that in a court of law, jurors are instructed that if a witness’ testimony is found to be false in part, they’re allowed to disregard their entire testimony. Well, President Obama lied to us about having the most transparent presidency, about lobbyist not having influence in his administration, about his position on gay marriage (another shocking revelation is that it’s been common knowledge for many years that President Obama is in fact gay), about being able to keep our healthcare plan and doctors if we like them, about Fort Hood being “work place violence” despite the entire world knowing it was Islamic terrorism, about Al-qaeda being on the run and Benghazi being about a stupid video just to get re-elected, saying we don’t know what the motives were for the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando even though we all knew Omar Mateen himself said it was in allegiance to ISIS (and withholding vital evidence from the public to hide the truth), saying we don’t know the reasons Micah Johnson executed five police officers in Texas last week even though we all heard very specifically why he did that…all of which was pure unadulterated racism and on and on the list could go. The truth is that Barack Obama hasn’t been honest about much of anything and it’s safe to assume the exact opposite of what he says most of the time. So I had my mind pretty much settled on the matter, but kept digging and was surprised to find out how many people in certain circles believed that Barack Obama was Malcolm X’s son even before he was elected. Then I came across this video by James David Manning that made me question if the Malcolm X story was just another hoax; but I couldn’t figure out what the purpose of such a hoax would be…why Obama would want everyone to know what he went to such outrageous lengths to hide. I was questioning that because Manning said he was asked to write a book saying that Obama was Malcolm’s son soon after he was elected, but he didn’t believe that and wouldn’t write the book even though he now seems less sure of that. Phil Valentine’s presentation, particularly the most recent pictures of President Obama in public with his “mother,” helped me get beyond the “white girl” issue, so I was leaning more toward believing that Barack Obama is Malcolm X’s son and then received the final piece of information I needed to really settle that in my own mind. I had shared links to some of the information I found with a friend and she casually mention that she had just read something about President Obama waiting until he leaves office to look at a box of archived information about his father. Well, that really seemed strange, so I went digging for that and found this very timely and stunning New York Times article reporting that even though a box of letters and records regarding Barack Obama, Sr. had been discovered and reported to him years ago, President Barack Obama apparently isn’t interested in reading them! And just for the record, I don’t believe for one second that the president wasn’t given that information; but IF not, that speaks volumes too! I was totally shocked when I first heard Barack Obama say ”my Muslim faith” before his first election because I knew those words could NEVER come out of my mouth if I wasn’t a Muslim (especially the way he said them)–no more than I’d ever be able to say “my Morman…Catholic…Methodist faith.” And there’s no way I’d ever be able to resist reading those letters and looking at those records if that was MY father. So whatever we do or don’t know about Barack Obama’s real heritage, we know that no one has ever been elected President of the United States without being expected or required to produce even the most basic documentation confirming his birth, identity, education and background, and that’s because so many people in high places are complicit in the fraud required to get him there for the sake of their long awaited revolution; including America’s liberal news media who have failed our country miserably.

With amazing foresight, President Ronald Reagan foresaw the dangerous times we now live in over fifty years ago and offered a very prophetic vision of what would happen to America if we followed the self-destructive dictates of liberalism; which is exactly what our country has done. And if we don’t make a complete about-face, the long planned socialist revolution now well under way in the United States of America will be complete and America will be nothing more than a sad notation in world history. So I urge everyone who reads this to share it with everyone you can, or share particular links and information you think will help others understand the danger our country now faces because knowing the truth is the most effective weapon we have against the revolutionary forces now trying to destroy us and our country. May God bring to light everything they do in darkness and bless America!

Getting to Know the Communist, Marxist, Socialists and Racists Who Shaped Barack Obama’s Destiny

As many Americans struggle to understand what’s going on in our country today and to make sense of President Barack Obama’s blatant disregard for our laws and Constitution, it’s important to get to know some of the men who have had significant influence in his life and shaped his destiny and the radical socialist and racist ideology guiding it. Long before the 2008 presidential election, Americans had more than enough information to recognize Barack Obama’s deeply rooted socialist, anti-capitalist, anti-Christian and racist sentiments; yet we chose to ignore that for the sake of believing his deceptive message of hope and change. Sadly, as his presidency nears an end, Americans have little hope and are suffering greatly under the change Barack Obama had in mind when he promised “hope and change” and to fundamentally transform America. In fact, if Barack Obama’s stated goal was to destroy America and the values and institutions we’ve always held dear, he couldn’t have done more to accomplish that than he’s done in the past seven and a half years, and will very likely continue working to accomplish through the remainder of his presidency.

In order to understand what drives President Obama’s socialist, anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-white ideology, it’s necessary to look at what Americans chose to ignore before electing him in 2008. Perhaps the best evidence of where Barack Obama’s Marxist-Leninist, socialist, anti-capitalist and racist sentiments and inclinations took root is provided in the original 1995 version of his memoir, “Dreams from My Father,”such as this excerpt (which includes even worse vulgarity than what so greatly offended the media and Democrats when Donald Trump dared to utter the exact same word). So it’s not too surprising that almost ten years after the original edition was published in 1995, an updated, “sanitized” version was released with significant changes and deletions with his upcoming run for president in mind. It’s also noteworthy that the title is “Dreams from My Father” rather than “Dreams of My Father, so as the title indicates, Barack Obama took on the mantle of his father’s dreams, which he’s now bringing to fruition as President of the United States. However, the radical socialist influence of President Obama’s family ties aren’t discussed here because it’s even more important to document how Barack Obama also took on the task of fulfilling the dreams of other men who played very significant roles in shaping his anti-American, Anti-Christian and anti-white ideology and shaped his destiny.

