Examining Hillary Clinton’s Legacy and record of Causing More Turbulence in Turbulent Times

In light of Hillary Clinton’s disastrous record as Secretary of State during very turbulent times, the Clinton campaign’s audacity reached new heights with her recent statement that “Bombastic comments in turbulent times can actually cause more turbulence.” I couldn’t believe those words even came out of her mouth since such criticism of Donald Trump naturally invites scrutiny of her legacy as Secretary of State and how she’s demonstratively caused more turbulence in turbulent times. So let’s take a look at how things have changed around the world since Hillary Clinton and President Obama took office in 2009, keeping in mind that she holds herself out as someone who will continue the president’s policies and protect his legacy.

One of Secretary Clinton’s earliest appearances on the world stage proved quite embarrassing as she presented Russia’s Foreign Minister with a “reset” button, which she proudly announced they went to great lengths to make sure was spelled right. Well, it wasn’t spelled right and the consequences of her “reset” posture toward Russia haven’t proven any better and have been a complete failure and seriously endangered America’s national security in the process. Astounding sums of money were given to Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation by Russia and individuals who profited untold millions (if not billions) when Secretary Clinton approved and signed off on transactions that ultimately gave Russia significant control of twenty percent of America’s uranium production, described in great detail in this New York Times article. Needless to say, most reasonable people find it difficult to believe there’s no connection between the multi millions given to the Clintons by those who stood to benefit financially from her approval of the transactions, which is almost irrelevant in light of the alarming lack of judgment displayed in approving the sale of one fifth of the United States’ uranium production capacity to the Russians and endangering our national security. Additionally, once the deal went through, Vladimir Putin publicly boasted about being closer to his goal of controlling the world’s supply of uranium and was obviously emboldened as he invaded and installed a new government in Crimea, which later joined the Russian Federation. Then pro-Russian insurgents in the Ukraine shot down a Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing two hundred ninety-eight people. Putin has also openly defied President Obama and the international community in Syria, and Russia’s fighter jets have been repeatedly buzzing American naval ships. So given Hillary Clinton’s proven lack of judgment regarding matters of national security and failure to put the interests of our country before her own personal enrichment (including not disclosing Clinton Foundation donations as required by the agreement she signed when becoming Secretary of State), her saying that we can’t trust Donald Trump is the height of hypocrisy.

As the completion of a successful military campaign neared, Iraq was reasonably stable when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State. However, President Obama squandered the military success by completely withdrawing from Iraq, and as feared and widely predicted, America’s total withdrawal opened the door for ISIS to move in and take over many of the key provinces and cities where Americans gave their lives and limbs to liberate the Iraqi people. Even the president’s own military leaders have acknowledged that; not only that, many of them have been outspoken about their disapproval of his overall ISIS strategy. And worse yet, President Obama’s top intelligence advisors have openly contradicted his public statements regarding ISIS. So despite Hillary Clinton repeatedly declaring that we can’t trust Donald Trump because he’ll cause worldwide instability, since she hasn’t spelled out any distinctions between her policies and those of the president concerning the threat ISIS poses, including disagreement with the premature withdrawal from Iraq, she’s the one who will actually cause more instability and turbulence in the world in turbulent times.

