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Laquan McDonald Apparently Deemed Worth More Dead than Alive

Like most Americans, the first time I heard of Laquan McDonald was when the news said that a seventeen year old young black man had been shot sixteen times by a Chicago policeman over a year ago and that a judge had ordered the release of the video to the public. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and couldn’t hold back the tears… how in the world could something like that even happen! There wasn’t any reason for ever shooting a young man that many times regardless of the circumstances! I was totally horrified…and then fearful because if ever there was justification for the Black Lives Matter movement to go into action, this was it. I was sure Al Sharpton would descend on Chicago as he did in both Ferguson and Baltimore and we’d once again see another black community virtually destroyed by riots, luting and burning. So I prayed for God to intervene and for everything to stay peaceful; yet had to admit that I’d be more inclined to understand if it didn’t since this was the worst of all the previously publicized cases of young black men being killed by police. Of course, in that moment of horror and disbelief, I wasn’t thinking clearly; otherwise I would have realized that Al Sharpton wouldn’t descend on Chicago and BLM wouldn’t march through the streets of Chicago calling for the murder of policemen as they did in New York, Ferguson, Cleveland, Baltimore and elsewhere because Chicago’s mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, is so closely associated with President Obama and their political agenda is more important to them than the life and cold blooded execution of one Laquan McDonald.

So I started trying to find out more about Laquan McDonald and why it took over one year to even hear about the case, much less that long for the officer who shot him to be charged and for the dashcam video to be released to the public. You can learn more about all of that here and here. That’s when I realized that the corrupt politics surrounding Laquan McDonald’s death and tragic life were just as reprehensible as his murder. It just doesn’t pass the smell test to think for one minute that the five million dollar payoff to Laquan’s mother (who didn’t even raise him or have custody of him since he was a ward of the state at the time of his death) and sister by the city of Chicago in the middle of a closely contested re-election bid by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel was anything but hush money in the furtherance of a shameless cover-up; which the timeline of related events makes abundantly clear to anyone interested in knowing the truth.

Laquan McDonald was shot and killed on October 20, 2014 and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel failed to win re-election as Chicago’s mayor on February 24, 2015 as expected and was therefore facing a very close runoff election on April 7, 2015. As the story goes, the family of Laquan McDonald first requested sixteen million dollars from the city on February 27th and a settlement was approved sometime in March; in other words before the election on April 7, 2015 and only made public on April 14th…not too surprisingly just days AFTER Mayor Rahm Emmanuel had been safely re-elected! A stipulation in the settlement also required Laquan McDonald’s family to keep it “confidential,” which their attorney said specifically meant not releasing the dashcam video and opposing the release of it when journalist Brandon Smith sued to get the video released to the public. Here’s a fairly detailed account of why it looks and smells like a cover-up, along with the time line. And here’s the news conference with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Superintendent Gary McCarthy before the release of the video showing that Laquan McDonald was murdered in cold blood. It made me sick to my stomach to hear Rahm Emmanuel refer to the senseless cold blooded murder of this young man as an “opportunity for healing.” What kind of person even thinks something like that! Not only that, even though everyone has repeatedly stated that Officer Van Dyke was stripped of his police powers immediately after Laquan’s death, according to what Rahm Emmanuel said during the news conference on November 24, 2015, that didn’t happen until sometime in January because he said the officer was stripped of his police powers “ten months ago”…three months after Laquan’s death.

