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President Obama Promotes American Dream Abroad While Destroying it for Young Americans

While listening to President Obama speaking at a Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YLAI) town hall last week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I was struck by how sincerely interested and energetic he was in inspiring and encouraging non-American youth to succeed and achieve their dreams in contrast to the youth of America. I couldn’t remember a similar event here in the United States, other than perhaps during his campaigns, which I thought MUST surely not be the case. So I started looking for similar events with American youth and was actually surprised to see how many times he’s participated in them all over the world and couldn’t find anything similar with the youth of America. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t done them; they’re just not on Youtube like the ones I’ve found. So if someone knows of one, perhaps you’ll share the link.

Here’s a town hall at the University of West Indies during President Obama’s visit to Jamaica on April 9, 2015. And here’s President Obama at a town hall with Chinese youth in Shanghai, China on November 16, 2009. And here is President Obama’s town hall with Young African Leaders (YALI) at the University of Johannesburg in June 2013, where he very enthusiastically said, It is wonderful to be here with all these extraordinary young people…when I travel around the world, this is one of my favorite things to do, meeting and talking with young men and women like you…this format can be a little humbling…but it energizes me because it gives me a chance to hear from you directly, what you’re thinking, what you care about, what your vision is. And here’s President Obama’s town hall at a Young African Leaders (YALI) Summit in Washington in July 2014. So I finally found a town hall like the others with youth here in America, where President Obama was just as full of praise, enthusiasm and encouragement; but once again, the youth aren’t Americans. They’re African youth who are part of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), a program President Obama established in 2010, which he announced was renamed The Mandela Washington Fellowship. While it’s inspirational to seed how this will benefit the youth of Africa, I couldn’t help feeling sadness that I’ve NEVER heard my President so excited about the youth of America. He even encouraged these young people to focus on being self-sufficient rather than depending on financial aid; when have we ever heard that message given to our own youth and why would President Obama give these young people such a different message than he gives American youth? Then President Obama hosts town hall with young Southeast Asian leaders (YSEALI) in RANGOON, Burma on November 14, 2014, where he actually said, There is no example of a country that is successful if its people are divided based on religion or ethnicity…yet that’s exactly what he fosters here in the USA! The Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) was started by President Obama in 2013 to strengthen leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia through programs and engagements, including U.S. educational and cultural exchanges, regional exchanges, and seed funding. And here’s President Obama’s town hall meeting with youth in Yangon in November 2014.

The closest thing I found to the above town halls was President Obama’s town hall with entrepreneurs at Cross Campus in Los Angeles on October 9, 2014; but these were mostly CEOs and business owners and not students. It was a very political event and not at all what anyone would call inspirational. I also found this Facebook users town hall at Facebook’s headquarters in Palo Alto, CA on April 20, 2011: which was really just another campaign event to justify his presidency and push his political agenda and it had a totally different dynamic.

After listening to the above videos (one after another), I was surprised by the heaviness in my heart as I realize for the first time just how readily and easily President Obama criticizes and belittles so much about America when speaking to youth on foreign soil, while at the same time lavishing praise on other countries and enthusiastically inspiring and encouraging their youth in a way I’ve never heard him do here. While I’ve long been disappointed in President Obama’s apparent lack of interest in inspiring and encouraging racial unity in our country, that now pales in comparison to the deep sadness I feel concerning his lack of interest in inspiring and encouraging our youth to set and accomplish high goals for themselves and for the betterment of our country. After discovering his leadership initiatives for Young African Leaders (YALI, now The Mandela Washington Fellowship, which President Obama established in 2010) and then his Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI), I decided to see if he had established a similar leadership program for young Americans, and here’s what I found… the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI), and realized that’s what the event in Jamaica last April was about. That’s when this initiative was established and the White House news release literally says, “The President’s Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative and Programs to Support Youth Development in Central America and the Caribbean.” When reading the information provided, it appears that young American leaders are just thrown in as an afterthought! Then I found President Obama’s 2014 plan to help young American Indians, as well as his initiative for young African-American men, along with President Obama’s My Brothers Keeper initiative, another program for “young men of color”. And here’s President Obama at a My Brothers Keeper town hall event, so I FINALLY found a town hall event for youth of America; but it was only for “young men of color.”