One of The earliest communist and racist influences in Barack Obama’s life was his mentor and confidant as a young boy, Frank Marshall Davis, who was also an outspoken member of the Communist Party. And as mentioned in the above YouTube video, the ideas and opinions Frank Marshall Davis espoused sixty years ago are identical to those now being enacted by President Obama, even though they’re often artfully disguised and cloaked in Obama’s clever word craft. So it’s by no means just a coincidence that Frank Marshall Davis promoted nationalized healthcare, ranted and railed against the evils of profits and called for more government regulations and the government takeover of businesses, even suggesting that the government take over General Motors…EXACTLY what President Barack Obama did! While many Americans know about the increased government regulations and the deceptive process Obama and the Democrats used to destroy and take over America’s entire healthcare system, very few know or remember what really happened when the Obama administration took over General Motors, which was an early indication of how Barack Obama and his administration would totally disregard the rule of law for the benefit of political cronies and donors in pursuit of his long dreamed of socialist agenda. Yes indeed, Frank Marshall Davis clearly played a formative role in the socialistic attitudes and thinking process of young Barack Obama as revealed in his memoir, where he related conversations with Davis he said had a significant impact on him and changed his thinking, particularly regarding the relationship between whites and blacks. That’s also where the roots of Barack Obama’s anti-capitalist and anti-American ideology began taking root, and now he’s in the process of fulfilling Frank Marshall Davis’ dream of replacing free enterprise with socialism…there’s no doubt that Frank Marshall Davis would be very proud of his young protégé today!

Therefore, based on Barack Obama’s memoir alone, there were good reasons for voters and the mainstream news media to ask a lot more questions than they did when he was running for president; such as how he graduated from high school and had sufficient grades to end up in America’s most prestigious universities if he had such a serious drug problem and poor record of attendance, which he described in “Dreams from My Father.” But that would have taken some “real” investigative reporting since all of Barack Obama’s records have been sealed, including his passport and travel documents, his medical records and all of his high school and college records. The mainstream media also demonstrated an astonishing lack of curiosity and journalistic integrity regarding Barack Obama’s radical socialist and racist friends and associates, including his close relationships and affiliation with a known Communists, domestic terrorists and socialists (particularly his involvement in multiple Socialist organizations); which were very well known and documented–including in his own memoir. In a quote from “Dreams from My Father” included in an excerpt from this excellent article, Obama stated, “To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and the structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets. We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon, Eurocentrism, and patriarchy. When we ground out our cigarettes in the hallway carpet or set our stereos so loud that the walls began to shake, we were resisting bourgeois society’s stifling constraints. We weren’t indifferent or careless or insecure. We were alienated.” In fact, while at Occidental College in Los Angeles, Barack Obama was known as a Marxist, as recounted by Dr. John Drew in this very revealing and astounding article, “Dreams from Frank Marshall Davis” by Paul Kengor.” Here’s just one excerpt from the American Thinker article that refers to a conversation John Drew had with Obama: “He was arguing a straightforward Marxist-Leninist class-struggle point of view, which anticipated that there would be a revolution of the working class, led by revolutionaries, who would overthrow the capitalist system and institute a new socialist government that would redistribute the wealth,” says Drew, who says he himself was then a Marxist. So Americans finally have a more honest accounting of the “fundamental transformation” the future President Barack Obama really had in mind and hoped to achieve for America. Even though he didn’t tell us directly that he had revolution and the overthrow of capitalism in mind or that he had been planning to personally lead the revolution since his days at Occidental College, anyone paying attention to anything during the 2008 election would have heard Barack Obama’s “spread the wealth” response to “Joe the Plumber.” Here’s their entire conversation, and here’s Joe’s response to what Barack Obama said. Of course, small business owners didn’t end up with the benefits Obama promised, but that’s another story for another time. Yet it’s VITALLY important for the American people to study communism, Marxism and socialism because that’s EXACTLY what Barack Obama and the Democrats are steadily implementing right here in America! So it’s obvious that Frank Marshall Davis greatly influenced Barack Obama’s socialist ideology and shaped his destiny. For more detailed information about Dr. John Drew’s relationship with Barack Obama and their unbelievable conversations and President Obama’s unyielding commitment to the concept of a Marxist-Leninist revolution, as well as his dream of being instrumental in fundamentally transforming our country and destroying capitalism and free markets in America, I strongly encourage listening to Dr. John Drew’s interview with Paul Kengor, which is very enlightening and continued here. Since President Obama certainly seems to be moving the country in the direction of the Marxist-Leninist and socialist ideology he so strongly embraced and expressed to his college friend, and virtually all of his associates throughout his life have been socialists, communists and Marxist, Barack Obama obviously never gave up on achieving the dreams of his earliest political mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

According to Barack Obama’s memoir, Malcolm X also had quite an impact on his life as a very popular and influential leader in the Nation of Islam. However, contrary to the view of Islam expressed by President Obama, Malcolm X did not believe or teach that Islam is a religion of peace, and he was clearly anti-American, anti-democracy, anti-Christian and extremely racist. Malcom X was also very much opposed to racial integration and even called Martin Luther King a traitor to black people for promoting non-violenceand obviously hated all white people and was very opposed to racial integration. Anyone who really wants to understand the racial tension and unrest in our country today should watch this disturbing 1959 documentary about the racial hatred and violence espoused by Malcolm X, as well as Elijah Mohamed and other leaders from the Nation of Islam, United African Nationalist and Black Nationalist (the “Nationalists” referred to in Barack Obama’s quote below). The most shocking thing about the video is its relevance to everything that’s going on in America right now; you could literally change out some of the players and think it’s current day America. Sadly, President Barack Obama is obviously fomenting racial tension and hostility toward police in an effort to fulfill the radical dreams of Malcolm X, another man who so greatly influenced his racist ideology and shaped his destiny.

Yet as the country watched on live TV in one of the presidential debates with Hillary Clinton in 2008, Barack Obama danced around on the head of a pin when asked to “denounce” the support of Louis Farrakhan, a popular, powerful and very outspoken leader in the Nation of Islam, who was very close to Malcolm X and revered in Barack Obama’s church. So Obama was eventually dragged, side stepping and stalling all the way, to denouncing and rejecting Louis Farrakhan by Hillary Clinton, and even Louis Farrakhan said Obama did what he had to do to get elected. Hillary Clinton also raised questions about Barack Obama’s relationship with Reverend Wright and Hamas. Incidentally, the liberal, pro-Democrat bias of the mainstream news media was again evident when comparing their acceptance of Barack Obama’s response when asked to denounce Farrakhan to how they reacted when Donald Trump was asked to denounce/reject David Duke’s endorsement; especially since they acknowledged that he had already done so over and over again. So despite attempts to cover it up, based on this article, Barack Obama and Louis Farrakhan had very close ties, which was an absolute necessity for any polititian in Chicago at that time; therefore, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam also played an important part in shaping Barack Obama’s ideology and destiny.

