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Examining Hillary Clinton’s Legacy and record of Causing More Turbulence in Turbulent Times

In light of Hillary Clinton’s disastrous record as Secretary of State during very turbulent times, the Clinton campaign’s audacity reached new heights with her recent statement that “Bombastic comments in turbulent times can actually cause more turbulence.” I couldn’t believe those words even came out of her mouth since such criticism of Donald Trump naturally invites scrutiny of her legacy as Secretary of State and how she’s demonstratively caused more turbulence in turbulent times. So let’s take a look at how things have changed around the world since Hillary Clinton and President Obama took office in 2009, keeping in mind that she holds herself out as someone who will continue the president’s policies and protect his legacy.

One of Secretary Clinton’s earliest appearances on the world stage proved quite embarrassing as she presented Russia’s Foreign Minister with a “reset” button, which she proudly announced they went to great lengths to make sure was spelled right. Well, it wasn’t spelled right and the consequences of her “reset” posture toward Russia haven’t proven any better and have been a complete failure and seriously endangered America’s national security in the process. Astounding sums of money were given to Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation by Russia and individuals who profited untold millions (if not billions) when Secretary Clinton approved and signed off on transactions that ultimately gave Russia significant control of twenty percent of America’s uranium production, described in great detail in this New York Times article. Needless to say, most reasonable people find it difficult to believe there’s no connection between the multi millions given to the Clintons by those who stood to benefit financially from her approval of the transactions, which is almost irrelevant in light of the alarming lack of judgment displayed in approving the sale of one fifth of the United States’ uranium production capacity to the Russians and endangering our national security. Additionally, once the deal went through, Vladimir Putin publicly boasted about being closer to his goal of controlling the world’s supply of uranium and was obviously emboldened as he invaded and installed a new government in Crimea, which later joined the Russian Federation. Then pro-Russian insurgents in the Ukraine shot down a Malaysia Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, killing two hundred ninety-eight people. Putin has also openly defied President Obama and the international community in Syria, and Russia’s fighter jets have been repeatedly buzzing American naval ships. So given Hillary Clinton’s proven lack of judgment regarding matters of national security and failure to put the interests of our country before her own personal enrichment (including not disclosing Clinton Foundation donations as required by the agreement she signed when becoming Secretary of State), her saying that we can’t trust Donald Trump is the height of hypocrisy.

As the completion of a successful military campaign neared, Iraq was reasonably stable when Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State. However, President Obama squandered the military success by completely withdrawing from Iraq, and as feared and widely predicted, America’s total withdrawal opened the door for ISIS to move in and take over many of the key provinces and cities where Americans gave their lives and limbs to liberate the Iraqi people. Even the president’s own military leaders have acknowledged that; not only that, many of them have been outspoken about their disapproval of his overall ISIS strategy. And worse yet, President Obama’s top intelligence advisors have openly contradicted his public statements regarding ISIS. So despite Hillary Clinton repeatedly declaring that we can’t trust Donald Trump because he’ll cause worldwide instability, since she hasn’t spelled out any distinctions between her policies and those of the president concerning the threat ISIS poses, including disagreement with the premature withdrawal from Iraq, she’s the one who will actually cause more instability and turbulence in the world in turbulent times.

While it’s a complex story of intrigue and lies, Hillary Clinton’s deceptive and craven push for “humanitarian” intervention in Libya will likely go down in history as one of her greatest failures as Secretary of State, and not just because of the 9/11/12 terrorist attacks in Benghazi that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other brave Americans. She lied about the humanitarian crisis in Libya as her missing emails proved, she lied about not being able to get help to Benghazi, she lied about the cause of the terrorist attacks…and she even lied to the Benghazi families. And that’s not merely a partisan point of view since it’s also based on her role in Libya as reported by the New York Times here and here. During the Bush administration, Muammar Gaddafi voluntarily gave up Libya’s weapons of mass destruction, including their nuclear weapons program. Libya was actually considered an American ally and a powerful example of how successful diplomacy works… Muammar Gaddafi believed President Bush when he said, “either you get rid of your weapons of mass destruction or the United States will personally destroy them and destroy everything with no discussion.” So Libya and the US maintained good diplomatic relations until after Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton took office; soon after which the Arab world descended into total chaos and tumult. Then in one country after another, Hillary Clinton backed, armed and collaborated with the “wrong” side, including al-Qaida forces in Libya and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (both designated Islamic terrorist groups) as she pushed for the overthrow of two political leaders and reliable American allies in the middle East that ultimately caused the murder of Muammar Gaddafi. And as the emails mentioned in this Huffington Post article and this report on her role in Libya prove, Hillary Clinton’s Libyan policies were really about her craven political ambitions, with no regard for the resulting turbulence, loss of life and Libya’s descent into the ISIS stronghold it is today. So while Donald Trump openly acknowledges operating his business enterprises for profit as all good business owners do, which did include several bankruptcies, his personal profit and enrichment never came at the cost of countless lives and the spread of the worst Islamic terrorist enterprise in history.

In addition to Libya, one of the most alarming and darkest stains on Hillary Clinton’s legacy as Secretary of State is her open and enthusiastic support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and elsewhere. In fact, as this shocking and informative article reveals, it was President Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s “official” policy to back the Muslim Brotherhood; which was actually spelled out in a secret directive called “Presidential Study Directive-11,” a classified directive produced in 2011 that outlines their support for political reform in the Middle East and North Africa. The article also details alarming connections and influence the Muslim Brotherhood has in the highest levels of our government; yet the Obama/Clinton support of a Muslim Brotherhood controlled government in Egypt wasn’t all that secret as shown in this National Review article. In fact, Egypt has even charged President Obama and Hillary Clinton for “conspiring and collaborating” with the Muslim Brotherhood and their terrorist activities. And as indicated at the previous link, the apparent motivation behind the Obama/Clinton support of the Muslim Brotherhood was gleaned only after reading the emails Hillary Clinton tried to keep from public view as shown in this article. Many have long suspected that the Obama administration doesn’t have good intentions toward Israel, and now we have proof that Obama and Clinton were in fact trying to undermine Israel’s security by putting the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt and turning over control of areas in the Sinai to Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Fortunately, the Egyptian people overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood controlled government President Obama and Hillary Clinton sought to impose on them and boldly resisted the revolution they bolstered, which President Obama praised and even used to encourage other activists when he said, “Let’s look at Egypt’s example.” Of course, that was before the military ouster of Mohamed Morsi/the Muslim Brotherhood and before the Egyptian people overwhelmingly elected President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi with over ninety-three percent of the vote! So, far from fostering calm and peace during Egypt’s turbulent times, Hillary Clinton’s legacy in Egypt is a failed attempt to overthrow their government and transform it into an Islamic State controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood; which caused many deaths, including the murder of Christians as the Egyptian people suffered extreme violence and turbulence while enduring the consequences of her failed nation building policies.

