Don’t Call Us “Islamophobic” As Muslims Train for the Violent Overthrow of America on Our Own Soil

The United Kingdom’s Brexit vote to withdraw from the European Union definitely sent shock waves around the world, and it really comes as no surprise that the outcome is being blamed on anti-immigrant sentiment and racism in most circles. However, the elite political ruling class should sit up and take notice when those in their own liberal circles challenge the validity of such dismissive and condescending attitudes; such as Bill Mar when he asked, ”Is it really a phobia if there’s something to be afraid of?” While I don’t appreciate or agree with the language or much of what’s said in the above video, it’s important for the American people to be aware of one of the outright lies it promotes, which is that Muslims assimilate in America better than any other immigrant group. In fact, that’s not true, and despite the dismissive accusations of xenophobia and racism, it was the refusal of Muslim immigrants to assimilate as described here that most likely resulted in the United Kingdom voting to withdraw from the European Union and their bureaucratic demands for unrestricted settlement of even more refugees in their country (along with other restrictive regulations handed down by the EU). And the same thing is happening here in America.

So it’s not unreasonable to believe that Americans will make a similar choice in the upcoming election when they’re aware that Islamic Jihadi training is taking place in approximately twenty-two Muslim “No-Go” zones or Islamist enclaves right here in America. You can learn more of the shocking details about them here and here.

These “Islamic villages” are currently located in nine states and run by “Muslims of the Americas” (MOA), which are led by a radical cleric in Pakistan that’s linked to a Pakistani militant group called Jamaat ul- Fuqra. These enclaves generally consists of black American-born followers of Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who is an extremist cleric in Pakistan, including many who were converted to Islam and radicalized in prison. Despite existing since the 1980s and the indisputable evidence of their terrorist activities found in a federal raid on Mahmoudberg (one of their compounds about seventy miles south of Dallas, Texas) in 1991, as detailed here, MOA and Jamaat ul-Fuqra have never been designated as Foreign Terrorist Organizations by the State Department.

Yet as far back as October of 2013, Megyn Kelly interviewed Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst for the Clarion Project, and discussed the brutal attack of a Florida college student visiting London, as well as the paramilitary training of Muslim women at a Jihadi training camp in Islamberg, which is MOA’s “headquarters” located in Hancock, New York.

While Bill Maher maintains that there is something to be afraid of when it comes to radical Islam in our country, something else we should be afraid of is a federal government that does everything in its power to hide or minimize the threat they pose, as previously documented in this article, which has most likely also completely destroyed evidence gathered in previous investigations and raids as documented here. And when our government literally gives the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR, which has been linked to radical terrorist groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and openly proclaims their desire for America to become an Islamic State) the power to scrub all references to Islam in a recent FBI “anti-radicalization” online game, as detailed here, there’s something to be afraid of, and it’s a lot more dangerous than political correctness!

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