Somewhere along the way, Barack Obama obviously made some important political connections, including Percy Sutton, who was a politician in Manhattan and Malcom X’s lawyer. And according to Percy Sutton, Barack Obama knew and was financed by Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour, a Saudi advisor who asked Percy Sutton to write a letter of recommendation for Barack Obama’s admittance to Harvard. Needless to say, there were various attempts to “discredit” Sutton’s statement, and since all of Barack Obama’s college records have been sealed, there’s no way of knowing what actually happened, who recommended him, what kind of grades he earned or even his attendance record. But Sutton’s version of events was backed up later by Valerie Jarret’s father-in-law of all people, as revealed in this video, followed up with this one. There’s even more detail about all of that here. So this is just another part of the web of hate filled radical racist and anti-Christian ideology as revealed here and here in speeches by Dr. Khalid Al-Mansour that’s so pervasive among Barack Obama’s mentors and benefactors and obviously shaped his destiny.

Another significant person who played a huge role in shaping Barack Obama’s destiny is William Ayers. And despite their efforts to deny that, Bill Ayers was far more than just a neighbor since he obviously knew Barack Obama well enough to help launch his political career by hosting a “coffee” on his behalf in his home. But it wasn’t good for Barack Obama’s image to be closely affiliated with Bill Ayers because he was also a domestic terrorist who co-founded a radical terrorist group called the Weather Underground, as he discussed very openly in this interview with Megyn Kelly a little more than two years ago. Here’s the second part of the interview, which is VERY revealing and shows what’s wrong with our universities these days! So despite Bill Ayers’ assertions otherwise, Barack Obama was lying when he said Bill Ayers was just a guy who lived in his neighborhood when asked about their relationship because their relationship went much deeper than that as proven here. And along with many others, I believe Bill Ayers actually wrote “Dreams from My Father,” which a good case is made for here and here. I was convinced of that personally after listening to the first part of this debate between Bill Ayers and Dinesh D’Souza because having listened to “Dreams from My Father,” I recognize it as having the same descriptive language and writing style; after all, Bill Ayers is an English professor. Since Bill Ayers practically made Barack Obama the politician he is today by introducing him to the “right” people, using his influence to get him on various boards and writing the book used to propel his political career, he obviously played a very significant role in shaping Barack Obama’s destiny.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright is another man who played a very important part in shaping Barack Obama’s ideology and destiny, who I believe was mistreated by both the media and Barack Obama. I reached that conclusion after listening to Reverend Jeremiah Wright speak for hours about his life and answering questions about what he believes, which Ed Klein seems to think as well based on this interview with Sean Hannity. Despite being a very significant person in his life (like family Obama said), when it became politically expedient and Reverend Wright refused a bribe for $150,000.0 to stay quiet, Barack Obama threw him under the bus as the above videos show. Here’s more of Ed Klein’s interview with Sean about his taped conversation with Jeremiah Wright and more details about the attempt to bribe Dr. Wright and when he said he wouldn’t say Barack Obama actually converted from Islam to Christianity. Even though I think Jeremiah Wright was treated badly by the media and Obama, there’s no doubt that the Black Liberation Theology his ministry was based on as described here is radically racist and veers dangerously away from Christianity based on Jesus Christ as revealed in the New Testament. But Barack Obama was obviously comfortable with that teaching since he attended Wright’s church for twenty years and looked to him as his “spiritual father.” So there’s no doubt that the racist teaching of Black Liberation Theology and Obama’s pastor, spiritual mentor and the political advisor who introduced him to influential people for twenty-four years significantly shaped the destiny of Barack Obama.

Additionally, Barack Obama acknowledges growing up with a deeply embedded mistrust of white people, being unable to EVER ascribe any genuine good or sincere motivation to anything they did (including his own grandmother and best friends), and it’s clear that everything in his life was filtered through the racial hatred spoon-fed to him by Frank Marshal Davis as powerfully illustrated in this reading from his memoir, “Dreams from My Father”. So apart from how President Obama has spawned racial division in our country as president, the best evidence of his deeply rooted racism and how he’s shamelessly used it to divide this country for political purposes once again comes from his own racist words from “Dreams from My Father”, along with other statements he’s made since then. In fact, it was actually from Barack Obama’s own mouth that we heard exactly how he’d eventually stir up racial tension and division in this country when he said that “race baiting could make up for a host of limitations, a steady attack on the white race, the constant recitation of black people’s brutal experience in this country served as the ballast that could prevent the ideas of personal and communal responsibility from tipping into an ocean of despair.” Then after that, he said, “’yes,’ the Nationalist would say, ‘whites are responsible for your sorry state, not any inherent flaws in you.’” (Note 8/28/16: I just listened to this again as I was about to use it in a post I’m writing about racial politics and discovered that the video I linked to here has been significantly edited, so here’s another video of Obama reading his memoir that hasn’t been edited yet.) It’s worth noting that the above reference to “race baiting” being used to make up for a host of limitations (as well as being a well-known beneficial political tool) was deleted from the updated version of “Dreams from My Father.” Yet just as with the above documentary from 1959, it’s astonishing to hear how the words President Obama wrote over twenty years ago so accurately described the tactics he’d eventually use to stir up so much racial division between the races today that it now approaches hatred.

While some people won’t be able to see what’s so obvious to anyone with ears to hear and eyes to see, the rest of us need to recognize the danger threatening our great country and how to overcome it before it’s too late. Barack Obama is a total fraud and has lied to us about almost everything in his life, which Glen Beck demonstrates quite powerfully in this video. And if Americans don’t take the time it takes (by listening to and reading the information provided at all of the above links…which will take considerable time) to get to know the men who have so greatly influenced Barack Obama and his radically racist and socialist ideology and Barack Obama himself, we’ll suffer the consequences and so will our children and their children for generations to come. Thankfully, I’m optimistic that recent events have forced Americans to see things from a different perspective and am hopeful this will be the time our country turns back to the values and ideals we all hold so dear, with love and respect for each other regardless of race or anything that now divides us, with liberty and justice for all and willingness to take a stand for the freedom to practice every inalienable right we’ve been given by our Almighty Creator. But we must stay informed, alert and vigilant because great power has been unwisely granted and a great deal has been done to weaken our normal defenses against those who wish us harm. So I’m praying for a spiritual awakening in America because that’s our only hope…may God heal and restore our land!