While it’s a complex story of intrigue and lies, Hillary Clinton’s deceptive and craven push for “humanitarian” intervention in Libya will likely go down in history as one of her greatest failures as Secretary of State, and not just because of the 9/11/12 terrorist attacks in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other brave Americans. She lied about the humanitarian crisis in Libya as her missing emails proved, she lied about not being able to get help to Benghazi, she lied about the cause of the terrorist attacks…and she even lied to the Benghazi families. And that’s not merely a partisan point of view since it’s also based on her role in Libya as reported by the New York Times here and here. During the Bush administration, Muammar Gaddafi voluntarily gave up Libya’s weapons of mass destruction, including their nuclear weapons program. Libya was actually considered an American ally and a powerful example of how successful diplomacy works… Muammar Gaddafi believed President Bush when he said, “either you get rid of your weapons of mass destruction or the United States will personally destroy them and destroy everything with no discussion.” So Libya and the US maintained good diplomatic relations until after Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton took office; soon after which the Arab world descended into total chaos and tumult. Then in one country after another, Hillary Clinton backed, armed and collaborated with the “wrong” side, including al-Qaida forces in Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (both designated Islamic terrorist groups) as she pushed for the overthrow of two political leaders and reliable American allies in the middle East that ultimately caused the murder of Muammar Gaddafi. And as the emails mentioned in this Huffington Post article and this report on her role in Libya prove, Hillary Clinton’s Libyan policies were really about her craven political ambitions, with no regard for the resulting turbulence, loss of life and Libya’s descent into the ISIS stronghold it is today. So while Donald Trump openly acknowledges operating his business enterprises for profit as all good business owners do, which did include several bankruptcies, his personal profit and enrichment never came at the cost of countless lives and the spread of the worst Islamic terrorist enterprise in history.

In addition to Libya, one of the most alarming and darkest stains on Hillary Clinton’s legacy as Secretary of State is her open and enthusiastic support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere. In fact, as this shocking and informative article reveals, it was President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s “official” policy to back the Muslim Brotherhood; which was actually spelled out in a secret directive called “Presidential Study Directive-11,” a classified directive produced in 2011 that outlines their support for political reform in the Middle East and North Africa. The article also details alarming connections and influence the Muslim Brotherhood has in the highest levels of our government; yet the Obama/Clinton support of a Muslim Brotherhood controlled government in Egypt wasn’t all that secret as shown in this National Review article. In fact, Egypt has even charged President Obama and Hillary Clinton for “conspiring and collaborating” with the Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorist activities. And as indicated at the previous link, the apparent motivation behind the Obama/Clinton support of the Muslim Brotherhood was gleaned only after reading the emails Hillary Clinton tried to keep from public view as shown in this article. Many have long suspected that the Obama administration doesn’t have good intentions toward Israel, and now we have proof that Obama and Clinton were in fact trying to undermine Israel’s security by putting the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt and turning over control of areas in the Sinai to Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Fortunately, the Egyptian people overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood controlled government President Obama and Hillary Clinton sought to impose on them and boldly resisted the revolution they bolstered, which President Obama praised and even used to encourage other activists when he said, “Let’s look at Egypt’s example.” Of course, that was before the military ouster of Mohamed Morsi/the Muslim Brotherhood and before the Egyptian people overwhelmingly elected President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi with over ninety-three percent of the vote! So, far from fostering calm and peace during Egypt’s turbulent times, Hillary Clinton’s legacy in Egypt is a failed attempt to overthrow their government and transform it into an Islamic State controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood; which caused many deaths, including the murder of Christians as the Egyptian people suffered extreme violence and turbulence while enduring the consequences of her failed nation building policies.

To better understand Hillary Clinton’s tendency to support and promote the Muslim Brotherhood against the interests of America and our allies, one just needs to examine her strange relationship and reliance on Huma Abedin, who has deeply rooted ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. A lot more can be learned about Huma Abedin by watching this YouTube video and in this article disclosing rather shocking and significant changes made in American policies concerning the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama/Clinton administration. And this Vanity Fair article reveals just how indispensable Huma Abedin has become to Hillary Clinton. I was actually surprised by Huma’s statement that Hillary Clinton is “often confused” and Monica Hanley saying she couldn’t remind Clinton about her early morning schedule because she was “in bed for a nap,” which obviously calls Hillary Clinton’s mental and physical fitness to be Commander in Chief into question. There’s no doubt that Huma Abedin will go right into the White House with Hillary Clinton if she’s elected president, and if Hillary is “often confused” and “in bed for a nap,” exactly who will be running things…Huma Abedin? It’s entirely reasonable for the American people to question the wisdom of Huma having such a powerful position in the White House considering her very strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. But if someone’s not concerned about that, I strongly urge listening to the reading of the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for the destruction of the United States of America. And then listen to this chilling “pledge of allegiance” to Islam, a vow Huma Abedin no doubt made while a member on the Executive Board of the Muslim Students Association, which is now being repeated in colleges and universities throughout the United States. So while Hillary Clinton and her allies are doing their best to portray Donald Trump as too dangerous and unfit to be Commander in Chief, allowing unfettered access to our highest top secret information by someone with undeniably close ties to people and organizations committed to destroying our country from within is proof that it’s Hillary Clinton who’s actually too dangerous and totally unfit to be our next Commander in Chief.