To better understand Hillary Clinton’s tendency to support and promote the Muslim Brotherhood against the interests of America and our allies, one just needs to examine her strange relationship and reliance on Huma Abedin, who has deeply rooted ties with the Muslim Brotherhood. A lot more can be learned about Huma Abedin by watching this YouTube video and in this article disclosing rather shocking and significant changes made in American policies concerning the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama/Clinton administration. And this Vanity Fair article reveals just how indispensable Huma Abedin has become to Hillary Clinton. I was actually surprised by Huma’s statement that Hillary Clinton is “often confused” and Monica Hanley saying she couldn’t remind Clinton about her early morning schedule because she was “in bed for a nap,” which obviously calls Hillary Clinton’s mental and physical fitness to be Commander in Chief into question. There’s no doubt that Huma Abedin will go right into the White House with Hillary Clinton if she’s elected president, and if Hillary is “often confused” and “in bed for a nap,” exactly who will be running things…Huma Abedin? It’s entirely reasonable for the American people to question the wisdom of Huma having such a powerful position in the White House considering her very strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. But if someone’s not concerned about that, I strongly urge listening to the reading of the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for the destruction of the United States of America. And then listen to this chilling “pledge of allegiance” to Islam, a vow Huma Abedin no doubt made while a member on the Executive Board of the Muslim Students Association, which is now being repeated in colleges and universities throughout the United States. So while Hillary Clinton and her allies are doing their best to portray Donald Trump as too dangerous and unfit to be Commander in Chief, allowing unfettered access to our highest top secret information by someone with undeniably close ties to people and organizations committed to destroying our country from within is proof that it’s Hillary Clinton who’s actually too dangerous and totally unfit to be our next Commander in Chief.

While the above examples are just a few of many more (like endangering our national security by using her own private email server as Secretary of State) that demonstrate that it’s Hillary Clinton who’s literally caused more turbulence in turbulent times, one of her other favorite lines of attack against Donald Trump is that we can’t trust him and he doesn’t have the character and temperament to be president. But hearing some of her outright lies and conflicting statements about same sex marriage and other significant issues makes her charges against Trump pale in comparison; especially in light of the politically driven “cover-up” she orchestrated for the sake of her personal political ambition and how she lied about the video causing the terrorist attacks in Benghazi despite IMMEDIATELY knowing it was a well-planned terror attack. Even her usual allies have admitted that it’s getting hard to defend Hillary Clinton. And the new book, Crisis of Character by Gary Byrne, a former Secret Service agent who served in the White House, describes Hillary Clinton’s abusive and volatile temper, which he related in this interview with Sean Hannity. Since the people who know the Clinton’s best can tell us the most about them, listen to what Dick Morris said about Hillary Clinton. And Juanita Broaddrick’s experience with Hillary bears that out because two weeks after Bill Clinton raped her (while he was Attorney General of Arkansas and running for governor), she felt threatened by Hillary Clinton and said she was actually afraid of her. So Hillary Clinton’s claims that she’s always stood up for women and children and that every woman who says she’s been raped should be believed or supported would be laughable if not for her disgusting voluntary legal defense of a brutal child rapist, who she later laughed about getting off scot free…even though that meant DESTROYING a twelve year old little girl! Finally, listening to Larry King’s interview with Roger Stone about his book, The Clintons’ War on Women, and then this one with John Phillips, along with this overwhelming account of Hillary Clinton scandals many have forgotten or never heard, should be more than enough to prove to all Americans that she isn’t fit to be President of the United States of America. And if not, we deserve exactly what we’ll get.

As a very wise and all-knowing teacher taught over two thousand years ago, a tree can be judged by the fruit it bears. So I hope and pray that the American people will judge Hillary Clinton’s fitness for the high office she seeks based on her legacy and record as Secretary of State; which includes increased turbulence and unrest throughout the world (particularly in the Middle East and North Africa), the unprecedented rise of ISIS and Islamic terrorism in Europe and here in America, strained or non-existent relations with former allies, failed nation building attempts in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere, her willingness to sell favors and even our strategically important supply of uranium to an ever increasingly aggressive Russia, the acceptance of secret donations from Islamic countries who routinely execute gays and lesbians, mutilate and brutalize women and kill Christians, her brazen and unabashed disregard for laws and rules she doesn’t think apply to her, and her obvious contempt for the American people who she expects to elect her despite everything we know about her lack of sound judgment, integrity, ethics and trustworthiness. Our rights to live and worship as Christians (or with any other religious affiliation other than Islam) literally hang in the balance with the judgment the American people will make in the upcoming election because in addition to Hillary Clinton’s demonstratively poor judgment and troubling ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (who want to transform America to an Islamic State under Sharia law), our next president will appoint up to four new Justices to the Supreme Court and Hillary Clinton’s appointments would be very liberal and endanger many of our Constitutionally protected rights. So as I’ve been doing for several years now, I’ll keep praying for God to bring to light the things that are being done in darkness, which He already seems to be doing. Praise God!