It’s Past Time for Americans to Reject the Politics of Racial Division

The fabric of our great nation is literally being ripped to shreds by forces who don’t really want what’s best for America and if the majority of us don’t acknowledge that and start doing something to turn the tide, we will cease to exist as a nation founded on the principles we all hold so dear. At no other time in our history have political leaders so readily stepped before news cameras and brazenly fanned the flames of racism and civil unrest, and we have to start asking why.

When we have a president who only publicly comments on interactions with police when the victim is black (with the SHAMEFUL exception of one Laquan McDonald), as President Obama has done time after time, always attributing it to racism without knowing the facts or anything about the hearts of the police officers involved, we shouldn’t be surprised to see what happened in Dallas last night. When President Obama insists on ripping off the scabs of our nation’s dark history regarding slavery and repeatedly tells black Americans they can’t get justice in this country because whites are racist, it’s no wonder we’ve experienced the greatest racial divide in America since the civil rights movement of the 1960s. So Americans have to ask why President Obama and many other Democratic leaders openly incite racial division in our country and what’s in it for them.

It’s time for Americans to ask why President Obama’s response after every police shooting involving a black individual is to accuse police officers and our judicial system of “systemic racism” at the same time he refuses to acknowledge that self-acclaimed Muslims who have committed horrific acts of terror around the world in the name of Islam are in fact Islamic terrorists. And it’s time for Americans to ask why President Obama gets visibly angry and passionately defends Islam regardless of their repeated slaughter of innocent people, declaring that they have nothing to do with Islam, and yet never fails to attribute every deadly interaction blacks have with police to systemic racism. It’s also time for Americans to ask why President Obama’s willing to blame whites, police and our justice system in general for the problems facing many black Americans at the same time he totally ignores the deplorable conditions in inner cities throughout this country; most notably in his own hometown of Chicago.

If black lives really matter to President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democratic leaders and the Black Lives Matter movement, they’d be outraged by the black lives being lost in the largest cities in our country, including Chicago. Over the Fourth of July weekend alone, sixty-four people were shot and four died. So far this year, there have been at least three hundred and twenty-nine homicides in Chicago, which is more than the total number of homicides in New York and Los Angeles put together, and most of them were blacks killing blacks, as previously noted by Montel Williams. In fact, the homicide rates have increased significantly in major American cities, which FBI Director James Comey attributes to less aggressive policing due to what he calls “the viral video effect.” Of course, the White House pushed back on that common sense explanation and the White House Spokesman, Josh Earnest, said, “This is not a widespread phenomenon, at least based on what we know now…This administration makes policy decisions that are rooted in evidence, that are rooted in science. We can’t make broad, sweeping policy decisions, or draw conclusions based on anecdotal evidence. That’s irresponsible and ultimately counterproductive.” If this matter wasn’t so serious, that comment would be laughable since that’s exactly what President Obama has done over and over again whenever blacks die as the result of interaction with police and every time he’s denied that clearly Islamic terrorism was in fact Islamic terrorism as he did with Fort Hood and Orlando. Needless to say, we’d all be a lot better off if President Obama and his administration actually did what they say they do, but our president just isn’t able to view anything through any lens other than his own racial bias (racism) as he accuses everyone else of being racist. And that’s well documented here; particularly when it comes to his double standard for BLM activists and Muslims.

Sadly, I wasn’t at all surprised to see that same defensive attitude reflected in the official statement put out by Black Lives Matter about the murder of five Dallas police officers at one of their rallies last night, in which they said, “Black activists have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it. Yesterday’s attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible.” Needless to say, that’s an outright lie because they’ve been inciting and calling for the murder of police for at least a year and a half, as you can see for yourself here, here and here. Yet President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have enthusiastically embraced them and even finance them, knowing full well what they do. No one in this country thinks for a minute that any white or conservative group (such as the Tea Party) could literally call for the murder of blacks, police or politicians and not end up in jail for hate crimes or inciting violence, so it’s way past time for the American people to ask WHY this insanity is not only accepted by the Democratic party but sanctioned and encouraged by them. Our country has truly lost its soul if we don’t put a stop to this because it’s literally destroying us. And despite what they say, the BLM rally in Dallas last night was not peaceful because they were walking down the street with their hands up in the air chanting “Hands up…don’t shoot.” But we know that’s another lie promoted by BLM because even the Obama Department of Justice had to admit that Michael Brown was the aggressor, that Officer Darren Wilson killed him in self-defense, and the testimony that he had his hands up was an outright lie. So while they don’t want to be blamed for the murders of police officers around the country, particularly the racially motivated murders of five Dallas police officers last night, they’re the ones blaming all police for the actions of individual police officers and are in fact responsible for inciting the murder of the five who died last night and many others around the country. And based on everything I’ve seen today, they have no intention of changing their rhetoric and racially divisive activities because the Democrats couldn’t win and stay in power without them, so the Democrats who have financed and embraced them are just as responsible.

If our president, Democrats and other Americans really cared about the black lives being lost and destroyed by the thousands in our inner cities, we’d do something about the disgraceful lack of education now so prevalent in our country (which Democrats won’t ever do because they rely on the support and funding of the teachers’ unions to get elected and stay in office) and give them a real chance to better their lives and escape the trap of poverty, which is today’s form of slavery. And we’d get rid of policies encouraging the demise of the family structure that’s so essential for a healthy society and do something to make a “real” difference in the outrageously high unemployment numbers among black youth if we really cared about their lives. If we really care about our black children and all children, we’d get back to teaching them the value of hard work, to excel at whatever they do and how to deal with conflict and disappointment in life; otherwise, they just aren’t equipped to deal with the real life experiences we all face day after day. That’s why so many young men are so disillusioned and unable to effectively channel their disappointment, anger and frustration to effect change. And when our youth are constantly fed a diet of violence and disrespect for anyone with differing opinions, women and any kind of authority (particularly police), it’s no wonder that’s reflected in their behavior. When our youth are taught that they’re little more than the sum total of their biological urges and desires and encouraged to define their identity by that alone, and when their vapid lives are filled with alcohol and drug abuse, it’s no surprise that they have no real sense of worth and value and are therefore vulnerable to being sucked in by any cause that gives them a sense of belonging and purpose.

