Incidents Like Mizzou’s Socially Sanctioned Extortion Insidiously Tear at the Fabric of our Nation

America is headed for real trouble if universities, schools, businesses and governing bodies continue to cave and give in to what appears to be the socially sanctioned extortion that culminated in today’s resignation of the University of Missouri system’s president, Tim Wolfe, along with Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin. News reports from USA Today and The New York Times, as well as numerous cable news reports, make it clear that the incidents of “alleged” racism were not necessarily the only motivation behind the protests and boycott at Mizzou.

However, assuming that all of the incidents mentioned did take place and were racially motivated, exactly what was the president of the university supposed to do about it? We do live in America and people ARE racist and prejudiced (including many blacks, gays and liberals against whites, Jews, Hispanics, Christians and conservatives) and there’s not a single word in the U.S. Constitution that protects our sensibilities from offensive language and actions. But it’s important to remember that not a single person was physically harmed or attacked; in fact, no one was even threatened with harm and the perpetrators of the alleged racial slurs and actions weren’t even identified. Not only that, I haven’t heard of any “evidence” being produced to substantiate the alleged claims of racism that caused Mizzou’s minority students to feel unsafe on campus. Yet the careers of two honorable men who had done absolutely nothing wrong were destroyed in what can only be described as an act of extortion and political correctness in the extreme…what might even be called “domestic terrorism” if not for the liberal double standard and media bias that exists in America today. And even if the university consents to all of the “demands” still being made by the Mizzou students, similar incidents can and will continue to take place because they won’t do anything to eradicate the anger and hatred rooted deep within the hearts of all racists.

Unfortunately, as statements made by students after the president and chancellor resigned clearly indicate, this is just the beginning and won’t likely resolve racial tensions at Mizzou or anywhere else. It’s actually more likely to make things even worse because their demands were met just to avoid the loss of millions of dollars, which sets a very dangerous and destructive precedent for Mizzou and all other universities and schools. Since the Mizzou football players and those threatening other disruptive tactics were willing to shut down and do irreparable harm to the university and literally used extortion to force the Board of Curators into an untenable position, Tim Wolfe’s resignation for the sake of the university he loves proved him to be the better man.

So for the sake of our country and ALL concerned, I hope people will pay attention to the wisdom expressed in the following excerpt from The Washington Post:
Some saw Wolfe’s and Loftin’s resignations as a sign that even powerful leaders could be toppled if an important issue such as equality were at stake. Others saw it as further proof that political correctness on university campuses has a stranglehold on common sense, making administrators who had recently been praised for their stewardship of a complex institution suddenly vulnerable to student complaints.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder said that racism has no place at a public university, but he also cautioned against allowing “a dissident few to drive the actions that decide the future of our state university.”

“While I respect the right to peaceful protest … I cannot ignore the necessity of law and order at our universities. Student concerns must be listened to and heard out,” Kinder said in a statement. “However, our universities cannot be run by individuals making demands or using extreme actions. The Board of Curators is in place to make informed decisions and govern, and they must be free to do so. Otherwise chaos ensues.”

We need to wake up because America is slowly being transformed from a nation where majority rule was a founding principle to one where a militant minority rules…and that’s just NOT America!

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