Don’t Call Us “Islamophobic” As Muslims Train for the Violent Overthrow of America on Our Own Soil

The United Kingdom’s Brexit vote to withdraw from the European Union definitely sent shock waves around the world, and it really comes as no surprise that the outcome is being blamed on anti-immigrant sentiment and racism in most circles. However, the elite political ruling class should sit up and take notice when those in their own liberal circles challenge the validity of such dismissive and condescending attitudes; such as Bill Mar when he asked, ”Is it really a phobia if there’s something to be afraid of?” While I don’t appreciate or agree with the language or much of what’s said in the above video, it’s important for the American people to be aware of one of the outright lies it promotes, which is that Muslims assimilate in America better than any other immigrant group. In fact, that’s not true, and despite the dismissive accusations of xenophobia and racism, it was the refusal of Muslim immigrants to assimilate as described here that most likely resulted in the United Kingdom voting to withdraw from the European Union and their bureaucratic demands for unrestricted settlement of even more refugees in their country (along with other restrictive regulations handed down by the EU). And the same thing is happening here in America.

So it’s not unreasonable to believe that Americans will make a similar choice in the upcoming election when they’re aware that Islamic Jihadi training is taking place in approximately twenty-two Muslim “No-Go” zones or Islamist enclaves right here in America. You can learn more of the shocking details about them here and here.

These “Islamic villages” are currently located in nine states and run by “Muslims of the Americas” (MOA), which are led by a radical cleric in Pakistan that’s linked to a Pakistani militant group called Jamaat ul- Fuqra. These enclaves generally consists of black American-born followers of Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who is an extremist cleric in Pakistan, including many who were converted to Islam and radicalized in prison. Despite existing since the 1980s and the indisputable evidence of their terrorist activities found in a federal raid on Mahmoudberg (one of their compounds about seventy miles south of Dallas, Texas) in 1991, as detailed here, MOA and Jamaat ul-Fuqra have never been designated as Foreign Terrorist Organizations by the State Department.

Yet as far back as October of 2013, Megyn Kelly interviewed Ryan Mauro, a national security analyst for the Clarion Project, and discussed the brutal attack of a Florida college student visiting London, as well as the paramilitary training of Muslim women at a Jihadi training camp in Islamberg, which is MOA’s “headquarters” located in Hancock, New York.

While Bill Maher maintains that there is something to be afraid of when it comes to radical Islam in our country, something else we should be afraid of is a federal government that does everything in its power to hide or minimize the threat they pose, as previously documented in this article, which has most likely also completely destroyed evidence gathered in previous investigations and raids as documented here. And when our government literally gives the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR, which has been linked to radical terrorist groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and openly proclaims their desire for America to become an Islamic State) the power to scrub all references to Islam in a recent FBI “anti-radicalization” online game, as detailed here, there’s something to be afraid of, and it’s a lot more dangerous than political correctness!

Democrats’ Disgraceful Sit-in Plays Politics with Terrorism and Victims of Gun Violence

The Democrats’ shameful “sit-in” in the House of Representatives Wednesday and Thursday illustrates why so many in our country have no respect or regard for the laws and rules governing a civil nation, as well as their unbelievable hypocrisy when it comes to new gun laws and that they don’t care about the real dangers now threatening the lives of Americans. For the first two years of President Obama’s first term in office, when the Democrats had control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate in addition to the presidency, NOT ONE law to restrict gun ownership or to change current gun laws was brought to either floor for a vote. In fact, President Obama and the Democrats didn’t propose new gun legislation until 2013, after he was safely re-elected and there was no chance of getting that legislation through the Republican controlled House. So the Democrats’ dirty little secret is that they don’t really want to pass stricter gun laws because they wouldn’t be able to keep using the issue as a political ploy, which is what their “sit in” was all about.

In addition to violating multiple House rules, as well as showing utter contempt for the authority of the Sargent at Arms (who ordered them to stop live streaming over their cell phones and sitting on the floor like a bunch of spoiled children throwing a temper tantrum), their behavior was beneath the dignity of the People’s House and the responsibility entrusted to them by voters. I was actually embarrassed for them, and it’s really sad that they don’t have the good sense to be embarrassed for themselves and actually think they accomplished something.

Personally, I think it’s not just a coincidence that their sit-in started soon after they met with Hillary Clinton and right about the time Donald Trump was excoriating her in one of the most powerful speeches he’s ever given about her record of corruption and the huge sums of money she and Bill Clinton have taken from Islamic countries who literally execute gays and demean and abuse women. That’s a message they definitely don’t want to get out (especially after the slaughter of so many in the LBGT community by an Islamic terrorist), and since they didn’t accomplish a thing with the sit-in, it’s reasonable to conclude that it was more about fund raising and diversionary tactics than anything else. They actually reminded me of the “occupy Wall Street” sit-ins and occupations a few years back, which it’s important to note were never criticized by any Democrat leader despite the damage and destruction they caused and the cost to hard working taxpayers. And we saw similar tactics employed by “Black Lives Matter,” which despite literally calling for the murder of police has the full support of Democrats, including President Obama. So while these events were violent, with many reports of rape and assault, there was no condemnation by anyone in the Democrat party or any suggestion by those in the news media of a connection between Occupy Wall Street and all their law breaking, violence and property destruction and the rhetoric of Democrats. Yet the Democrats and news media have plenty to say when it comes to blaming Donald Trump’s rhetoric and justifying the violence of THEIR supporters against him and his supporters! The House Democrats have already threatened to resume their shenanigans again when the House reconvenes next month, and I won’t be a bit surprised if we see OWS and BLM activated again this summer and fall as well. Of course, it’s entirely possible that the shock waves sent through the world today with news that the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union will cause wiser and cooler heads to prevail; at least we can hope and pray so.