So I hope and pray that all Americans will start judging politicians for the fruit they bear instead of their shameless pandering, empty rhetoric and divisive words, which have intentionally spawned racial division in our country. Sadly, the only way many politicians stay in (or
gain) power is to persuade those they proclaim victims of “white privilege,” racism and other social and economic injustices that they’re the only ones who really care about them and will DO something about their plight and that Republicans are racist and don’t care about anything but themselves. Yet the facts prove that’s not true because the Democrats have done absolutely nothing to better the lives of black Americans; in fact, there’s evidence that they’re actually much worse off than when President Obama was elected , but things have improved in one state after another under the leadership of Republican governors (such as Wisconsin and Ohio). So what offends me the most about the politics of racial division is that it literally keeps people trapped in a system that fails if they succeed, and despite President Obama’s racist assumptions and statements otherwise, that breaks my heart. When I think of the young men and women who literally have no hope of realizing the “American dream” just because they’re being used as political pawns, I get so angry that it makes me cry–because I think that’s a crime and America is better than this. Every child we see in failing schools, trapped in meaningless lives and addicted to drugs and alcohol doesn’t stand a chance just because they’re more valuable to politicians as pawns in their power hungry games than who they are as human beings, and if anything’s not American, that’s it. So I pray that the eyes of our understanding will be opened and that instead of politics as usual, something will be done about the countless children and young adults now trapped in poverty by those who need to keep them there just so they can stay in office or get elected. That’s why we have to reject the politics of racial division once and for all and focus on what has to be done to make real and meaningful changes in the lives of all Americans, most especially in the lives of impoverished and underprivileged black Americans; but that won’t happen until we elect political leaders who will do something about that rather than use racism to divide America for their own political agendas. However, as Rahm Emanuel said, the president believes that they should ”Never allow a good crisis to go to waste…”, which is why many Democrats foment division and a constant state of crisis in America—that’s the only way to justify their “fundamentally transforming the United States of America” agenda. But it’s possible that they’ve gone too far this time and the American people are starting to wake up to the truth, which we know will set us free as Jesus taught in John 8:31-32!

America’s Corruption and Moral Decay Laid Bare for All the World to See

July 5, 2016 will go down as one of the saddest and darkest days in America’s history because our government’s corruption was laid bare for all the world to see. When FBI Director James Comey announced the results of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers and the very intentional destruction of even more emails than she turned over, I literally felt sick as I heard what he said. After making a very convincing case for how Hillary Clinton broke the law, Director Comey said he wasn’t recommending criminal charges because “no reasonable prosecutor” would prosecute the case, so once again, Hillary Clinton gets away with breaking federal laws with absolutely no consequences.

The impact of the FBI’s decision not to charge Hillary criminally is even worse when taken into account along with the other incredible and inappropriate incidents that preceded Director Comey’s announcement yesterday. A week ago Monday night, under the protection of an FBI “press blackout,” Bill Clinton met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a government jet for half an hour as it sat on the tarmac at the Phoenix airport. Even Hillary’s typical defenders were shocked that the Attorney General met privately with Bill Clinton for thirty minutes while his wife and the Clinton Foundation were under investigation by the FBI. Listening to Loretta Lynch’s explanation just shows that they don’t really care how it looks or what the American people think because they know it doesn’t matter in the end—unless the American people rise up this November and vote the taint of corruption out of every area of our government.

Then, as hard as it is to believe, two days after her secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, Loretta Lynch’s Department of Justice filed a motion to delay the release of Clinton Foundation emails between Hillary Clinton’s top four aids at the State Department, Clinton Foundation officials and a public relations firm set up by Bill Clinton for twenty-seven months! How in the world do these people think we’re going to believe this stuff! I can’t help wondering if the motion was filed before or after news of their secret meeting on the tarmac got out on Wednesday. Of course, they’re so arrogant and dismissive of even the propriety of how things look that they wouldn’t care either way. Additionally, the week before Clinton and Lynch met on her jet, news broke about meetings with Clinton Foundation donors missing from Hillary Clinton’s State Department schedule, and then Huma Abedin testified in a Judicial Watch deposition that they actually burned some of Hillary’s daily schedules!

While most observers took the Attorney General’s secret meeting with Bill Clinton very seriously, she and Jonathan Capehart obviously didn’t based on how they yucked it up in this interview last Friday. Then within hours of saying she’d accept (implying she’d act on) the recommendations of the FBI, the DOJ corrected the record and announced that Loretta Lynch would in fact make the final decision about the case. Needless to say, this entire administration will go down in history as one of the most corrupt and unethical ever!

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, it all happened right before Hillary Clinton’s well staged meeting with the FBI on Saturday. It’s all been surreal to witness because the blatant arrogance and utter disdain for propriety, rules and laws governing their behavior demonstrated by everyone involved is something I never thought could happen here in America. Then I started hearing that Hillary had publicly indicated that she’d keep Loretta Lynch on as Attorney General if she’s elected, but thought THAT couldn’t be true since it would be like bragging that she can get away with anything and then rubbing our noses in it by making a public bribe. But sure enough, that’s exactly what was published in a New York Times article on Saturday, and as I “looked” around for more information about it, I found this shocking interview with Larry Nichols. He used to be a close associate of the Clintons, and he told Alex Jones that he “knew” exactly what Bill Clinton did when he met with Loretta Lynch. Mind you, this was before word got out about Hillary keeping Loretta Lynch on her job and before James Comey’s announcement that there wouldn’t be any charges against Hillary Clinton. He said the first thing Bill Clinton would have done was deliver the message that Hillary would keep her on the job if she’s elected and then he’d slip her a piece of paper with everything they had on all of the career prosecutors handling the case. Then Nichols said Clinton would have told Loretta Lynch to start charging Hillary’s opponents with hate crimes, which he said would silence her opposition. Well, it looks like Mr. Nichols knows the Clintons as well as he claims to, so it will be interesting to see what the Attorney General does next.

Personally, I’m pretty sure we’ll see the Democrats and the mainstream news media doing their best to change the subject. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing riots or something else that will suck up all the energy in the news media so they’ll stop talking about how Director Comey proved that Hillary Clinton lied about every aspect of her use of private email servers as Secretary of State, which was very well documented on “Morning Joe” this morning.

