Mika Brzezinski Jumps on the “Let’s Get Rid of Ben Carson” Bandwagon

On yesterday’s “Morning Joe” program on MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski’s intent was obvious as she shamelessly ridiculed and attempted to discredit Dr. Carson on every level, and repeatedly said she just doesn’t get it. For instance, immediately after reading an article clearly referring to the Mannatech vitamin supplement Dr. Carson takes as “vitamin supplements,” she repeatedly and very deliberately referred to the supplements as a “drug” and then “medicine.” She even said he was “disconnected” somehow, inferring that he’s mentally unstable. In fact, she was nigh unto hysterical just about every time she brought the topic around to Dr. Carson yesterday, which she did throughout the entire show; especially when she “feigned” horror at the thought that the American people could support a man who actually went after his mother with a hammer…on and on she went. However, I don’t recall anyone in the Democrat Party or mainstream media saying anything along such lines after Ted Kennedy literally killed a pregnant woman rumored to be his mistress, and never heard them say that disqualified him for office or called his character into question.

Mika even brought up a new weapon in the “let’s get rid of Ben Carson” arsenal of character assassination that I hadn’t previously heard, and regurgitated the details of this NBC News story disparaging Dr. Carson for his best friend’s guilty plea in a healthcare fraud case. Hum, guilt by association…I sure don’t recall Mika expressing such concerns about President Obama’s lifelong associations with avowed communists, socialists and Marxist, as well as domestic terrorists, including those mentioned in his own book and Bill Ayers…or even Bill Clinton’s well known personal friendship and association with convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, who actually pleaded the Fifth when asked if he knew Bill Clinton personally! But getting back to Dr. Carson’s friend’s fraud conviction, I urge everyone to watch the above NBC News report and decide for themselves, but without knowing any of the details, it sounds like one of those politically motivated prosecutions to me. The prosecutor even sounded like he was trying to justify the case as he haltingly said something like, “uh…I mean…uh…fraud is fraud.” Again, not knowing the details, I know from friends in the healthcare industry that doctors and medical practices are often charged with fraud for clerical and bookkeeping errors rather than intentional fraud. In any case, that doesn’t reflect on Dr. Carson’s character other than his loyalty to a very good friend.

Mika also launched into a tirade about how ignorant she perceives Dr. Carson to be when it comes to foreign policy, referring to his statement in the last debate that China was in Syria. Well, I was watching the debate and immediately went online to check that out when I heard Dr. Carson say that, and was quite surprised to find multiple articles like this one about China’s interest and expected involvement in Syria! Mika’s endless derisive commentary on Dr. Carson continued on this morning’s program, but it backfired on her big time when she mistakenly attempted to get General Michael Hayden (former director of the CIA and the National Security Agency) to agree with her opinion that dr. Carson isn’t qualified to be president based on his lack of foreign policy knowledge and experience, especially in light of his “china in Syria” comment. Well, much to my delight and her chagrin, General Hayden didn’t acquiesce and even told her that he didn’t agree with her and stated that Dr. Carson had called him two months earlier and they had a lengthy conversation. He indicated that he was in fact impressed, saying that Dr. Carson asked all of the right questions, listened attentively and asked the right follow on questions as well. Mika couldn’t hide her shock and dismay, and even later asked General Hayden if he didn’t want to change his opinion; which the general declined to do! She mentioned that several more times as the program continued this morning and acknowledged that she was having trouble processing what General Hayden said and would have to watch the video again. Later on the show, they even played the White House’s “rebuttal” of what Dr. Carson said about China being in Syria, but I’m not too sure how convinced the American people will be by that since the President’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice was the one to deliver the message—just like she said the attacks in Ben Ghazi didn’t have anything to do with terrorism because it was all about “the video.” Well, based on the Obama’s endless history of lying to the American people, I’ll personally take Dr. Carson’s word over anything they say any day of the week, and it’s hard to get a better commendation than from a former director of the CIA and the National Security Agency when it comes to foreign policy! I just love seeing how God repeatedly works to vindicate Dr. Carson in his bid for President every time the media attempts to destroy him!