Finally, not a single issue the Democrats raised or a law they proposed would have saved a single life. Omar Mateen was an Islamic terrorist who proudly proclaimed his allegiance to ISIS and its leader and was not on any watch list despite numerous FBI investigations and tips indicating that he should be. And he was not on the “no fly list,” so “no fly no buy” has absolutely nothing to do with the ISIS inspired terrorist attacks in Orlando or San Bernardino. And the radicalized Islamic couple, who also pledged allegiance to ISIS right before the attack in San Bernardino, were able to buy two hand guns because they weren’t on anyone’s watch list or the no fly list, and their rifles were purchased by a friend, Enrique Marquez. Not only that, Irene Martin, the immigration field agent who interfered with the FBI investigation of Marquez, is being given an award by the Obama administration, according to this Fox News report. And based on this NYT account of the guns used in shooting incidents for the past eight years and how they were obtained, it’s obvious that NONE of the proposed new laws would have made a difference for the victims; yet more efficient government on many levels and adherence to existing laws already in place to govern gun purchases and background checks might have.

One big problem with the demand for new gun laws is that it ignores the obvious, which is that people intent on murdering other people don’t care about gun laws since murder of any kind by any means is already illegal. And based on the above NYT article, most of the weapons used were not “assault weapons,” and the individuals committing most of the murders and injuries mentioned in the article (though they did their best to downplay it) were radicalized Islamic terrorists with ties or allegiance to ISIS or Al Qaeda, followed by those with known mental illness or records of domestic violence. So it’s important not to let the childish antics of the Democrats in the House of Representatives this week, along with the misleading and dismissive statements by President Obama, the Department of Justice and other Democrat leaders, gloss over the fact that political correctness run amuck and the moral decay of our country are responsible for the shooting deaths mentioned in the above NYT article. Political correctness is so pervasive in the Obama administration that words such as “radical Islamic,” “Islam,” “Muslim,” “Sharia,” “jihad” and others are totally banned, and countless intelligence records containing any references to Muslims, radical Islamic groups and their well-documented strategy for transforming America to an Islamic State under Sharia law have been destroyed. In fact, as we learned after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, those vetting immigrants and refugees before entrance into our country aren’t even allowed to check out their activities on social media in the vetting process. How insane is that! Then in the name of political correctness, our government wants to avoid “labeling” someone with mental illness, and more recently, even forbids inquiring about someone’s criminal records in the hiring process. So in the end, it’s the death of good old common sense in this country that’s the root cause of death for so many innocent people. And those perpetrating political correctness without regard for the danger it poses to all Americans, and most particularly to Jews, Christians, the LBGT community and women if America is ever under Sharia law are liberals and our country’s Democrat leaders!

Public Outcry Forced Justice Department to Release Full 911 Transcripts of Orlando Terrorist

Earlier today, the Department of Justice released redacted and outrageously edited transcripts of Omar Mateen’s calls to 911 during his terrorist rampage in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last week. Not only did they leave out Mateen’s pledge of allegiance to ISIS, they even changed his references to “Allah” to “God.” Initially, Attorney General Loretta Lynch claimed they were redacting the transcript so Mateen’s victims wouldn’t be “re-victimized,” which didn’t make a bit of sense when everyone watching the coverage of Mateen’s ISIS inspired Islamic terrorist attack already knew that. Then the explanation changed to not wanting to give ISIS attention and most recently, not allowing Mateen to speak from the grave.

However, I think the American people should be even more concerned that the Obama administration thought they could get away with that; they had to know people wouldn’t let them get away with something so obvious and inexcusable. Perhaps the answer lies in my last post and the control Islamic groups with ties to radical Islamists who want to transform America to an Islamic State under Sharia law have in the Obama administration. After all, this isn’t the first time they did something like this since they edited official press release videos to omit the words “Islamic terrorism” from a statement made by French President François Hollande when he was discussing the threat of global terrorism with President Obama and even removed a question from reporter James Rosen about the State Department’s “lie” regarding when they first started talks with Iran, as well as the answer from spokeswoman Jen Psaki that it’s sometimes necessary to “mislead” the media. Of course, one of the Obama administration’s biggest lies and cover-ups we know of concerning radical Islamic terrorism was blaming a stupid, little known third rate video for the terrorist attacks in Benghazi and the death of four Americans right before Obama’s re-election. So I can’t help wondering how many other things they’ve misled/lied to us about that we don’t even know about.

The good news is that the Obama administration underestimated the political fallout and had to reverse course within hours and released the full transcripts after so many pointed out just how absurd and outrageous it was. So this incident proves without a doubt that if enough Americans and our elected representatives would really stand up to the Obama administration, we can make a difference. Of course, with the fulfillment of President Obama’s declaration that “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” literally hinging on the election of Hillary Clinton, they might be getting desperate. But I can’t help thinking that the fallout that moved them to act so quickly came from the Orlando victims, their families and the LBGT community.

I’ve been praying in earnest for several years now that the things that are being done in darkness will be brought to light, so it’s my hope and prayer that Americans, especially those who have so fervently supported President Obama and his policies, are now starting to see that his plan for the fundamental transformation of America might not be at all what they thought or wanted. We’ve strayed so far from God as a nation now that I don’t know why He’d have mercy on us and spare us, but He’s certainly done that before; so let’s pray that He will do it again and truly heal and unite our land.

FBI and National Security Training in the Obama Administration Dictated by Islamic Groups

Understanding how the FBI became so ineffective when investigating potential Islamic terrorists requires taking an honest look at how and why ALL references to “radical Islamic terrorism,” “Islam,” “Muslim,” “jihad,” “Sharia” and related terms have been removed from ALL federal documents; including vitally important law enforcement and national security training materials and programs. And reading this shocking article from October 2011 is a good start since it quotes then Deputy U.S. Attorney General James Cole saying that the Obama administration was pulling back all training materials used for the law enforcement and national security communities, in order to eliminate all references to Islam that some Muslim groups have claimed are offensive. It also quotes Cole as stating, “I recently directed all components of the Department of Justice to re-evaluate their training efforts in a range of areas, from community outreach to national security.”

