DOJ Appealing Injunction Barring Implementation of President Obama’s Lawless Immigration Plan

Yesterday was a great day for all who believe in the “rule of law” and that the “separation of powers” set forth in our Constitution is essential for the survival of our nation since the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s injunction halting implementation of President Obama’s executive action providing virtual amnesty for up to five million illegal immigrants.. However, the Obama administration plans to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court on appeal; while at the same time intimating that the President could implement his amnesty plans through an executive order. But based on this article in The Atlantic, it’s apparent that the Democrats prefer to make illegal immigration an issue in the upcoming presidential elections, which will most likely determine the course the Obama administration takes going forward.

Additional details of yesterday’s court ruling are available from Fox News and CNN, but I think it’s important to draw attention to issues not being mentioned in most of today’s media coverage. While President Obama unquestionably has “prosecutorial discretion when it comes to the implementation of laws passed by Congress, Bestowing and implementing rights not established by constitutionally passed law goes far beyond the “prosecutorial discretion” the Obama Justice Department claims as justification for the President’s executive action. In addition to openly defying well settled law regarding deportation of illegal immigrants, DACA also authorized the issuance of work permits for millions of them, and their newfound “semi-legal status” would most likely make them eligible for other benefits only Americans citizens are entitled to. So as Breitbart News reported last November, the President’s plan for amnesty could ultimately cost American taxpayers as much as two trillion dollars according to Robert Rector, an expert from The Heritage Foundation. Therefore, despite the Obama administration’s claim that they have to “prioritize” which illegal immigrants to deport because of inadequate funding by Congress, in addition to the President’s failure to deport millions of them as required by law, the cost of giving illegal immigrants “legally protected status” and other benefits they’re not otherwise eligible for would cost American taxpayers far more than it could possibly save!

Unfortunately, even the highest courts of our land are being diminished by politics as almost every ruling these days is split along party lines, and yesterday’s ruling was no exception since the two judges appointed by Republican presidents upheld the lower court’s ruling and the one appointed by a Democrat was the dissenting judge. So one of the most ironic and cynical aspects of the President’s unlawful use of executive power to grant amnesty, work permits and eligibility for benefits normally reserved for legal citizens to almost five million illegal immigrants are the President’s own words. In fact, in approximately twenty-five different statements, the President himself made the best legal case AGAINST what he attempted to do through DACA. This is one of the most detailed, and a few others are here, here and here. And in this speech on the House floor, Speaker John Boehner quotes most of the statements made by the President explaining why he couldn’t do exactly what he ended up doing. Call me cynical, but it’s undeniable that President Obama knew full well that what he did was unlawful and unconstitutional, and thus very unlikely to withstand the legal challenges he knew would inevitably follow. So it’s more reasonable than not to believe that his administration’s ruling granting unlawfully protected status and the resulting rights to millions of illegal immigrants was simply a political ploy to appease the Hispanic base of the Democrat party (who were becoming quite disgruntled with President Obama as his upcoming re-election approached), as well as creating a very divisive political issue in future elections (most particularly his own re-election of 2012), as indicated in the above article from The Atlantic.

Perhaps the day will soon come when those considered the “base” of the Democrat party will realize how their emotions and circumstances are being manipulated in the very high stakes game of politics and that the leaders they’ve placed their trust in for decades have actually done very little to improve their lot in life. Since those who view themselves as “victims” rarely rise above their perceived identity to become victors, “victimhood” is the most consistent and effective message proclaimed by those who seek to put asunder traditional American and Christian values in our country. But we are not victims…we are victors in Jesus Christ and America was founded to protect and guarantee that most fundamental right for all!

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