While the above examples are just a few of many more (like endangering our national security by using her own private email server as Secretary of State) that demonstrate that it’s Hillary Clinton who’s literally caused more turbulence in turbulent times, one of her other favorite lines of attack against Donald Trump is that we can’t trust him and he doesn’t have the character and temperament to be president. But hearing some of her outright lies and conflicting statements about same sex marriage and other significant issues makes her charges against Trump pale in comparison; especially in light of the politically driven “cover-up” she orchestrated for the sake of her personal political ambition and how she lied about the video causing the terrorist attacks in Benghazi despite IMMEDIATELY knowing it was a well-planned terror attack. Even her usual allies have admitted that it’s getting hard to defend Hillary Clinton. And the new book, Crisis of Character by Gary Byrne, a former Secret Service agent who served in the White House, describes Hillary Clinton’s abusive and volatile temper, which he related in this interview with Sean Hannity. Since the people who know the Clinton’s best can tell us the most about them, listen to what Dick Morris said about Hillary Clinton. And Juanita Broaddrick’s experience with Hillary bears that out because two weeks after Bill Clinton raped her (while he was Attorney General of Arkansas and running for governor), she felt threatened by Hillary Clinton and said she was actually afraid of her. So Hillary Clinton’s claims that she’s always stood up for women and children and that every woman who says she’s been raped should be believed or supported would be laughable if not for her disgusting voluntary legal defense of a brutal child rapist, who she later laughed about getting off scot free…even though that meant DESTROYING a twelve year old little girl! Finally, listening to Larry King’s interview with Roger Stone about his book, The Clintons’ War on Women, and then this one with John Phillips, along with this overwhelming account of Hillary Clinton scandals many have forgotten or never heard, should be more than enough to prove to all Americans that she isn’t fit to be President of the United States of America. And if not, we deserve exactly what we’ll get.

As a very wise and all-knowing teacher taught over two thousand years ago, a tree can be judged by the fruit it bears. So I hope and pray that the American people will judge Hillary Clinton’s fitness for the high office she seeks based on her legacy and record as Secretary of State; which includes increased turbulence and unrest throughout the world (particularly in the Middle East and North Africa), the unprecedented rise of ISIS and Islamic terrorism in Europe and here in America, strained or non-existent relations with former allies, failed nation building attempts in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere, her willingness to sell favors and even our strategically important supply of uranium to an ever increasingly aggressive Russia, the acceptance of secret donations from Islamic countries who routinely execute gays and lesbians, mutilate and brutalize women and kill Christians, her brazen and unabashed disregard for laws and rules she doesn’t think apply to her, and her obvious contempt for the American people who she expects to elect her despite everything we know about her lack of sound judgment, integrity, ethics and trustworthiness. Our rights to live and worship as Christians (or with any other religious affiliation other than Islam) literally hang in the balance with the judgment the American people will make in the upcoming election because in addition to Hillary Clinton’s demonstratively poor judgment and troubling ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (who want to transform America to an Islamic State under Sharia law), our next president will appoint up to four new Justices to the Supreme Court and Hillary Clinton’s appointments would be very liberal and endanger many of our Constitutionally protected rights. So as I’ve been doing for several years now, I’ll keep praying for God to bring to light the things that are being done in darkness, which He already seems to be doing. Praise God!

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