Finally, another disgraceful aspect of this saga is that the FBI and even Director James Comey have brought charges against other people for a whole lot less than what Hillary Clinton did, as also mentioned on ”Morning Joe” this morning, where they did a pretty good job of summing up how bad this entire situation is, including the times President Obama inserted himself right smack dab in the middle of an active FBI investigation. . But the double standards regarding filing criminal charges against some and not others (usually based merely on their opposition or support of the administration) are a lot more severe than the case mentioned on Morning Joe and elsewhere this morning. But here’s more information on that particular case and the law in question. As I was searching for something else late Monday night, I came across this absolutely shocking testimony from Robert Exter about how he and a Swiss banker were prosecuted and imprisoned by the Obama Department of Justice because they dared to investigate and expose how Obama and Clinton literally created ISIS (also why Edward Snowden fled the country). Sadly, President Obama’s administration has a proven record of targeting, indicting and imprisoning their political opponents or those who threaten to expose their wrong doing; such as Dinesh D’Souza, James Rosen of Fox News, Philip Haney, a Department of Homeland Security whistleblower, Sharyl Attkisson, an investigative journalist who was investigating Fast and Furious, green energy abuses and Benghazi, Tea Party organizations during the election cycle of 2012, Associated Press reporters, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who produced the “anti-Muslim” video blamed for Benghazi and many, many more.

Unfortunately for our country, Hillary Clinton and President Obama will just be emboldened by the outcome of the FBI investigation, especially since they’ve behaved totally inappropriately time and time again and never been held accountable . But the sad truth is that the character and morality of our leaders reflect the character and morality of the people who elect them, and there was more than sufficient information available to the American people before they elected and re-elected both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, which they obviously chose to ignore. And whenever we decide that honesty, integrity and trustworthiness are irrelevant when choosing our president and other political leaders, we have no one but ourselves to blame for the widespread corruption and total lack of civility now so prevalent in our government. President Obama and the Clintons obviously think they’re above the law and beyond the reach of the American people to change that, and James Comey’s announcement yesterday demonstrates how the deck is clearly stacked in their favor. But it is possible to prove them wrong if Americans take a bold stand for the survival of our country and whatever vestiges of decency and moral clarity we have left, so I hope and pray that watching this YouTube video documenting the Clintons’ long history of lawlessness and corruption will persuade the American people that we just can’t afford to reward their cover ups and criminal behavior with another Clinton presidency. It’s truly astounding to watch this again (which I saw in its original form many years ago) and recognize that Bill and Hillary Clinton are doing the very same things now that they did all those years ago; the tactics are identical and actually explain everything we’ve all witnessed over the past year, especially in the past couple of weeks. Finally, for the Clinton defenders who will say the information in the above video is nothing but a bunch of lies by people who have always hated the Clintons, I hope you’ll take time to listen to what George Stephanopoulos says about Bill Clinton as a man and decide for yourself if all these people are lying or telling the truth. In the end, just as countless men and women who have literally given their lives have done throughout our country’s history, each of us will ultimately have to decide whether or not we’re willing to put our country above our own self-interests and political ideology—none of which will matter if we can’t.

So let’s all pray for God to heal our land as we humble ourselves, seek His face and turn from our wicked ways as He promised to do in 2 Chronicles 7:13-15.

Exposing the Paradox of Supporting Both Islam and Homosexuality

It probably comes as a surprise to most Americans that just weeks BEFORE Omar Mateen murdered fifty and injured fifty-three gays and lesbians in an Orlando nightclub in the name of Islamic terrorism, multiple websites posted a disturbing news report about Sheikh Farrokh Sekaleshfar being invited to speak at a Sanford mosque despite literally calling for the death of homosexuals, saying ”…out of compassion, let’s get rid of them now.” And for all we know, Omar Mateen could have heard his incitement to violence against gays and lesbians and acted on it. That’s why it’s so important for the LBGT community to keep the news media and the Obama administration from sweeping this under the rug because as this chilling and disturbing video proves, believing that homosexuals should be killed is NOT extreme or radical according to the teachings of Islam. In fact, most “moderate” Muslims agree with that and are obviously getting tired of hearing that it’s “extreme” to believe that. So contrary to what President Obama and others want us to believe, killing homosexuals is widely accepted by practicing Muslims, as shown in this seven year old video from a Muslim Day prayer event in Washington, DC, where a Muslim man says that if Shari’ah is implemented in the US, homosexuals will necessarily be killed because as Dr. Zakir Naik affirms, homosexuality is condemned in Islam. So despite everything we’ve heard to the contrary, everyone who claims to be a Muslim is under the law of Islam, which does in fact prohibit homosexuality, and orthodox Islam does not permit homosexuality and believes it should be punished by death…PERIOD. Since eighty-eight percent of all Muslims believe that homosexuality is immoral, while President Obama and others want to shy away or hide that truth, Muslims don’t, as seen when this Imam tells a gay Muslim that he should be killed. On the other hand, Sheikh Dr. Bilal Philips often uses humor to highlight the conflict between Islamic law and today’s permissive society; yet as an expert and Islamic theology scholar, the message is the same…anyone caught in a homosexual act is to be executed. Finally, listen to this powerful message to President Obama from a former Muslim, an Islamic scholar and Christian who totally obliterated the president’s claim that Islam is a religion of peace. He also confirms that all “infidels” are to be executed.

So our brothers and sisters in the LBGT community need to ask themselves why President Obama is so defensive and pro-Islam; particularly why he and Hillary Clinton have supported the overthrow of American allies by the Muslim Brotherhood in places like Egypt, Libya and Syria, removed all of the sanctions on Iran (the world’s number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism) and given them more power and influence on the world’s stage (not to mention over 150 billion dollars), as well as giving the Muslim Brotherhood SO much influence and power in their administration—all of which has literally put the rights and lives of gays and lesbians at risk. Sadly, history teaches us that we can’t afford to believe anything President Obama tells us because he’s so frequently lied in the furtherance of his own causes or agenda, just as he lied about his views on gay marriage when running for the Senate in 2004, and again stated his opposition to same sex marriage when running for President of the United States four years later. But we now know that was all just a calculated lie for the sake of his political ambitions according to what’s spelled out here. Then when he was running for re-election in 2012 and the LBGT community was threatening to withhold their support and many leaders in black churches were expressing disappointment with his presidency, President Obama finally “came out” in full support of gay marriage (which he was pretty much forced to do after his Vice President publicly supported it). And then after being re-elected, he announced his administration’s submission of a legal brief supporting gay marriage. Here’s his ”victory” speech after the Supreme Court sanctioned same sex marriage in the United States. Then, in spite of warnings not to speak out about gay rights on his trip to Africa, in response to tremendous pressure from the LBGT community, President Obama even risked being publicly rebuked by Kenyan President Uhuruof regarding LBGT rights in Kenya, which no doubt “proved” his commitment to the LBGT cause. Of course, the truth is that we don’t know which of President Obama’s statements regarding same sex marriage are true and which are not; so for all we know, his politically expedient support for same sex marriage could actually be the lie in this particular case.