Sadly, even though our President is fond of chastising Americans for making negative judgments against “people of color” as he puts it, it’s obvious that President Obama is the one who has an issue with skin color and often relies on that alone to determine how he feels about people, how he works for them as their President and how he interacts with them. The sad truth is that our President actually promotes racism and is guilty of the prejudice he’s so fond of projecting onto whites, conservatives, Republicans and Christians.

Yet I can’t help wondering what a difference President Obama could have made for the good of our nation if only he had spent as much time lifting up America to our youth as he does tearing it down. But he didn’t, so instead of attaining the great potential he had to bring unity, civility and the hope he promised, President Obama has spent the past seven years sowing seeds of racial unrest and division, class warfare and hostility, incivility toward political opponents on a scale never previously demonstrated by an American President, strife and conflict in just about every area of American life, and instead of instituting policies to enable the poorest and most disadvantaged among us to achieve the American dream, President Obama has instituted policies insuring their dependence on government.

I was already greatly concerned for the future of American youth because I know so many of them won’t ever attain the “American Dream” due to the decimation of education in our country by the interjection of political correctness on a level never seen before; such as theories of “restorative justice” instead of good old fashioned discipline and President Obama’s administration threatening to withhold federal funding if schools don’t comply with his radical social agenda, including his “gender neutral” policies. Then on top of that, the best interest of our youth have taken a back seat to the interest of deep-pocketed political donors; namely teacher unions and radical socialist, Marxist and avowed communist professors and teachers now firmly entrenched in America’s halls of education.

So I was left wondering why our President so enthusiastically inspires and encourages the youth of other countries and not our own. And while we might never know the answer to that question, one thing is for sure, our President is now much more likely to be well received by youth in foreign countries than his own based on what I came across when searching for town halls he’s held with American youth and found this report: Youth Misery Index Supersizes Under Obama Administration. Apparently, the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) calculates the YMI chart each year by adding youth unemployment, student loan debt and national debt per capita, and the resulting Youth Misery Index has grown more under President Obama than any other president, and has increased 53.7 percent during his presidency. That means my concerns for our youth not being able to attain the American Dream are well justified and on a much larger scale than I ever imagined! So for the sake of our youth, I hope and pray that American voters will wake up to reality and that God will indeed heal our land before it’s too late.

Counting the Cost When Politics Trump Integrity

Ever since writing Terrorism…Reaping the Consequences of Vapid Lives and Culture last week, I’ve been thinking about when our country started so obviously allowing political pursuits to trump integrity. I think most people who have been around long enough to have observed the change are likely to come up with the same answer; it was when Democrats refused to hold President Bill Clinton accountable for his reprehensible behavior and abuse of Monica Lewinsky, a young and impressionable White House intern. But Bill Clinton wasn’t impeached for his sexual escapades despite how many times Democrats and media supporters tried to convince everyone otherwise; he was impeached and tried for perjury and obstruction of justice in a sexual harrassment case.

Some might even say it began with an earlier well publicized political scandal and cover-up involving Senator Ted Kennedy’s part in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne in 1969. Late after a party that night, Senator Kennedy was supposed to be taking Miss Kopechne back to her hotel, but went the opposite direction and after his car ended up in the water, he escaped and left the scene without reporting the incident to police, which many believe would have saved her life because she didn’t die right away. And the above referenced Wikipedia entry makes it abundantly clear that there were many unanswered questions and that things weren’t handled as they should have been and would have been for anyone else. While Senator Kennedy didn’t run for President as he definitely would have done if not for the Mary Jo Kopechne scandal, the resulting legal whitewash was a disgrace, as was the way he continued to be re-elected and held in high regard as “The Lion of the Senate.”