Here’s the dashcam video released by the police, based on which it’s impossible to understand why it took FOUR HUNDRED DAYS to charge Officer Van Dyke with murder! And despite all of Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez’ lame attempts to justify such an outrageous delay, the evidence provided in this video of her news conference detailing the events surrounding Laquan McDonald’s death, including the immediately available witness statements, only proves that there was no justification for delaying public awareness of this case, the investigation and the inevitable murder charges against Officer Van Dyke. And she even admitted that she only announced the charges because a judge ordered the release of the video! I also found it interesting that she said the FBI contacted her about the case since I’ve always heard that law enforcement officials are the ones who usually request the involvement of the FBI. That’s now her excuse for the unconscionable delay, but it doesn’t pass the smell test because Michael Brown was shot on August 14, 2014 and the Department of Justice report on the case was released on March 4, 2015, and that was without a clear and literally smoking gun video. Officer Ray Tensing was charged with murdering Samuel DuBose in Cincinnati, Ohio just ten days after his death. Officer Michael Slager was charged with the murder of Walter Scott two months after his death, and the independent investigation by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division was conducted and completed WHILE investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Office of the United States Attorney for the District of South Carolina and the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division were ongoing. Officers Norris Greenhouse Jr. and Derrick Stafford were charged with the murder of six year old Jeremy Mardis within three days of his death in Marksville, Louisiana. Freddie Gray died on April 19, 2015 and on May 1, 2015, the Baltimore City State’s Attorney announced murder charges against all six officers involved in his arrest on April 15, 2015 WHILE the Department of Justice investigation continues. Needless to say, this list could go on and on, but it’s more than sufficient to prove that Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez’ claim that it takes so long to investigate and bring charges against police officers because they’re very “complicated” cases is nothing but hot air and a pathetic attempt to justify her office’s failure to bring murder charges against Officer Jason Van Dyke in a reasonable and timely manner. And there really isn’t any reasonable explanation for such a failure other than protecting Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s bid for re-election, which is exactly what her unsolicited comments in his defense at the end of her above statement clearly indicate. If the public had been aware of Laquan McDonald’s murder at the time it occurred, there’s absolutely no doubt that Rahm Emmanuel would not have been re-elected because that was just three months after Eric Garner’s death and two months after the death of Michael Brown and only a month before the riots in Ferguson after Officer Darren Wilson wasn’t indicted. And twelve year old Tamir Rice was killed by a police officer just a few weeks after Laquan’s death, so the most likely reaction to news of how Laquan McDonald was murdered at that time would have been so explosive that it would have been difficult for anyone to contain; thus the cover-up.

Then in addition to the news accounts that police reports from that night don’t line up with what the dashcam video shows, here’s a NBC report indicating that Chicago police probably destroyed/deleted eighty-six minutes of video evidence from the Burger King near the Laquan McDonald shooting. And this is Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s news conference announcing the firing of Superintendent Garry McCarthy , the apparent scapegoat for this clearly criminal enterprise. But as this Chicago Tribune article reveals, there are still many unanswered questions about the investigation into Laquan’s death and the subsequent cover-up, and it’s obvious that the news media doesn’t believe what they’re being told any more than I do. So I hope they’ll keep digging until someone finds the smoking gun that puts Rahm Emmanuel in prison, along with everyone else who covered up Laquan McDonald’s murder just so he’d be re-elected.

Sadly, I can’t help wondering what a difference it could have made in the lives of all the Laquan McDonalds out there if Chicago’s city council had been as willing to invest the five million dollars hush money they paid to insure Rahm Emmanuel’s re-election to better the lives of kids and families in their poorest and most disadvantaged neighborhoods. But the sad truth is that the city of Chicago deemed Laquan McDonald worth a lot more after his death than when he was alive; just as the city of Baltimore deemed Freddie Gray worth so much more after his death than when he was alive. How did America become a nation with such shameless political priorities!

Update: After publishing this, I found this very good New York Times article indicating that a DOJ investigation into the cover-up of Laquan McDonald’s murder is pending! Maybe it’s time for all those community organizers in Chicago to start a recall movement to let Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and his corrupt cronies know exactly what they think of their kind of dirty politics. Laquan McDonald deserves nothing less!

Why is President Obama SO Intent on Rendering America Defenseless?

I’ve watched and prayed for years as President Obama and the liberal left actively seek and work toward the literal destruction of our country and the values we’ve always held dear and wondered when and if the American people would ever stand up against it. What will it take? How far are we willing to let them go, and is it already too late?

Needless to say, in light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the downing of the Russian airliner in Egypt and the radical Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino a few days ago, it seems that people would finally ask some of the hard questions and face reality instead of denying what’s so obvious to anyone willing to see what’s right in front of them. While the first duty and responsibility of American Presidents is to protect and defend our country, President Obama’s highest and most ardent priorities appear to be literally disarming America and increasing the probability of future terrorist attacks by bringing even more Syrian refugees into the United States, by refusing to enforce the law of the land regarding immigration and by failing to protect our borders.