Another significant observation is President Obama’s obvious political allegiance to Sunni Muslims rather than Shiite (Shia) Muslims, which makes it helpful to have a basic understanding of the difference. Sunni Muslims make up eighty-seven to ninety percent of the world’s Muslim population, and when evaluating President Obama’s foreign policies, it’s clear that he ALWAYS sides with Sunnis at a perilous cost to Shiites, Christians and so many others. In fact, there’s good reason to believe President Obama is himself a Sunni Muslim, so people need to evaluate what he actually does to answer that question for themselves. Then we need to ask why President Obama angrily defends Islam after every single act of horrific Islamic terrorism and never shows any sign of genuine outrage over the slaughter of the innocent victims.

The bottom line is that none of us can afford to put confidence in President Obama or Hillary Clinton to protect our rights and lives since they’ve both clearly demonstrated their willingness to lie quite shamelessly in pursuit of their own agendas and political ambitions, which have literally fomented global Jihad in furtherance of an attempt to transform America to an Islamic State under Shari’ah law. And by now, all Americans should know they can’t believe ANYTHING President Obama says based on his own words, especially concerning his “evolvement” on same sex marriage. And then there’s the way he intentionally lied to us about ObamaCare; which is NOTHING like he promised, as proven in one of the latest releases of ObamaCare regulations, and he finally sort of admitted. He also lied to us about al-Qaeda being Decimated or on the run and he and Hillary Clinton shamelessly lied about Benghazi and arming the Muslim Brotherhood to cover up the utter failure of their Libyan policy just to get through the 2012 election. The list of Obama and Clinton lies go on and on, but every one has endangered the American people and most particularly the gay and lesbian community as a result of their inexplicable support for the Muslim Brotherhood, whose known strategy is to overthrow America and implement Shari’ah law. Needless to say, Hillary Clinton isn’t any better than President Obama since she’s also perfected the art of lying and has the same inexplicable affinity for the Muslim Brotherhood that’s contributed to the spread of a global Islamic movement.

Millions of people have felt let down by President Obama because they now realize that his promises were nothing but deliberate smoke and mirrors designed to gain access to the highest office in our land, where his real plan was to “fundamentally” transform the United States of America as he said here. Unfortunately, Barack Obama’s plan for fundamental transformation really didn’t include any of the things he promised the American people who voted for him. Instead, his plan was to change our country and the world, which he’s succeeded in doing in ways we never expected or thought possible. And in every situation he and Hillary Clinton have been involved with around the world, instead of fostering real democratic principles, peace and better standards of living, their policies have led to a virulent spread of a global Islamic movement and strengthened and emboldened enemies like Russia and Iran, causing our most reliable allies not to trust America, especially since they literally armed, financed and promoted the Muslim Brotherhood and orchestrated the overthrow and death of other American allies. He and Hillary Clinton have even been charged with conspiracy and collaboration with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and crimes against humanity.The world is in utter chaos and not getting better and our country is literally on the precipice of being swallowed up by a global civilization Jihad that will put all Americans under Shari’ah law, which is particularly bad news for the LBGT community, women, Jews and Christians. So President Obama has not been good for America and Hillary Clinton won’t be any better, but that’s what we’ll get if the LBGT community and other liberals don’t open their eyes and see the truth before it’s too late.

Therefore, I urge gays and lesbians to objectively listen to all of President Obama’s promises when he was pushing his agenda and then to the mounting evidence of Hillary Clinton’s dishonesty, double speak and record of outright corruption. And then learn about the close ties both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have to the Muslim Brotherhood (who are actively trying to institute Sharia law here in America) before deciding who to vote for this November. While Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate in my personal opinion, I have no doubt about his business acumen and how much we desperately need that at this time in our country’s history. I also have no doubt about how much he loves America and the American people or his sincere desire to put what’s best for us and our country before all other considerations. I particularly appreciate knowing that he won’t be beholden to special interest groups and lobbyist, and even though I’ve been personally offended by his coarse language and crudeness on more than one occasion, his total lack of concern for political correctness is refreshing and appealing beyond measure; the truth is that regardless of how he says it, he often says exactly what people think but are afraid to say. And I know that because I’ve heard what he’s actually said in context instead of what’s filtered through the disingenuous regurgitated sound bites from a news media that’s determined to portray him as a racist and unfit for the presidency. Yet Donald Trump’s life disproves that and an awful lot of Americans agree that we should build a wall and restrict immigration of Muslims from terrorist plagued countries for the sake of our own safety and security, and we’re not at all xenophobic or racist. So I encourage everyone to actually listen to the reactions of President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to the terror attack in Orlando and decide which best reflects what you want for your country and future and vote accordingly.

Our Government is Actively Fomenting Jihad and Sharia Law Right Here in America!

If the American people don’t wake up and see what’s going on at the highest levels of our government and rise up to stop it in the upcoming election, it will be too late, and our country will cease to exist as we know it. While I’ve been politically aware most of my adult life, I’ve never been as concerned about the changes we’ve all witnessed over the past twenty plus years as I am today. Sadly, my concerns and suspicions are backed up with hard evidence now and I realize that things are much worse than I ever thought possible for such a great nation. It’s like watching a fire rapidly approaching your home and being helpless to do anything about it and praying that brave and courageous firemen will get there in time to save it. Well, our country is on fire and if brave and courageous Americans don’t step up to save it, it will be lost forever.