One of the most shocking aspects of the above report is that all references to Islam were removed from federal terror training manuals and videos because it was dictated/demanded by Islamic organizations known to have funded Islamic terrorists, including CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and various Muslim Brotherhood front groups identified in the Holy Land Foundation terror fundraising trial of 2004. In fact, Salam Al-Marayati, the president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), actually wrote an Op-ed in the Los Angeles Times demanding an apology to Muslim Americans and that all references to Islam and the Muslim community be removed from all training materials, that they be allowed a say regarding such training materials and threatened that otherwise the FBI could no longer count on Muslims to help prevent Islamic terrorism. Some of the statements he found offensive included, ”…claims that “devout” Muslims are more prone toward violence, that Islam aims to “transform a country’s culture into 7th century Arabian ways,” that Islamic charitable giving is a “funding mechanism for combat” and that the prophet Muhammad was a “violent cult leader.”…warns of a “‘Civilizational Jihad’ stretching back from the dawn of Islam and waged today in the U.S. by ‘civilians, juries, lawyers, media, academia and charities’ who threaten ‘our values.’ The goal of that war: ‘Replacement of American Judeo-Christian and Western liberal social, political and religious foundations by Islam.'” However, despite his claims otherwise, everything Salam Al-Marayati objected to and the Obama administration scrubbed is very well documented in court documents from the HLF trial, which included a copy of The Muslim Brotherhood’s Strategic Plan For America. So the following excerpts from that document should be more than enough to raise concern for anyone reading this because it says”…presents Islam as a civilization alternative, and supports the global Islamic State wherever it is.”…”…the Movement must plan and struggle to obtain “the keys” and the tools of this process in carry out [sic] this grand mission as a ‘Civilization Jihadist’ responsibility.”…“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”…“We must possess a mastery of the art of ‘coalitions’, the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’” Wow, that’s a perfect script and portrayal of exactly what they’ve been doing, so our president and many others are literally aiding and abetting their plans for a global Islamic State!

Reading this very informative article about MPAC reveals much more about the kind of organizations the Obama administration has allowed to have approval/veto power and input regarding Islamic terror training for all federal agencies; as well as how their connections with the highest levels of our government existed long before the current administration. And according to this article, the document purge began in earnest, along with a ban on linking terrorism to Muslims or Islam in any way. It also demonstrates how Muslims have received extra-Constitutional consideration, special rights and benefits not offered to other religious groups by the Obama administration.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for security and terrorism analysts and experts to raise concerns about the consequences of a total ban on all Islamic references in every area of government. But it’s hard to imagine a more outrageous example of that than what’s reported in this article about the FBI editing an online Anti-Radicalization Game and removing ALL references to Muslims or Islamic terrorists After CAIR complained AND suggested focusing on “right-wing extremists” instead. Well, believe it or not, that’s EXACTLY what they did! So now the game features an example of a “white supremacist rally,” and players are told to commit acts of violence in the name of white supremacy! Lord, help this country!

From the time President Obama took office in 2009, he started banning what he deemed offensive anti-Islamic language and policies, and since that time, our country has not been safer; in fact, we’ve had even more attempted or completed Islamic terrorist attacks than ever before, including the following:
June 2009 – Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, sent by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, attacked a military recruiting office and killed one soldier and wounded another in Little Rock, AR.
September 2009 – Najibullah Zazi, al Qaeda trained, tried to detonate bombs in New York City’s subway.
November 2009 – Army Major Nadal Malik Hassan, an Islamic al-Awlaki follower, opened fire at a soldier processing center, killing thirteen and wounding over thirty at Fort Hood, TX.
December 2009 – Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian, tried to carry out an al Qaeda plot to explode a bomb hidden in his underwear on a flight to Detroit.
May 2010 – Faisal Shahzad, a Pakistani-American citizen who told the judge he didn’t mean it when he swore allegiance to America, attempted to detonate a car bomb in Times Square.
September 2012 – al Qaeda terrorists attacked the US Consulate and killed four in Benghazi, Libya.
April 2013 – Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Muslim brothers from Chechnya, killed three and wounded over two hundred and sixty in bombing at the Boston Marathon.
December 2013 – Terry Lee Loewen, radicalized by extremist Islamic ideology online, attempted a suicide bombing at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport.
September 2014 – Alton Nolen, fired after aggressively trying to convert co-workers to Islam, beheaded one woman and was attempting to behead another one when a company official shot him at a packing plant in Moore, OK.
October 2014 – Zale Thompson, an Islamic convert for two years who posted “anti-government, anti-Western, anti-white” rants, wounded two policemen in hatchet attack in Queens, New York City.
May 2015 – Nadir Soofi and Elton Simpson, ISIS-directed Muslims, attacked the Curtis Culwell Center and shot a security guard before police killed them in Garland, TX.
July 2015 – Mohammad Abdulazeez, a Kuwait-born engineer, shot and killed four Marines and one sailor (wounding three others) at military reserve and recruiting centers in Chattanooga, TN.
September 2015 – Joshua Goldberg, who claimed to support ISIS, was arrested for plot to bomb a 9/11 memorial in Jacksonville, FL
December 2015 – Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, a married Pakistani couple pledging allegiance to ISIS, shot and killed fourteen and seriously wounded twenty-two at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, CA.
January 2016 – Edward Archer, who later pledged allegiance to ISIS at the hospital, shot a Philadelphia police officer in a marked car and was shot by the officer as he fled the scene.
May 2016 – A 40-year old Muslim man arrested for alleged plot to bomb a Florida synagogue on the Passover holiday, leaving a note attributing the attack to ISIS.
June 2016 – Omar Mateen, who called 911 and a TV newsroom to declare allegiance to ISIS during terrorist attack, shot and killed forty-nine and wounded fifty-three at a gay nightclub in Orlando, FL.

In light of so many incidents of Islamic terrorism (which in no way covers them all since many are swept under the rug for political expediency), how does it make any sense to forbid FBI agents and others in our government (particularly when vetting potential refugees or immigrants) to investigate or take into consideration possible ties to known radical Islamic groups? Islamic groups are literally carrying out their plan for a global Islamic State, and despite having explicit details of their strategy to do so, our own government is complicit instead of protecting us and the American values we hold so dear. Is it possible that Americans now value politically correct sensibilities more than the lives of our citizens? I certainly hope not and will continue praying for God to bring the things that are done in darkness to light, with the hope that the eyes of our understanding will be opened before it’s too late.