While most Americans might be aware of how President Obama has aggressively pushed for more restrictive gun laws (NONE of which would have prevented any of the events he uses to justify doing so), very few know that he has also moved to disarm police departments all around the country by issuing Executive Order 13688 earlier this year, which requires the return, seizure or confiscation of the surplus military equipment given to police departments throughout the nation by the Pentagon for the past twenty years. This is very serious and very dangerous, and I urge everyone to learn more about that in detail here, here and here. So for the sake of political correctness (or a more sinister agenda in my personal opinion), police departments will no longer have the use of essential equipment now used in rescues and to protect those who will be expected to engage directly with terrorists as we face the ever increasing probability of radical Islamic terrorist attacks throughout America . Why would a President whose first duty under the Constitution is to defend and protect the American people do this? There is NO “reasonable” explanation unless the real goal is to render America defenseless against the stated intent of international radical Islamic groups who have vowed to take over or destroy the United States of America. But I can’t help wondering if the vast majority of Americans and our political leaders are ready to acknowledge that and do something about it. President Obama’s Executive Order also prohibits the use of federal funds to purchase vitally important defensive equipment; such as tracked armored vehicles, weaponized aircraft, vessels and vehicles, .50-caliber firearms and ammunition, bayonets, camouflage uniforms and grenade launchers, and his order must be fully implemented by April 1, 2016. The order also applies to ALL federal agencies that support law enforcement through grants or excess property transfer; which includes the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, Treasury and Interior, along with the General Services Administration. The seizures and confiscations have already begun, but there is still time to do something about this IF the American people will rise up against it and flood their state and federal representatives’ offices with complaints and urge them to do something to stop a President who is clearly not acting in our best interest and not fulfilling his Constitutional duties. If not, God help this country once President Obama’s order to disarm those we have to count on to protect us in the event of another terrorist attack is fully implemented!

Then on top of news that President Obama is considering even more executive orders to enforce his agenda to limit American’s gun rights, the Air Force has just announced that after fifteen months of President Obama’s feckless and ineffective bombing campaign against ISIS, the United States is running out of bombs! And even though that’s something we probably shouldn’t have announced to the entire world (particularly the radical Islamic terrorist groups bent on our destruction), that’s exactly what’s happened! But the good news is that after the terrorist attacks in Paris, France and Great Britain have stepped up to the plate and a REAL bombing campaign against ISIS has finally begun in earnest; yet even after knowing that, President Obama referred to the attacks in Paris as a “terrible and sickening set back.” Since President Obama has been either unwilling or unable to get the job done, you’d think he’d welcome the involvement of other nations who won’t dilly dally and who will do what has to be done to actually defeat ISIS; but that’s not how our President thinks and Americans should ask why. And on top of all that, President Obama has presided over a very serious and dangerous decline of America’s military, which you can read about here.

Furthermore, despite President Obama’s declarations otherwise, we now have irrefutable proof that the United Sates doesn’t adequately “vet” people coming into the country as “refugees” or on visas; i.e. the Boston Marathon bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (whose parents came here on visas and immediately applied for political asylum (an easier and much quicker way to attain political refugee status), which was granted and thus led to their sons coming to the U.S., making them political refugees despite the liberal media’s attempts to deny that) and now one of the San Bernardino terrorists, Tashfeen Malik, who came into the country on a “fiancé visa” and was obviously not properly vetted. Yet, instead of agreeing to a very reasonable hold or increased scrutiny before bringing more Syrian refugees into the country and the issuance of visas from countries where ISIS fighters and other radical Islamic terrorists are most likely to pose as refugees or attempt to get into America, President Obama vows to bring in even more Syrian refugees and to veto any legislation attempting to do anything to slow down the refugee process or to keep people from coming to America on visas. That doesn’t sound like someone whose first concern is the safety of the American people. And what most Americans probably don’t realize is that once someone is given refugee status, they can bring ALL of their family members to the U.S. and after five years, they all become VOTING citizens.

Finally, we’ve all heard President Obama angrily declare that “this is America” and that we don’t use religious tests to decide who gets to come into the United States. Well, that’s just another one of his outright lies, which you REALLY need to read all about here because President Obama has in fact virtually refused to allow Christian refugees into the country and over six million (approximately 97% of all refugees coming to America during his administration) have in fact been Muslims, and Islam is now the fastest growing religion in the United States. Also contrary to what President Obama would have us believe, the majority of Muslims in America DON’T want to “assimilate” into American culture; in fact, they want America to adapt to their laws and culture as revealed in a recent poll showing that 51% of American Muslims want Sharia law and 25% are okay with violence against Americans. Why is President Obama doing this?

Perhaps the horror and impact of recent terrorist attacks will finally get America’s attention as nothing else has; after all, it doesn’t matter what our religion and politics are if we’re dead or no longer free to practice either. So I hope and pray that the American people will wake up and see the truth before it’s too late and will continue praying for God to work a miracle and heal our land!