Terrorism…Reaping the Consequences of Vapid Lives and Culture

In the days after another inconceivable act of terrorism in France, the world is left trying to cope with the devastation and heartbreak that naturally follows the senseless loss of so many lives, and once again asks “Why?” Sadly, until we face the truth about what really fuels the rise of terrorism around the world, what happened in Paris Friday night will just be repeated over and over again and terrorist groups like ISIS will continue to be strengthened and our country will continue to be plagued with mass murder by young men who have absolutely no sense of belonging or purpose. Even if this isn’t the seminal event bringing us to that realization, we’ll eventually be forced to face it; so I hope and pray this is the time when we stop lying to ourselves and to each other, as well as supporting and covering up for politicians we know are lying to us and don’t have our best interest at heart.

For instance, no one even believed President Obama when mere hours before ISIS executed their well planned slaughter of over a hundred and thirty unsuspecting people in Paris, his response to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America when asked if ISIS was getting stronger was to deny it; saying “I don’t think they’re gaining strength. What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave, but you don’t see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain.” I can’t help wondering if the people of Iraq and Syria agree with President Obama regarding ISIS being “contained” in their countries…I seriously doubt it! And the French people surely don’t!

No, we’re not surprised when our President lies and misleads us anymore because he’s been far from honest with us on so many issues, from his personal view of marriage, his long time commitment to legalizing same sex marriage (what David Axelrod said he had to do to get elected), his healthcare law (which wouldn’t have passed otherwise), Al Qaeda and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to get re-elected to blaming an anti-Muslim video for an obvious terrorist attack in Benghazi and many other things. Unfortunately, our country and culture have come a long way the wrong way from the days when President Richard Nixon was forced out of office by BOTH parties for lying and covering up a third rate burglary…and no one died in the Watergate Hotel break in; yet four brave Americans lost their lives in Benghazi, and instead of holding President Obama and Secretary Clinton accountable for endless lies and cover-ups, they’ve been rewarded with re-election and the very likely nomination as the Democrat Party presidential candidate. What’s wrong with this country!

Further proof of how far we’ve fallen as a nation is that the vast majority of Democrats are willing to vote for Hillary Clinton as President, knowing full well that she’s lied to us time and time again and has been linked to one scandal after another; such as lying about Benghazi being caused by a video and even worse, lying to the Benghazi families as the bodies of their loved ones were brought home. Just as her husband’s infamous perjury illustrated, Secretary Clinton has perfected the art of “lying by inference.” She infers something without actually saying it by intentionally linking two unrelated sentences together or by intentionally adding or deleting a word here and there, which then gives her plausible and “legal” grounds on which to deny saying what she very strongly inferred and clearly intended to convey. She actually demonstrated that by trying to explain what she did without directly admitting it in this powerful and very informative excerpt from her recent testimony before the Benghazi Select Committee; which Democrats and the mainstream media actually proclaimed a great success! Then on top of that, Mrs. Clinton offers no credible explanation for intentionally violating her own State Department’s policies regarding properly securing email communications and other official records in accordance with Records Management by Federal Agencies (44 U.S.C. Chapter 31), obviously trying to avoid compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, which led to her being the subject of a FBI felony investigation…notwithstanding the Clinton campaign’s farcical denials.

It’s no wonder that some of our youth have no sense of value and no meaningful aspirations when the leadership in this country is so bereft of integrity and fail to provide wholesome inspiration. Instead, our President tells them that marijuana is no big deal and no worse than smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol and encourages its legalization, while fomenting further racial division as he often does. Then they see the President send his Attorney General to fight for legalization of same sex marriage and hear his high praise when the Supreme Court ruling goes his way despite saying something totally different when running for President in 2008, which was just a lie to get elected. They’ve seen their President strongly support and endorse the country’s largest purveyors of abortion, even asking God to bless them, as well as personally encouraging and praising an activist Georgetown student in her publicized fight for controversial taxpayer funded birth control for unmarried college students. They’ve also witnessed their President shred the Constitution and “rule of law” by granting virtual amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants, which he repeatedly acknowledged he couldn’t do lawfullywhy the courts stopped it with an injunction. When our leaders display such moral bankruptcy and lack of integrity and the country turns a blind eye to it for the sake of ideology and the promise of benefits that have encouraged massive government dependency rather than hard work and self-responsibility, we’re in trouble. And when our leaders aggressively promote social changes that have led to increased destructive drug use (ignoring the federal law they’re sworn to uphold) and increased casual promiscuity and significantly fewer marriages, it’s not surprising that naturally idealistic youth are confused and disappointed.