Ted Kennedy clearly lied about his involvement in Mary Jo Kopechne’s death without any serious consequences or backlash, and yet just a few years later President Richard Nixon was forced to resign to avoid certain impeachmentfor covering up a third rate political break in at the Watergate Hotel, where no one died. So by the time we got to President Bill Clinton’s scandalous behavior with Monica Lewinsky, charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, a precedent had already been established for how differently Democrats and Republicans deal with scandals and misbehavior by those in their respective parties. And even though the this list of “political sex scandals” provided on Wikipedia isn’t necessarily complete or fully accurate, it clearly indicates that for the most part, Democrats are more accepting and tolerant of the misdeeds of their political leaders than Republicans. There’s absolutely no doubt that if Senator Ted Kennedy and President Bill Clinton had been Republicans, they would have been forced to resign, and not only by their party because the Democrats and news media would have DEMANDED it. Yet, as Democrats, they continued to garner the love, admiration and unyielding support of their party and Democrat constituents.

When looking back to the days of President Nixon and the “scandals” of his administration, It’s really amazing to see how the Fast and Furious gun running (including AG Holder’s perjury and the Obama administration cover-up), IRS/Lois Lerner targeting conservative and Tea Party groups (particularly multiple Federal agency attempts to intimidate Catherine Engelbrecht’s family), lying and covering up the terrorist attack in Benghazi (which the Media knew and reported immediately) and the disgraceful treatment of veterans in the VA, among so many other scandals and PROVEN cover-ups in President Obama’s administration; which have been swept aside in large part due to sympathetic media outlets regardless of the obvious destruction of evidence and total defiance of subpoenas and court orders. In fact, even with two of his own appointees sitting on the bench, there have been over a dozen unanimous Supreme Court rulings against President Obama’s administration in his second term. And here’s even more information about lost Supreme Court cases for the Obama administration and here. And President Obama apparently has no more respect for Supreme Court rulings than he’s demonstrated for the rule of law in general because his administration continues to blatantly disregard and defy multiple Supreme Court rulings regarding religious rights and contraception provisions in Obama Care. So in comparison to the total incompetence, lawlessness and clearly intentional and documented cover-ups of President Obama’s administration, leading to the deaths of countless Americans and others around the world, President Richard Nixon’s cover-up and abuse of power makes him look more like a choir boy!

Yet, the vast majority of Democrats still support and even adore President Obama and are fully prepared to enthusiastically elect Hillary Clinton to replace him as President in 2016. So what does that say about America? Unfortunately, it says that our country is headed for devastation beyond what we can imagine because God will not turn a blind eye to this country’s wickedness and lawlessness; He is no respector of persons or nations and history tells us exactly what has happened to nations who have chosen the same path we’re on today. Sadly, when we turn a blind eye to history, we are indeed destined to repeat it. And no nation divided against itself and so hell bent on defying the laws of nature and God have survived, and the United States of America will be no exception. So the cost of allowing politics to trump integrity will no doubt be much more than this nation wants to pay. And if we don’t start standing up for our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the “rule of law” and the Christian values on which this country was founded by demanding a much higher standard of our elected officials than what we’ve done recently, we will have no one but ourselves to blame for the consequences and loss of everything we hold dear. So I hope and pray that Christians will ultimately remember that our fate and future are in the hand of God and not in deceitful political leaders stirring up disunity and division in our land and take to heart God’s Word as follows:

Colossians 2:8 – Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy and empty deceit, according to the tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.

Romans 3:11-17 – 11 There is none who understands; There is none who seeks after God. 12 They have all turned aside; They have together become unprofitable; There is none who does good, no, not one.” 13 “Their throat is an open tomb; With their tongues they have practiced deceit”; “The poison of asps is under their lips”; 14 “Whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness.” 15 “Their feet are swift to shed blood; 16 Destruction and misery are in their ways; 17 And the way of peace they have not known.”

1 Peter 3:10-12 – 10 For “He who would love life And see good days, Let him refrain his tongue from evil, And his lips from speaking deceit. 11 Let him turn away from evil and do good; Let him seek peace and pursue it. 12 For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, And His ears are open to their prayers; But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”

Ephesians 5:6-7 – 6 Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience. 7 Therefore do not be partakers with them.

Matthew 12:25- But Jesus knew their thoughts, and said to them: “Every kingdom
Divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.