Unfortunately, Democrats and liberals in America have successfully used accusations of racism, xenophobia and conspiracy theories to dismiss and invalidate any criticism of President Obama and his administration, so I pray that we all put aside our inbred partisan prejudices when evaluating the validity of the facts and information presented here and how to best respond to the danger at hand.

As someone who believes being a Christian is more about how that should govern my own thoughts, behavior and attitudes than those of others (as I feel all Christians should be) I’m still very alarmed to see the decline of civility, decency and moral clarity in this country. As we’ve seen throughout history and as depicted throughout the Bible, when that happens in a nation, it does not survive. So watching what’s happening in America now reminds me of the warning in Isaiah 5:20-24, which says:
20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes,
And prudent in their own sight!
22 Woe to men mighty at drinking wine,
Woe to men valiant for mixing intoxicating drink,
23 Who justify the wicked for a bribe,
And take away justice from the righteous man!
24 Therefore, as the fire devours the stubble,
And the flame consumes the chaff,
So their root will be as rottenness,
And their blossom will ascend like dust;
Because they have rejected the law of the Lord of hosts,
And despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.

There’s never been a time in our country’s history when the above passage of Scripture has been more applicable and significant than today. And with that in mind, I want to highlight and share the testimony and experience of Philip Haney, a true American patriot and hero, who it is my sincerest hope and prayer the American people will hear and respond to for the sake of their own safety, the safety and future of their children and grandchildren and the continued existence of our country as we know it. I especially hope and pray that the blinders are removed from the eyes and minds of those in the LBGT community, women’s rights activists and all Jews and Christians; because if our nation’s march toward Sharia law isn’t halted and reversed in the next election (if it’s not already too late), we’re the ones who will suffer the most under the resulting American caliphate that’s already well under way.

Philip Haney is a truly patriotic and loyal American and a brilliant entomologist specializing in counter terrorism with expansive knowledge and expertise on the global Islamic movement now taking root throughout the world. He was a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security when it was first formed in 2003, and first caught the attention of those who have attempted to silence him when he published an article a little over ten years ago about the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, entitled Green Tide Rising. So I very strongly urge anyone who truly cares about this country, our future and understanding how the Muslim Brotherhood gained such alarming power in President Obama’s administration and have been actively pursuing the transformation of the United States of America into an Islamic State under Sharia law to listen to Phil Haney’s shocking testimony, which exposes the subversive policies of our government and even how they were pushed by Hillary Clinton’s State Department. The news conference is over an hour and a half long, but it’s important to listen to all of the speakers to fully understand how deeply embedded the Muslim Brotherhood’s control and influence is in EVERY area of our government. Phil very clearly and concisely demonstrates how he could have stopped the Fort Hood massacre, the Boston bombers, the San Bernardino shooters and the slaughter of gays and lesbians in Orlando (the same way he stopped three hundred other terrorists) if his hands hadn’t been tied by our government; which began deleting vitally important counter terrorism data in every department and agency in the federal government, including all references to Islamic terrorism, Jihad, Sharia or Muslims in FBI and intelligence training materials as soon as President Obama came into office. Here’s the Touchstone Document on Training 2012 Phil referred to. Furthermore, it’s an absolute disgrace that the door was pretty much slammed in his face by the leaders of Congress who could have helped him when he sought their help and protection after the Obama administration set out to destroy him. Fortunately, Judicial Watch stepped in to help him, and now he’s bravely and boldly trying to sound the alarms so America will see what’s going on and DO something about it before it’s too late.

Now, in light of everything you’ve hopefully heard and read at the links provided above, please learn about President Obama’s background and listen to his own words and passion and decide for yourself if it’s unreasonable to wonder about his allegiance to America and our current form of government or if his heartfelt loyalties clearly lie elsewhere. Then listen to that in comparison to his obvious disdain for Christians and Judge Jeanine’s keen observation that President Obama seems quite comfortable with violent extremism. And listen to what a former Muslim Brotherhood and PLO member reported about President Obama’s support and ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, with more details about that here. Even more importantly, listen to the former Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons, who stated that under the leadership of President Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood have penetrated “every one of our National Security Agencies, including all our intelligence agencies…the lead intelligence agency headed by a Muslim convert.” Admiral Lyons further stated that “Political correctness has neutralized all our military leadership.” Then read the unprecedented number of top military leaders fired under Obama as of March 2014. Needless to say, people clearly have valid concerns about President Obama and his allegiance to Islam and the support and influence he’s given the Muslim Brotherhood (even promoting them in a speech at the UN) throughout the world, and it’s NOT about anti-Muslim sentiment; rather it’s the awareness that the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy to destroy our culture and form of government from within and transform America into an Islamic State under Sharia law. Yet President Obama has effectively used accusations of racism to shut down reasonable debate and opposition to his pro-Islamic and pro-Muslim Brotherhood policies here and elsewhere.

I just hope and pray America wakes up and sees the truth before it’s too late and we end up in a global Islamic State and either dead or living under Sharia law. I also hope and pray that gays, lesbians and women who have blindly supported Barack Obama because he’s so effectively used their political agendas to advance his own agenda will realize that his pro-Islamic/pro-Muslim Brotherhood policies are not in their best interest and have literally put their lives and wellbeing at risk. I can’t help wondering how many in the LBGT community agreed with Loretta Lynch when she said their most effective response to the slaughter of so many of their loved ones is compassion, unity and love, as well as their beloved president going to such lengths to cover up what really happened in the Pulse nightclub last month, along with other incidents of Islamic terrorism that could have been prevented if not for President Obama’s pro-Islamic and pro-Muslim Brotherhood policies. Finally, I hope and pray American voters will go to the polls this November and elect a president who will put the safety and best interests of Americans above all other considerations and replace the political cowards now in Congress with men and women who will stand up for America and pass legislation that will protect our current form of government and Constitutional rights. If not, when the inevitable dreadful day comes, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves. Just as we had plenty of warning about the “real” Barack Obama before electing him, there’s more than enough evidence to prove that Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted, and if we turn a blind eye to her lifetime of corruption, we as a nation in effect condone and approve of it and will surely reap the disastrous consequences. Philip Haney has provided more than enough information for the American people to “connect the dots” by bringing to light what our government has been and continues doing in darkness, so I thank God for using him to answer my prayer for that very thing and hope and pray it’s enough to guide all of us in making the right choices this November when we choose the future leaders and direction of our nation.