Did Donald Trump Intentionally Sabotage His Own Campaign?

As stated in my previous article, I was very disappointed when I first heard excerpts on MSNBC this morning from Donald Trump’s campaign speech in Iowa last night, which was vile and reprehensible in the extreme. At that point, I just heard Trump’s disgusting and inexcusable comparison of Dr. Ben Carson to a “child molester”, as well as when he in essence called voters in Iowa and around the country who support Ben Carson “stupid” and openly mocked Christianity, in addition to saying that he could just go back to his life! I immediately felt that he had just “done in” his bid for President, especially since he didn’t even seem to realize or care that the audience grew unusually quiet as he continued his bazaar tirade against Dr. Carson and insulting Christianity and all potential American voters. But when I had the time later and listened to Donald Trump’s Fort Dodge speech and read this well written and informative article by Jenna Johnson, I realized that there was a whole lot more going on in that speech than I first thought.

Mr. Trump clearly wasn’t himself last night, which is really saying something since he’s “usually” quite unusual. And even though I have no earthly evidence to explain why, I had the distinct impression that Donald Trump is just tired of (or “over”) running for President (perhaps having Secret Service protection gave him a glimpse of what being President will be like that he hadn’t previously considered). Needless to say, a lot of people have predicted that from the beginning, but I never believed it before today. Of course, time will tell, but beyond that, I was just truly disappointed in Donald Trump because he acted just like any other politician last night, and demonstrated that while he might not “sell out” for money like most politicians, he’s quite willing and able to sling mud with the worst of them!

I was leery of Mr. Trump initially, but ultimately started trusting him because I believed he really could change things in Washington based on his impressive record of success. And despite not liking things he’d say from time to time, I’d still try to give him the benefit of doubt, but all of that went right out the window this morning when I heard the excerpt from last night’s speech about Dr. Carson.

Besides regarding Dr. Carson with the utmost respect and admiring him on many levels, I just couldn’t support someone who demonstrated the lack of human decency Mr. Trump did in that speech last night, and who’s obviously willing to say (and perhaps do) ANYTHING to get elected, regardless of how outrageous it is. In addition to defaming a very good, decent and honorable man, Mr. Trump derisively mocked and ridiculed the experience of many Christians throughout history (including my own and likely many in the audience) and proved once and for all that he doesn’t know a thing about having a “personal,” life changing relationship with Jesus Christ, which is the ONLY thing that makes any of us a “Christian.” And even though he might not understand that distinction and thus the impact of his ridiculously inaccurate statements, Donald Trump is a pretty smart man and it’s hard to believe he didn’t realize the potential blowback he’d get after calling voters “stupid” and “fools” for believing and supporting Ben Carson. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s definitely smart enough to know that he sent a pretty clear message that he’d just as soon get out of the race and get back to his normal life, which just feeds into the media’s narrative about him from the very beginning…the last thing he needs if he wants to win and someone like Dr. Carson is right on his heels.

So despite what appears to be Donald Trump’s desperate attempt to “slime” Dr. Ben Carson in his Fort Dodge speech last night, I can’t help wondering if he wanted to sabotage his own campaign so he can get back to his life, even if subconsciously. In any case, I doubt very seriously that I’m the only one who was very disappointed with that speech and his attack on the character of Ben Carson, who is by far a much more decent and honorable man than Donald Trump will ever be. And perhaps this was a wakeup call to remind many Christians that out of the content of the heart, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45), and that if any man or woman has to tear someone else down to elevate themselves, there’s a problem with the content of their heart as well as the content of their character. Of course, as I’ve written in earlier articles, it appears that God’s favor is with Dr. Carson, in which case He knows exactly what it takes to accomplish His plan, and Donald Trump probably just gave Him a helping hand.

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