President Obama Promotes American Dream Abroad While Destroying it for Young Americans

While listening to President Obama speaking at a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YLAI) town hall last week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I was struck by how sincerely interested and energetic he was in inspiring and encouraging non-American youth to succeed and achieve their dreams in contrast to the youth of America. I couldn’t remember a similar event here in the United States, other than perhaps during his campaigns, which I thought MUST surely not be the case. So I started looking for similar events with American youth and was actually surprised to see how many times he’s participated in them all over the world and couldn’t find anything similar with the youth of America. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t done them; they’re just not on Youtube like the ones I’ve found. So if someone knows of one, perhaps you’ll share the link.

Here’s a town hall at the University of West Indies during President Obama’s visit to Jamaica on April 9, 2015. And here’s President Obama at a town hall with Chinese youth in Shanghai, China on November 16, 2009. And here is President Obama’s town hall with Young African Leaders (YALI) at the University of Johannesburg in June 2013, where he very enthusiastically said, It is wonderful to be here with all these extraordinary young people…when I travel around the world, this is one of my favorite things to do, meeting and talking with young men and women like you…this format can be a little humbling…but it energizes me because it gives me a chance to hear from you directly, what you’re thinking, what you care about, what your vision is. And here’s President Obama’s town hall at a Young African Leaders (YALI) Summit in Washington in July 2014. So I finally found a town hall like the others with youth here in America, where President Obama was just as full of praise, enthusiasm and encouragement; but once again, the youth aren’t Americans. They’re African youth who are part of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), a program President Obama established in 2010, which he announced was renamed The Mandela Washington Fellowship. While it’s inspirational to seed how this will benefit the youth of Africa, I couldn’t help feeling sadness that I’ve NEVER heard my President so excited about the youth of America. He even encouraged these young people to focus on being self-sufficient rather than depending on financial aid; when have we ever heard that message given to our own youth and why would President Obama give these young people such a different message than he gives American youth? Then President Obama hosts town hall with young Southeast Asian leaders (YSEALI) in RANGOON, Burma on November 14, 2014, where he actually said, There is no example of a country that is successful if its people are divided based on religion or ethnicity…yet that’s exactly what he fosters here in the USA! The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) was started by President Obama in 2013 to strengthen leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia through programs and engagements, including U.S. educational and cultural exchanges, regional exchanges, and seed funding. And here’s President Obama’s town hall meeting with youth in Yangon in November 2014.

The closest thing I found to the above town halls was President Obama’s town hall with entrepreneurs at Cross Campus in Los Angeles on October 9, 2014; but these were mostly CEOs and business owners and not students. It was a very political event and not at all what anyone would call inspirational. I also found this Facebook users town hall at Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, CA on April 20, 2011: which was really just another campaign event to justify his presidency and push his political agenda and it had a totally different dynamic.

After listening to the above videos (one after another), I was surprised by the heaviness in my heart as I realize for the first time just how readily and easily President Obama criticizes and belittles so much about America when speaking to youth on foreign soil, while at the same time lavishing praise on other countries and enthusiastically inspiring and encouraging their youth in a way I’ve never heard him do here. While I’ve long been disappointed in President Obama’s apparent lack of interest in inspiring and encouraging racial unity in our country, that now pales in comparison to the deep sadness I feel concerning his lack of interest in inspiring and encouraging our youth to set and accomplish high goals for themselves and for the betterment of our country. After discovering his leadership initiatives for Young African Leaders (YALI, now The Mandela Washington Fellowship, which President Obama established in 2010) and then his Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), I decided to see if he had established a similar leadership program for young Americans, and here’s what I found… the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI), and realized that’s what the event in Jamaica last April was about. That’s when this initiative was established and the White House news release literally says, “The President’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative and Programs to Support Youth Development in Central America and the Caribbean.” When reading the information provided, it appears that young American leaders are just thrown in as an afterthought! Then I found President Obama’s 2014 plan to help young American Indians, as well as his initiative for young African-American men, along with President Obama’s My Brothers Keeper initiative, another program for “young men of color”. And here’s President Obama at a My Brothers Keeper town hall event, so I FINALLY found a town hall event for youth of America; but it was only for “young men of color.”

Sadly, even though our President is fond of chastising Americans for making negative judgments against “people of color” as he puts it, it’s obvious that President Obama is the one who has an issue with skin color and often relies on that alone to determine how he feels about people, how he works for them as their President and how he interacts with them. The sad truth is that our President actually promotes racism and is guilty of the prejudice he’s so fond of projecting onto whites, conservatives, Republicans and Christians.

Yet I can’t help wondering what a difference President Obama could have made for the good of our nation if only he had spent as much time lifting up America to our youth as he does tearing it down. But he didn’t, so instead of attaining the great potential he had to bring unity, civility and the hope he promised, President Obama has spent the past seven years sowing seeds of racial unrest and division, class warfare and hostility, incivility toward political opponents on a scale never previously demonstrated by an American President, strife and conflict in just about every area of American life, and instead of instituting policies to enable the poorest and most disadvantaged among us to achieve the American dream, President Obama has instituted policies insuring their dependence on government.

I was already greatly concerned for the future of American youth because I know so many of them won’t ever attain the “American Dream” due to the decimation of education in our country by the interjection of political correctness on a level never seen before; such as theories of “restorative justice” instead of good old fashioned discipline and President Obama’s administration threatening to withhold federal funding if schools don’t comply with his radical social agenda, including his “gender neutral” policies. Then on top of that, the best interest of our youth have taken a back seat to the interest of deep-pocketed political donors; namely teacher unions and radical socialist, Marxist and avowed communist professors and teachers now firmly entrenched in America’s halls of education.

So I was left wondering why our President so enthusiastically inspires and encourages the youth of other countries and not our own. And while we might never know the answer to that question, one thing is for sure, our President is now much more likely to be well received by youth in foreign countries than his own based on what I came across when searching for town halls he’s held with American youth and found this report: Youth Misery Index Supersizes Under Obama Administration. Apparently, the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) calculates the YMI chart each year by adding youth unemployment, student loan debt and national debt per capita, and the resulting Youth Misery Index has grown more under President Obama than any other president, and has increased 53.7 percent during his presidency. That means my concerns for our youth not being able to attain the American Dream are well justified and on a much larger scale than I ever imagined! So for the sake of our youth, I hope and pray that American voters will wake up to reality and that God will indeed heal our land before it’s too late.

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