President Obama’s Double Standard Regarding Muslims and Black Lives Matter

Something else that struck me in President Obama’s G20 speech on Monday was the stark difference between the way he chastised and later mocked Republicans regarding Syrian refugees and his recent defense of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. President Obama said, The overwhelming majority of victims of terrorism over the last several years, and certainly the overwhelming majority of victims of ISIL, are themselves Muslims. ISIL does not represent Islam. It is not representative in any way of the attitudes of the overwhelming majority of Muslims. And then he continued, And so to the degree that anyone would equate the terrible actions that took place in Paris with the views of Islam, those kinds of stereotypes are counterproductive. They’re wrong. They will lead, I think, to greater recruitment into terrorist organizations over time if this becomes somehow defined as a Muslim problem as opposed to a terrorist problem. Now, what is also true is, is that the most vicious terrorist organizations at the moment are ones that claim to be speaking on behalf of true Muslims. And I do think that Muslims around the world — religious leaders, political leaders, ordinary people — have to ask very serious questions about how did these extremist ideologies take root, even if it’s only affecting a very small fraction of the population. It is real and it is dangerous. And it has built up over time, and with social media it has now accelerated. And so I think, on the one hand, non-Muslims cannot stereotype, but I also think the Muslim community has to think about how we make sure that children are not being infected with this twisted notion that somehow they can kill innocent people and that that is justified by religion. And to some degree, that is something that has to come from within the Muslim community itself. And I think there have been times where there has not been enough pushback against extremism. There’s been pushback — there are some who say, well, we don’t believe in violence, but are not as willing to challenge some of the extremist thoughts or rationales for why Muslims feel oppressed. And I think those ideas have to be challenged.

The stark difference in President Obama’s position on Islamic terrorists and the Black Lives Matter movement is easily seen for what it is with just a few simple comparisons. For instance, the President says that Muslims are the most harmed by ISIS and other radical Islamic groups, and even though the Black Lives Matter movement is concerned about the loss of black lives , we never hear them OR President Obama talk about that blacks themselves are committing the overwhelming majority of crimes and murders involving blacks; which naturally increases the likelihood of young blacks having dangerous encounters with police officers. So even though blacks are committing the most crimes and murders in the black community and the murder rates have been on the rise recently, we haven’t ever heard President Obama or any other liberal pointing that out to the Black Lives Matter movement. And I’ve never heard President Obama point out that even if the incidents of police brutality ARE based on racism, they do not represent America…and are not representative in any way of the attitudes of the overwhelming majority of white Americans.

I can’t help wondering what a difference it would make in our country and culture if we ever heard President Obama say, And so to the degree that anyone would equate the terrible actions that took place in Ferguson, New York, Ohio, Baltimore…with the views of white Americans, those kinds of stereotypes are counterproductive. They’re wrong. They will lead, I think, to greater recruitment into racist organizations over time if this becomes somehow defined as a white privilege/racism problem as opposed to a law enforcement problem. Now, what is also true is, is that the most extreme black organizations at the moment are ones that claim to be speaking on behalf of the majority of blacks. And I do think that blacks around the world — religious leaders, political leaders, ordinary people — have to ask very serious questions about how did these extremist ideologies take root, even if it’s only affecting a very small fraction of the population. It is real and it is dangerous. And it has built up over time, and with social media it has now accelerated. And so I think, on the one hand, non-blacks cannot stereotype, but I also think the black community has to think about how we make sure that children are not being infected with this twisted notion that somehow they can kill innocent people/police officers and that that is justified by America’s history of slavery. And to some degree, that is something that has to come from within the black community itself. And I think there have been times where there has not been enough pushback against extremism. There’s been pushback — there are some who say, well, we don’t believe in violence, but are not as willing to challenge some of the extremist thoughts or rationales for why blacks feel oppressed. And I think those ideas have to be challenged.

Unfortunately, while President Obama passionately rails against any attempts to blame or associate Muslims and Islam with ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups, He obviously doesn’t have the same view when it comes to black activists blaming whites for slavery and painting Americans with the broad brush of racism based on history and the acts of a few, as he made abundantly clear in his recent defense of the Black Lives Matter movement. After proclaiming that they have a “legitimate” issue and that we as a society, particularly given our history, have to take this seriously, President Obama went on to say, the African community’s not just making this up…it’s not just being politicized…it’s real and there’s history behind it and we have to take it seriously. He also added that …it’s incumbent then on the activist to also take seriously the tough job the police have.