Finally, I was personally very disappointed when Mika happily shared Donald Trump’s disgusting and reprehensible comparison of Dr. Ben Carson to a “child molester”, which I’ll get into in my next article. But I think this will seriously hurt him, especially since Trump called Iowan and American voters who support Ben Carson “stupid” and openly mocked Christianity, in addition to indicating that he’s really not all that dedicated to staying in the race for President.

So, Mika, I want to tell you what others see in Dr. Ben Carson that you’re incapable of seeing. First and foremost, Mika, we don’t believe he can be “bought off,” and that’s a REAL big deal to those of us who are sick and tired of politicians selling us and our country down the river while they line their own pockets and feather the nests of their political aspirations. While you don’t consider Dr. Carson a man of character and integrity, we do. That doesn’t mean we think he’s perfect–we know there’s only One Who fits that bill. We don’t expect him to get every single detail of events from decades ago correct because we know they don’t in any way challenge the veracity or significance of the events in question, which prove to “us” the kind of man he is and that he’s experienced the redemptive power of Jesus Christ in his heart, mind and life…just like we have. And we don’t care that he doesn’t know the most minute details concerning foreign policy because we know he’s a VERY intelligent man and will quickly learn everything he needs to through the national security briefings he’ll start getting once he’s nominated, as well as from the highly qualified and experienced foreign policy and national security advisors he’ll choose once elected. We also know Dr. Carson shares our traditional American values, as well as our concerns regarding how they’re being eroded in today’s politics, through the collapse of education on all levels and the decline of our culture. And we believe he will work tirelessly to make the “American Dream” available to ALL, especially for the disadvantaged people politicians now shamelessly use as ploys in their unending quest for power and personal enrichment–because he knows very personally that the lack of a quality education and dependency on government is today’s form of slavery. Finally, we just appreciate that the man has such an abundance of common sense, which we find sorely lacking in most politicians today!

Something else you can’t understand or relate to, Mika, is that the onslaught of derisive and derogatory attacks on Dr. Carson, particularly the attempts to assassinate his character by mocking and questioning his Christian values are perceived as attacks on those of us who “know” him despite never being personally acquainted with him…because he is “us.” And despite being aware of the existence of today’s thriving and very active social media, you guys in the mainstream media don’t seem to realize that you no longer have the same power and ability to influence voters you had in the past. So when you do things like you’ve done over the past few days, you just lose credibility with all of us; in fact, I wish I didn’t need to watch your program to stay “informed” because I’d rather not contribute positively to your ratings. However, I have watched you long enough to recognize when you feel the need to protect or defend something or someone who means a lot to you, and that’s what I’ve seen in your tone and attitude toward Dr. Carson in the past two days, which leads me to think you’re actually scared to death of him as a presidential candidate. Let’s face it, even though some liberals initially had the nerve to state that Dr. Carson was just the Republican “token black” quite some time ago, that lie has clearly been debunked, which must scare a lot of folks. We all know that many black conservative Christians voted for Barack Obama primarily because he was black (and lied to them about his support of the LBGT community and same sex marriage), and it’s not unreasonable to expect them to vote for Ben Carson this time, which naturally eliminates a considerable voting block for Democrats. It’s also impossible for Democrats to deny that despite their concerted efforts to paint Republicans as hating blacks, Hispanics and women, unlike your party, we have a black leading in our primary, along with two Hispanics and a woman! So that lie has been debunked as well. Not only that, our candidates are much younger than your party’s candidates and not aggressively pushing a socialist takeover of America, which I doubt very seriously the vast majority of Americans support. The bottom line is that you can’t understand or “get” the appeal of Ben Carson because you’re not in touch with the values of most everyday Americans. But we “get” him, and it appears that he has God’s favor, which is all that matters in the end. So you all just keep up the vicious character attacks on Ben Carson and see how that works for you.

Finally, I want to say that I learn a lot by watching Morning Joe, and that’s worth something, especially since I’m able to filter out the bias through which it’s presented. And encounters like you had with General Hayden this morning and your reaction to Mark Halperin’s unwillingness to agree with you yesterday despite your best efforts are actually quite entertaining and fun to watch! So thanks for all you do to help make my day!

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