Racial Insanity Continues at Mizzou and Other Colleges

When it seemed things couldn’t get worse on the Mizzou campus, the real motivation for the militant minority students and those with which they’re affiliated have been exposed, and it’s hard to believe that two good men lost their jobs for this nonsense. However, it confirms what I wrote in this article, where I wrote: Time and time again, we’ve seen videos of college presidents trying to engage in dialogue with activists on their campuses, as well as some presidential candidates, only to be rudely and disrespectfully shouted down. Sadly, the message that sends to most reasonable people is that getting media attention is much more important than seriously working together to address legitimate grievances. And once people realize that there’s no pleasing militant minorities, they will stop trying; which will do little to effect the change needed in the hearts of anyone who views others through the distortive lens of racism.

In addition to complaining because the terrorist attack in Paris took media focus away from them, a very popular professor resigned rather than cancel a test as demanded. For more background details, you can read this article about how the racial claims can’t be substantiated and how this insanity got started.

Even though the president and chancellor lost their jobs at Mizzou, just as predicted, that was only the beginning and now students are protesting at colleges all around the country as they storm school libraries and shout foul racial invectives and assault white students. This is a form of domestic terrorism and it’s going to get a lot worse if college officials don’t deal with it; the issue is NOT racial insensitivity, which complaints about the terrorist attacks in Paris taking media attention away from them prove. Make no mistake, the goal is to spread hate and racial animus that will eventually lead to another civil war, which is very likely to manifest before the next election. I’ve expected that for some time now, but it’s unreal to actually watch it happening and see that no one is doing anything about it. Since a loss of money seems to be what talks to the boards running our universities these days, it might take massive transfers away from these colleges to make them do something about the permissive and acquiescent approach they’ve taken to this nonsense thus far. And when the socialist, communist and anarchist professors behind all of this start losing THEIR jobs, they might see things from a very different perspective. Equality also means equal disciplinary actions and NO ONE believes that white, Tea Party, Christian or any conservative student group could do what these militant minorities have been doing without being suspended, expelled or arrested, and failure to do either only encourages and emboldens those who don’t have this country’s best interest at heart.

May God shield our hearts from hatred and racial division, bless us with His wisdom and heal our land!

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