Yet President Obama has repeatedly fueled the belief that police and the American justice system are racist and passionately declared that HE is going to do something about it. And when speaking about the Trayvon Martin case, President Obama even offered justification for blacks believing whites are generally racist. And despite often stating that he doesn’t comment on pending cases, just after six months in office, President Obama set a racially divisive tone for his administration and hostility toward police when he said the Cambridge police acted “stupidly” when they arrested Harvard Professor Henry Gates for disorderly conduct; also admitting that he didn’t know the details of what had happened. Yet, in an interview on CNN, Professor Gates’ own account of events that night clearly displayed his racial hostility toward police; probably why he was arrested.

So according to President Obama, while blacks have reason to mistrust police, whites, conservatives and whomever else he wants to demonize at any given time, Americans LEGITIMATELY concerned about our safety in light of recent terrorist events have no basis for our concern. Of course, it’s totally unreasonable to make such a comparison and accusations against whites as racist based on history since it was white northerners who fought and literally gave their lives to end slavery over one hundred and fifty years ago, and then it was white Republicans who fought to pass The Civil Rights Act of 1964.

While President Obama fully agrees that blacks are justified in being fearful, suspicious, on guard and are in fact heroic activists fighting for their right to feel safe and live in a world without perceived racial insensitivity (largely based on distant historical events), he thinks it’s wrong for Americans to be activists against his plan to bring more Islamic refugees to America because we feel that our lives are literally in danger as we watch in horror as people are beheaded, burned alive and executed by radical Islamist all around the world. And even though President Obama declared that the African community’s not just making this up…it’s not just being politicized…it’s real and there’s history behind it and we have to take it seriously, it’s inconceivable to him that the very same applies to all of us who are concerned and alarmed by what we’ve most recently witnessed in Paris, as well as today in Mali. And that is indeed an unexplainable double standard!

But President Obama’s double standards and attempts to justify extremism don’t stop with the Black Lives Matter movement, as we all witnessed in disbelief when he stirred up quite a controversy at the last National Prayer Breakfast, where he equated ancient religious wars to the atrosities of today’s radical Islamic terrorists. Judge Jeanine obviously got it right when she said President Obama is “comfortable with extremism”.

Whatever else might be said of President Obama, his own words reveal that his loyalty to his Islamic heritage and his racial identity and experience are so deeply engrained in him that they keep him from seeing many of the most significant issues now facing our country through the clear eyes of reality. Barack Obama was elected by the majority of Americans because they believed he’d foster unity, restore civility and ease racial tensions. However, they didn’t realize that unity, civility and racial harmony weren’t included in his planned agenda for “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” And since he’s demonstrated time and time again that he won’t be moved from his deeply held ideology for any cause, America is left to cope with the consequences. And our nation is now more racially divided than we’ve been in over four decades…our country is no longer respected or looked to for leadership in the world…our culture has descended into a self-destructive abyss of promiscuity, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, violence, intolerance and incivility…it’s no longer safe for the police we count on to protect us to be out on the streets or to respond when we’re in need because a racist domestic terrorist group (who has our President’s full support and endorsement) openly calls for their murder (and some have been murdered)…our economy is on the brink of collapse under the staggering weight of debt that’s been racked up so far in President Obama’s presidency…and we now live under the very real threat of Islamic terrorism, which our President isn’t capable of protecting us from because he’s too blinded by his own ideology.

Thankfully, As God assures us in Proverbs 21:1, The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes. So let’s join together in praying for our President to be blessed with godly wisdom as he leads our country and that his heart will be filled with genuine love and peace. President Obama is obviously very conflicted within himself, but God can lead him where He wants him to go despite his most deeply held convictions and as Christians, we can’t ever lose sight of that as we steadfastly pray for God to bless and protect America and to heal our land.

Refugee Resettlement Oversight and Security Act Passed in the House!

The Refugee Resettlement Oversight and Security Act passed in the House of Representatives today with a veto proof majority of both Republicans and Democrats! What a great day in America! You can see the story on CNN here.