According to Attorney General Lynch, We Dare Not See Something and SAY Something…About Muslims

Americans don’t understand why Omar Mateen wasn’t on anyone’s watch list when he carried out his murderous rampage in Orlando last Sunday morning; especially since so many watchful citizens had done their part to bring his radical Islamic rantings, threats and connections to the attention of the FBI. And there’s only one explanation for that, which should make us realize that it’s time to stop passing off President Obama’s policies as merely “political correctness run amuck” and acknowledge that there’s something much more sinister at work in his administration.

For instance, we’re all familiar with the saying, “If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s a duck.” Well, since President Obama “acts” like a Muslim and “talks” like a Muslim, I’d say President Obama is a Muslim. And it’s time to take our heads out of the sand and realize that before it’s too late, if it’s not already. While some have hinted at that and I’ve previously written about it, this very informative WND article by Bob Unruh is the first time I’ve seen someone else so clearly question President Obama’s religious affiliation in light of his obvious affinity for Islam and very pro-Muslim/Islamic policies and numerous anti-Christian (and even anti-American) statements. Sadly, misleading and deceiving the American people (lying) to accomplish a political end is an art form that President Obama has definitely perfected, which this YouTube video proves quite effectively, so we can’t take ANYTHING he says at face value. Additionally, his foreign policies have been a total disaster and seriously jeopardize our national security and increase the likelihood of radical Islamic terrorism here in America, which Nick Short details in this article. Then just two days after President Obama’s pathetic attempt to convince us otherwise, CIA Chief John Brennan’s alarming testimony under oath yesterday totally contradicted his ridiculous claims and he even warned that increasing ISIS attacks here in the United States and Europe are likely. And notwithstanding numerous public statements by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, FBI Director James Comey and many others that it’s NOT possible to fully bet refugees from Syria, President Obama is moving full steam ahead. In fact, according to this Washington Post article written last November, Of the more than 2,100 Syrian refugees accepted by the United States since 2012, most of them in the past year, half are children, a quarter are adults over 60 and only 2 percent are young males at what officials called “combat age.” That leaves another twenty-three percent unidentified, and means that AT LEAST forty-two of them could be ISIS fighters. And now that the president intends to increase the number of Syrian refugees to a minimum of ten thousand a year, that number jumps to over two hundred potential ISIS fighters coming here every year, which I seriously doubt is acceptable to the American people whose lives are now at risk because of his senseless refugee policy! On top of that, despite the advice of military and national security leaders, President Obama has also sped up his plans to release or relocate the remaining and most dangerous GITMO detainees regardless of the danger they pose here and abroad. Then yesterday, the New York Times and others reported a significant diplomatic revolt against President Obama’s Syrian policy within the State Department. So our president is totally ignoring those who are in place to advise him regarding our national/homeland security, and the American people have to start paying close attention to that, especially since he just sped up the processing time for Syrian refugees coming here from the typical twenty-four months to a mere three months and almost five hundred (or more by now) have entered the U.S. since the terrorist attack in Orlando five days ago.

Everything mentioned and linked to above is even more disturbing in light of Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s vow to prosecute anyone she deems guilty of “anti-Muslim rhetoric, which she stated in the aftermath of the radical Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino. You really have to hear that to believe it! So much for “see something say something!” It’s no wonder a neighbor was afraid to report suspicious activities at the San Bernardino terrorists’ home. And since Mateen’s slaughter of so many in Orlando, FBI agents are reporting “off the record” that their hands are tied by the Department of Justice guidelines when it comes to investigating Muslims and Islamic terrorism, as indicated in this article.

When a nation’s government deliberately disregards the lawless acts and evil intentions of certain groups in the name of political correctness and yet vigorously goes after its law abiding citizens (also in the name of political correctness), it will not stand, and that’s exactly what’s happening in the United States of America today; so we really need to pray for God to heal our land!

America Denies and Attempts to Diminish Acts of Radical Islamic Terrorism at Our Own Peril

The ISIS inspired massacre that took place at Pulse (a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida) last Sunday morning was not just an attack on the LBGT community and the City of Orlando; it was a strike at the very heart and soul of our nation and everything America holds dear. So it’s vitally important that we recognize the significance of this moment in time because our failure to openly acknowledge and address the real cause of Omar Mateen’s cold blooded slaughter of so many people will lead to the destruction of our country as we know it; which is the stated goal of the radical Islamic ideology now insidiously infecting our land and flourishing in America and abroad.

As I’ve watched the coverage of this horrific event since early Sunday morning, my emotions have been all over the place. I’ve cried over and over again as I heard about totally defenseless people being shot down and stalked by a ruthless murderer like caged animals as they desperately sought safety in various hiding places and as their loved ones shared details about them and their lives. I’ve listened incredulously as I heard FBI agents and others repeatedly urge us to “say something” if we “see something” and further assured us that if we do, they will “do something”…as they told us how they repeatedly failed to “do something” despite numerous people seeing something and saying something about Omar Mateen. I’ve been angry as the usual cast of characters began beating the all too familiar drum beat for gun control while the yet unidentified victims’ bodies still lay on the floor at Pulse and at the hospital and their family and friends were still awaiting news of their fate. But most disturbing of all, I’ve watched in total disbelief as the news media, Democrat political leaders and others try to divert attention from the most significant issue at hand and throw out all sorts of decoy diversionary issues in an effort to deflect our focus, anger and natural desire to prevent similar incidents in the future.