If our leaders place no value on anything that’s “good and decent” and display open hypocrisy and cynicism, when there seems to be no such thing as “right and wrong,” and the culture around us says anything goes and maligns and tries to destroy anyone who adheres to basic standards of decency and moral behavior and encourages others to do the same, we shouldn’t be all that surprised when our youth are so easily led astray by someone who actually “stands for something”…even when it’s radical groups like ISIS. They just don’t buy the big lie that you can do whatever you want to…you don’t have to work to support yourself–we’ll take care of you…it doesn’t matter if you can’t excel because we don’t expect you to and we’ll just lower the standards of education so you can do well since you wouldn’t otherwise–and give you a trophy just for trying…since getting high and intoxicated and being sexually promiscuous are so important to you, you need to elect Democrats because the Republicans will keep you from doing that…it really doesn’t matter if your leaders lie to you because they “love you” and are looking out for you and everyone else is just trying to take everything away from you because they “hate you”…there’s nothing wrong with playing violent video games all day and night or watching pornography that demeans women and reduces sex to nothing more than an animalistic act of self-gratification or listening to music that promotes violence, hatred of police, racial strife and a general lack of respect for authority and everything else…it doesn’t matter if you break the rules and violate the law because we believe in “restorative justice“…Republicans, whites, conservatives, Christians, “straights” and rich people are all bad, racist, bigots and unfair so they hate you and don’t want you to be happy or get ahead and you have to put a stop to that…on and on the lies go. But the liberals and political leaders promoting and spewing such lies don’t take into account that God said He has written HIS LAWS on the tablets of our hearts; in other words, no matter what we hear and see, we KNOW the difference between right and wrong because God has put that knowledge in each of our hearts. So when an extreme religious group comes along and tells them that the world, particularly the western world is wicked and an abomination to God and that God tells them to stamp it out, they buy it hook, line and sinker because they’re really just seeking significance rather than the emptiness of their meaningless and vapid lives in the permissive and uninspiring culture of today.

So the claim that youth around the world are joining ISIS in droves because they’re “disenfranchised,” and just need job opportunities, and that the root problem is bad “governance” (according to Marie Harf of our own State Department) is just another big lie. And Ms. Harf’s insistence that the problem is “poor governance” in the countries she mentioned is particularly bazaar since the youth of America are also joining up with ISIS.

Even though I believe our youth are sucked into joining ISIS in part because of bad governance for all the reasons mentioned above, the news reports about the people joining their rankks don’t indicate that they’re from poor or uneducated backgrounds; in fact, quite the contrary since they’ve often been well educated and from well off families. So it’s obvious that the real culprit is the state of our hearts and culture; youth who aren’t encouraged to achieve their utmost and who constantly have hatred, racism and division drummed into their heads are angry, frustrated and restless individuals, which makes them easy prey for groups like ISIS. And another real problem, at least here in America, is that our kids aren’t raised in healthy, intact family units and homes where they feel loved, nurtured and significant. Our youth need positive role models in their lives, yet in today’s culture, those who are accepted and touted as role models are involved in one scandal and disgrace after another, and send the message that drugs, alcohol and promiscuity are what life’s all about, and that a lack of respect and civility toward others is somehow “cool.” Our children long for goodness, a sense of accomplishment and inspiration and until we change the way we do politics, especially the way it exists in our schools and universities these days, there’s little hope for meaningful change. Well educated and informed individuals who have been taught to overcome whatever issues they face in life rather than feel victimized by them, and who have a strong sense of purpose and self worth won’t ever be led astray by groups like ISIS; but since that also means they can’t be deceived and manipulated by politicians who derive and maintain their power through their dependence on government and victim status, certain politicians really don’t want to help them succeed in achieving the American dream.

So in addition to praying and asking God to heal our hearts and land, we have to start electing politicians and leaders who can’t be bought off and who sincerely want to help those who need it through better education, effective job training, promoting self-reliance and unity rather than division. When I think back to all of our great presidents, they were inspirational and encouraged Americans to achieve their utmost and to serve others rather than themselves. They also believed that our country was good and worthy of admiration and encouraged a genuine spirit of patriotism, which is sorely lacking in our current president. So I hope and pray that we’ll once again soon have a president who truly believes in the goodness of America and that all Americans who want to and are willing to work for it can experience the American dream as God begins to heal our land.

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