Democrats’ Disgraceful Sit-in Plays Politics with Terrorism and Victims of Gun Violence

The Democrats’ shameful “sit-in” in the House of Representatives Wednesday and Thursday illustrates why so many in our country have no respect or regard for the laws and rules governing a civil nation, as well as their unbelievable hypocrisy when it comes to new gun laws and that they don’t care about the real dangers now threatening the lives of Americans. For the first two years of President Obama’s first term in office, when the Democrats had control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate in addition to the presidency, NOT ONE law to restrict gun ownership or to change current gun laws was brought to either floor for a vote. In fact, President Obama and the Democrats didn’t propose new gun legislation until 2013, after he was safely re-elected and there was no chance of getting that legislation through the Republican controlled House. So the Democrats’ dirty little secret is that they don’t really want to pass stricter gun laws because they wouldn’t be able to keep using the issue as a political ploy, which is what their “sit in” was all about.

In addition to violating multiple House rules, as well as showing utter contempt for the authority of the Sargent at Arms (who ordered them to stop live streaming over their cell phones and sitting on the floor like a bunch of spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum), their behavior was beneath the dignity of the People’s House and the responsibility entrusted to them by voters. I was actually embarrassed for them, and it’s really sad that they don’t have the good sense to be embarrassed for themselves and actually think they accomplished something.

Personally, I think it’s not just a coincidence that their sit-in started soon after they met with Hillary Clinton and right about the time Donald Trump was excoriating her in one of the most powerful speeches he’s ever given about her record of corruption and the huge sums of money she and Bill Clinton have taken from Islamic countries who literally execute gays and demean and abuse women. That’s a message they definitely don’t want to get out (especially after the slaughter of so many in the LBGT community by an Islamic terrorist), and since they didn’t accomplish a thing with the sit-in, it’s reasonable to conclude that it was more about fund raising and diversionary tactics than anything else. They actually reminded me of the “occupy Wall Street” sit-ins and occupations a few years back, which it’s important to note were never criticized by any Democrat leader despite the damage and destruction they caused and the cost to hard working taxpayers. And we saw similar tactics employed by “Black Lives Matter,” which despite literally calling for the murder of police has the full support of Democrats, including President Obama. So while these events were violent, with many reports of rape and assault, there was no condemnation by anyone in the Democrat party or any suggestion by those in the news media of a connection between Occupy Wall Street and all their law breaking, violence and property destruction and the rhetoric of Democrats. Yet the Democrats and news media have plenty to say when it comes to blaming Donald Trump’s rhetoric and justifying the violence of THEIR supporters against him and his supporters! The House Democrats have already threatened to resume their shenanigans again when the House reconvenes next month, and I won’t be a bit surprised if we see OWS and BLM activated again this summer and fall as well. Of course, it’s entirely possible that the shock waves sent through the world today with news that the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union will cause wiser and cooler heads to prevail; at least we can hope and pray so.

Finally, not a single issue the Democrats raised or a law they proposed would have saved a single life. Omar Mateen was an Islamic terrorist who proudly proclaimed his allegiance to ISIS and its leader and was not on any watch list despite numerous FBI investigations and tips indicating that he should be. And he was not on the “no fly list,” so “no fly no buy” has absolutely nothing to do with the ISIS inspired terrorist attacks in Orlando or San Bernardino. And the radicalized Islamic couple, who also pledged allegiance to ISIS right before the attack in San Bernardino, were able to buy two hand guns because they weren’t on anyone’s watch list or the no fly list, and their rifles were purchased by a friend, Enrique Marquez. Not only that, Irene Martin, the immigration field agent who interfered with the FBI investigation of Marquez, is being given an award by the Obama administration, according to this Fox News report. And based on this NYT account of the guns used in shooting incidents for the past eight years and how they were obtained, it’s obvious that NONE of the proposed new laws would have made a difference for the victims; yet more efficient government on many levels and adherence to existing laws already in place to govern gun purchases and background checks might have.

One big problem with the demand for new gun laws is that it ignores the obvious, which is that people intent on murdering other people don’t care about gun laws since murder of any kind by any means is already illegal. And based on the above NYT article, most of the weapons used were not “assault weapons,” and the individuals committing most of the murders and injuries mentioned in the article (though they did their best to downplay it) were radicalized Islamic terrorists with ties or allegiance to ISIS or Al Qaeda, followed by those with known mental illness or records of domestic violence. So it’s important not to let the childish antics of the Democrats in the House of Representatives this week, along with the misleading and dismissive statements by President Obama, the Department of Justice and other Democrat leaders, gloss over the fact that political correctness run amuck and the moral decay of our country are responsible for the shooting deaths mentioned in the above NYT article. Political correctness is so pervasive in the Obama administration that words such as “radical Islamic,” “Islam,” “Muslim,” “Sharia,” “jihad” and others are totally banned, and countless intelligence records containing any references to Muslims, radical Islamic groups and their well-documented strategy for transforming America to an Islamic State under Sharia law have been destroyed. In fact, as we learned after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, those vetting immigrants and refugees before entrance into our country aren’t even allowed to check out their activities on social media in the vetting process. How insane is that! Then in the name of political correctness, our government wants to avoid “labeling” someone with mental illness, and more recently, even forbids inquiring about someone’s criminal records in the hiring process. So in the end, it’s the death of good old common sense in this country that’s the root cause of death for so many innocent people. And those perpetrating political correctness without regard for the danger it poses to all Americans, and most particularly to Jews, Christians, the LBGT community and women if America is ever under Sharia law are liberals and our country’s Democrat leaders!

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