First, by Sunday afternoon, various news outlets and the President of the United States were floating the “hate crime” mantra; despite the lead FBI agent on scene having acknowledged early that morning that they knew the terrorist had leanings to radical Islamic ideology. And even though the public didn’t know it at the time, the news media and President Obama were very much aware that in the midst of his murderous rampage, Mateen called 911 and a television news room to declare his allegiance to ISIS. But just as with the radical Islamist’s massacre at Fort Hood (still officially classified as “work place violence” in spite of clear and convincing evidence that it was an act of radical Islamic terrorism), for some inexplicable reason, many in the news media and virtually all Democrat leaders in this country persistently deny and attempt to cover up what’s obvious to anyone who has ears to hear and eyes to see the truth. Maniacal radical Islamic terrorist groups have openly declared war on the United States of America and are actively engaged in efforts to overthrow our form of government, as revealed here and in this article about Muslim enclaves in the USA, which was written almost six years ago. And on Monday night, Lou Dobbs even referred to President Obama’s persistent and deliberate efforts to hide or diminish anything concerning radical Islamic terrorism as “psy-ops…psychological operations”. One of the most incredible and recent examples of that was when the White House actually removed the words “Islamic terrorism” from the official press video/audio release of the statement made by French President François Hollande when he was discussing the global terror threat with President Obama at a Nuclear Security Summit. For even more evidence of how the Obama administration willingly puts the lives of countless Americans at risk to “protect” the rights of non-American Muslims, read this report of how information about hundreds of Muslim terrorists were scrubbed from the Department of Homeland Security’s database, and then how mere days before the terrorist attack at Pulse, DHS released guidelines forbidding the use of the words “jihad” and “Sharia,” along with other terms considered “too disrespectful.” If Americans don’t start asking why their president, his entire administration, virtually all Democrat leaders and many in the news media deliberately deceive and mislead us AND come up with the right answer, the outcome will not be good.

Of course, it didn’t even take twelve hours before gun control proponents, including President Obama, began deflecting focus from the danger we face from radical Islamic terrorism to gun control. And while it’s entirely reasonable to question how someone on the FBI’s terrorist “watch list” could so easily buy a gun, the media usually fails to report that Mateen was NOT on ANYONE’S radar or on a terror watch list when he bought the guns he used. So the question the news media and Democrats should be asking is why Omar Mateen wasn’t on a terror watch list after so many concerns were raised with the FBI regarding his radical Islamic leanings and connections; the same questions that should have been raised and answered regarding the Boston bombers and the killers in San Bernardino. Presumably, if someone is on a terror watch list, they’re also on the “no fly list,” so legitimate concerns regarding their ability to buy guns should be addressed by Congress as long as due process is made available to anyone wrongly placed on such lists. However, in light of the rampant abuse of power and the utter incompetence exhibited by the current administration on so many levels, concerns that legislative changes might lead to further abuses and be expanded or interpreted to further restrict gun ownership are reasonable; which is why many people so strongly oppose any changes to current federal gun laws. Gun control proponents have also repeatedly referred to the long gun Omar Mateen used to kill and injure the Pulse victims as an “assault rifle” or an “assault weapon” even though an AR-15 is not normally considered an assault rifle because it’s not an automatic weapon like a machine gun–meaning pulling the trigger is required for every shot fired. The irony of the liberal left’s predictable reaction is that it always sends Americans out in droves to purchase firearms and ammunition, and this won’t be an exception. So despite their best efforts, Radical Islamic terrorist attacks like the one at Pulse in Orlando Sunday morning and Monday night’s unspeakable live streamed slaughter of a French policeman and his wife, along with the feckless response and dismissive attitude of President Obama and his entire administration when it comes to the clear and present danger radical Islamic terrorism poses to ALL Americans, speak louder and more powerfully than their misleading and deceptive words. Not only that, even more carnage would have taken place at the nightclub in Orlando if instead of going into Pulse with guns, Omar Mateen was in fact wearing a suicide vest and had placed other explosives to go off once first responders arrived on the scene as initially feared. So the real issue we all must face and address in response to these repeated massacres is not guns; it’s the darkened, troubled souls of young people who have no sense of value or encouragement to excel in our self-destructive politically correct, morally and ethically bankrupt society paired with the radical religious ideology that drives one human being to commit such horrible atrocities against fellow human beings.

Nonetheless, the news media is dutifully falling into line with attempts to deflect America’s attention from radical Islamic terrorism as the sole cause for the slaughter at Pulse by questioning the mental health and stability of Omar Mateen and have virtually eliminated any reference to ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism from their coverage. In his speech Tuesday, President Obama referred to him as “angry”…“unstable”…”disturbed” and “radicalized” by what he saw on the internet and went to great lengths to disavow any contact/connection the man had with other radical Islamists. But on Sean Hannity’s radio and TV programs Tuesday, Philip Haney, a former DHS employee and whistle blower who helped establish DHS from its inception, stated that it would have been possible to prevent the terrorist attacks at San Bernardino and in Orlando if information on hundreds of potential terrorists had not been deleted; which he said would have “connected the dots” and revealed known radical Islamic terrorist links to the mosques attended by both the shooters in San Bernardino and Orlando. His claim seems quite credible considering that a friend and neighbor of the San Bernardino shooter was arrested for participating and planning similar terrorist attacks and that a young man who attended the same mosque in Fort Pierce as Omar Mateen actually went to Syria and was the first American suicide bomber. Can anyone really dismiss that as mere coincidence? I certainly hope not, which is why I urge everyone to read how President Obama’s refugee plan is literally making America a more Islamic nation, as well as how his administration vigorously supported known radical Islamic organizations and actually worked to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and elect a Muslim Brotherhood leader as Egypt’s president.

Something else I’ve observed in the past few days that I haven’t heard anyone else mention is that when Omar Mateen called 911 and a local television news room to declare his allegiance to ISIS, in addition to posting many Islamic State (Isis) rants and threats on multiple Facebook accounts he owned during the standoff with police, he obviously wanted to make sure his ISIS inspired terrorist rampage wouldn’t be swept aside as anything else. Additionally, he intentionally let a number of witnesses live to repeat what they heard when he made up to sixteen calls, and to further insure that there’d be no confusion, his wife was left behind to confirm his intentions and her role in his plan. While he likely knew an attack on a gay nightclub would initially be labeled as a “hate crime,” he also knew that wouldn’t hold water once the world learned that he had been active in the gay community for the past three years. And despite President Obama’s misguided view that not calling radical Islamic terrorists what they are (which he says denies them the recognition they seek) will deter and even defeat them, the exact opposite is obviously true because it just makes them more determined to make their existence known, as well as their responsibility for the unspeakable and inhumane acts they commit in the name of Islam, which is the religion they “identify” with. So it’s incredibly ironic that while President Obama orders/blackmails schools and other federally funded facilities and organizations to allow everyone to use whatever bathroom, locker room or shower they want based solely on how they “identify” or “feel” regarding their sexual orientation on any given day, he vehemently rails against the rights of others to profess and act in the name of whatever religion they might choose to “identify” with on certain days! So it’s really beyond belief that despite the mounting evidence that Omar Mateen was at least loosely affiliated and perhaps directly connected to ISIS, leaders in our government and many in the news media are practically standing on their heads to keep the American people in the dark, and it’s time for us to ask why.

