Claims of Racial Incidents on Mizzou Campus Unravel

Even though I immediately doubted the validity of the alleged incidents of racism at Mizzou and thought the extorted resignations of the President and Chancellor were shameful, I was totally shocked today when I heard that it’s probably all just a big lie! But I shouldn’t be surprised since one of my most consistent prayers about what’s been going on in our country has been for God to bring to light the things being done in darkness; relying on His promise in Luke 8:17, which says For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. So it’s probably the speed at which it all started coming apart that caught me by surprise; yet it’s otherwise confirmation of everything stated in my initial article about the recent events at Mizzou. As I said, “…this is just the beginning and won’t likely resolve racial tensions at Mizzou or anywhere else. It’s actually more likely to make things even worse because their demands were met just to avoid the loss of millions of dollars, which sets a very dangerous and destructive precedent for Mizzou and all other universities and schools.” When universities, schools, businesses and governing bodies acquiesce to the demands of militant minorities, thus feeding their lust for power and notoriety, the outcome will never be either fair or just. And there can be no more disturbing example of that than what’s been done to President Tim Wolf and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin.

It’s just too bad the news media weren’t equally interested in “vetting” the allegations of racism made by the Mizzou students as they were in “betting” the biography of Dr. Ben Carson. And based on The Federalist’s well written, well documented reporting (a great example of what REAL journalist do!), it obviously wouldn’t have taken much time or effort to figure out that there was absolutely NO evidence to substantiate the alleged “poop swastika” incident at Gateway Hall on the Mizzou campus. So even BEFORE Student Body President Payton Head proved himself to be a totally unreliable witness and fraudster, Sean Davis rightly concluded that the poop swastika incident was likely nothing but a “giant hoax.”

The details revealed on Twitchy about what Mizzou’s Student Body President, Payton Head, set in motion last night are very bazaar and disturbing. He recklessly incited further racial tension via his Facebook post that KKK was confirmed on campus, warning students to stay away from windows, and falsely stated that he was in contact with the police department, state troopers and the National Guard. Needless to say, total bedlam erupted on campus as mass hysteria set in; and it was all a big lie! He later deleted his first post and then his less than honest apology for “scaring everybody,” though not before both screenshots were recorded for posterity. And this article from Liberty News further makes the case for why alleged claims of racial incidents are starting to fall apart (Note: I’m sharing this link for content despite the offensive language in one of the comments). Then as revealed in this article on American Thinker, racial hoaxes are on the rise, which is exactly what we can expect to continue as long as schools, businesses and governing bodies are intimidated by the demands of militant minorities. All of this is intended to fuel the flames of racial tensions and animosity; the means by which many political “leaders” gain and maintain their power.

I just looked online for updates on today’s events before publishing this, and couldn’t believe the “whitewash” (there’s absolutely no mention of Payton Head’s irresponsible and false Facebook postings) I found on NBC News and USA Today! It really strains journalistic credibility for USA Today to report that Others tweeting from the university’s Columbia campus said people used racial epithets as they drove around the school, and a group of men walking with bandannas covering their faces yelled racial slurs at black students. without so much as a shred of evidence when in this day and age, EVERYONE RECORDS EVERYTHING! Are we really expected to believe that in every single racial incident reported at Mizzou, not one person had a cell phone available to provide recorded evidence so the culprits could be identified? If the mainstream media, university officials and political leaders continue to pander to this kind of nonsense as both of the above media outlets reveal, it really will take an act of God to save our country!

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