Then our “Apologizer in Chief” took to the POTUS podium again Tuesday and as he did just hours before the horrendous attacks in Paris last November, he feebly attempted to proclaim and defend his feckless efforts in fighting “ISIL” as a success; he won’t even call them what they call themselves…how much more evidence of him living in denial do we need! Unfortunately, the deaths of those in Paris, San Bernardino, Belgium, Orlando and in many other places where President Obama won’t even acknowledge acts of radical Islamic terrorism have taken place tell a different story. And as we’ve all grown way too familiar with, President Obama once again displayed more passion and fire while defending his beloved religion of Islam than he’s ever displayed regarding any other topic; although passing more restrictive gun control legislation might be a close second. Sadly, as Donald Trump pointed out later in the day, our president appears to be angrier at him than at the radical Islamic terrorist who killed and seriously injured over one hundred men and women in the name of radical Islam! So at a time when our country really needed and looked to our president to be a leader, President Obama was pathetically peevish, petulant and defensive; not to mention obviously thin skinned as he attempted to “move the ball” by once again employing his well-practiced diversionary strawman tactics since he knows full well that virtually no one blames ALL Muslims for the acts of those who are clearly extreme and radical in their view of Islam. Isn’t that the point of describing them as “radical Islamic terrorist?” Of course it is, and the president knows that, which is why it’s so difficult to understand his obvious aversion and inability to call them what they are. Furthermore, no one has questioned the military’s understanding of who the enemy is even though we reasonably question his. And no one has ever suggested that radical Islamic terrorism will be defeated just by calling it what it is, which everyone listening to President Obama Tuesday knows. So a big problem for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election is that it doesn’t matter what our religion is, what color we are, whether we’re rich or poor, gay or straight, male or female, Republican or Democrat…NONE of that will matter if we’re dead or our country is under the control of Islamists enforcing Sharia law. That’s why I sincerely hope and pray that the majority of American people are smart enough to get that; especially since the Obama administration just announced that they’re “speeding up” the process to bring even more Syrian refugees into our country despite many in his administration testifying that it’s not possible to properly “vet” them. In fact, four hundred and forty-one Syrian refugees have been admitted into the United States since the massacre in Orlando Sunday morning; so it’s no wonder Omar Mateen’s last message to America on Facebook right before his death was a warning that there will be more ISIS attacks in the USA in the coming days.

Another observation I made as I watched news coverage of the terrorist attack in the nightclub in Orlando throughout the day Sunday was that many in the gay community, and possibly many others were likely hearing for the first time on one broadcast after another that “homosexuals” are thrown off the top of tall buildings, beheaded or burned alive by ISIS and other radical Islamists. Something that’s always baffled me about the Obama presidency and support for his policies is his ability to convey genuine concern and interest in issues concerning the LBGT community and women despite the likelihood that his policies will lead them to a very bad end. He’s very deliberately and methodically increased the Muslim population in the United States via immigration from countries with well documented infiltration of the refugee population by ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists; while at the same time stripping much needed defensive equipment from police departments throughout the country. He has virtually bankrupted us (causing our credit rating to be lowered for the first time in our nation’s history), severely and dangerously weakened our military and economy, fostered racial and political division and animosity and headed up the most dishonest and incompetent administration the United States of America has ever seen. And all of that together makes us much more likely to succumb to the goals and desire of a majority of an ever increasing Muslim population in the United States to replace our Constitution with Sharia law, as indicated here. If that happens, here’s a little of what gays and lesbians could expect, and here’s what women would be subjected to under Sharia law. I think President Obama lost his “cool” in his speech Tuesday because Donald Trump is successfully challenging the idea that he’s really looking out for the LBGT community and women; after all, how can anyone who’s looking out for the best interest of women, gays and lesbians so aggressively defend and push for bringing significantly greater numbers of Muslims who strongly support and adhere to Sharia law into the country? So President Obama faces a real dilemma now since he’ll have to abandon or “moderate” his inexplicable allegiance to Islam for the sake of protecting his legacy through the election of Hillary Clinton or forsake the LBGT community and women in order to defend, protect and promote the religion of Islam and all that entails. And just as with President Obama, I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard Hillary Clinton criticize those who help fund known radical Islamic countries the other day when she has such close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and has been personally enriched by contributions to her, her husband and the Clinton Foundation from those very same countries…despite the slaughter of gays and lesbians and the oppressive and brutal treatment of women in their countries! Not only that, she wants to drastically increase immigration from those very countries too…what hypocrisy. In one of the primary debates, she said she will increase the number of Syrian refugees coming into our country from ten thousand to sixty-five thousand, and her current plans would ultimately increase Muslim immigration to over one hundred and eighty thousand per year. Additionally, in a disgraceful display of political theatre Tuesday, Democrats in the House of Representatives refused to honor those killed in Orlando by observing a moment of silence (all for the sake of gun control legislation that wouldn’t have made a dime’s worth of difference to the Pulse, San Bernardino or Sandy Hook victims), which I couldn’t believe! So the Democrats’ utter failure to “get” where the majority of Americans are politically speaking, particularly in terms of immigration, is nothing short of astounding…and some Republican leaders aren’t doing much better.

May God open our eyes and unite our land against our common enemy instead of each other because a nation that refuses to see the truth and divided against itself will not stand!