President Obama has already threatened to veto the bill, but Senator Harry Reed said the Democrats will keep it from ever getting to his desk–so much for the Democrats representing their American constituents! Hearing Speaker Ryan talking about this earlier today, I’m encouraged that the Republicans are going to start standing up for traditional American values and what we elected them to do, but it remains to be seen if the Senate will play hardball. If this issue isn’t enough to make shutting down the government for, I don’t know what is. But let’s all contact our elected representatives to let them know where we stand and where we expect them to stand. You can get your Representative’s contact information at this link and your Senators’ contact information here.

If we let our representatives hear from us, including calling or writing to the White House, I think we can make a difference and restore sanity to the Syrian Refugee situation. But they’ll have to hear from a lot of us, so please let your family, friends and co-workers know about this and urge them to contact their Representatives, Senators and President Obama as well!

Here’s my most recent article on this subject and here’s the first article I wrote about this.

So let’s unite and take a stand for our country and the values we hold dear as we keep praying and trusting God to change hearts and heal our land! As Proverbs 16:9 reminds us, A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. AMEN!

President Obama’s “Refugee” Plan Makes America a More Islamic Nation

If President Obama is allowed to carry out his “Syrian refugee” plan, America will inevitably become a More “Islamic” nation, which is not surprising in light of the Islamic influence of many of the President’s advisors. This in depth and well sourced article provides great detail about security and leadership roles Muslims currently have in President Obama’s administration, and I strongly encourage everyone to read this article revealing President Obama’s policy of supporting, backing and even arming the Muslim Brotherhood; including a presidential directive he signed in 2011. And this article highlights even more about Islamist influence in President Obama’s administration, and while the media has done little to uncover the religious and political leanings of Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s closest and most trusted advisor, it’s by no means inconsequential that she was born in Iran, speaks Farsi (the language spoken in Iran), has close family ties to avowed communists and has promoted pro-Islamic policies. At least understanding Valerie Jarrett’s influence makes it easier to understand President Obama’s often confounding foreign policy decisions.

While the “background” information provided above is very important, it’s even more profound when we understand what being a “more Islamic nation” means to all of us as Americans. First, Islamic or Muslim nations function under “Shariah” or Islamic law”, where there’s no separation of church and state. And plans to accomplish that in the United States of America, such as the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategic plan found in a FBI raid in 2004, are already well underway as this article describes in more detail. A great deal of information is provided at the previous two links, so I STRONGLY encourage everyone to MAKE the time to read and understand the information they provide and their significance in light of what’s currently going on in our country and the world regarding Syrian refugees.

One of the most recent examples of that was when President Obama’s administration actively plotted to get rid of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak in 2011 and then worked to get Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood elected in 2012. And even though the Muslim Brotherhood promised not to run a candidate in the election to replace him when Hosni Mubarak’s overthrow was in the works, they did. Then Mohammed Morsi assured his oponents that he wanted to build a “democratic, civil and modern state” and would guarantee the freedom of religion and right to peaceful protest, but that didn’t happen either. So he was overthrown in just a matter of months after granting himself additional powers, trying to rewrite the constitution and attempting to institute Shariah law, which you can read more about here.

Needless to say, it’s clear that President Obama’s plan to bring TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND “Syrian refugees” into America just has to be stopped. One of the most disturbing things about all of this to me personally is that the President’s most ardent supporters are those who would suffer the most under Shariah law; under which gays are executed and women are treated like third class citizens with absolutely NO rights. Also, Christians who refuse to convert to Islam will be beheaded, including the black Christians President Obama deliberately deceived regarding his support for same sex marriage just to get their votes. That’s such a terrible betrayal of trust, and why we have to start looking at what President Obama does and stop being swayed by what he says and his ridiculous accusations against ANYONE who disagrees with him; our very form of government and even our lives might well hinge on whether or not we do that. We already know that a lot of what the President told us and even promised over the past eight years was not true, so can we afford to rely on his assurances regarding “Syrian refugees” and risk bringing thousands of potential ISIS fighters into our country? It only took ten ISIS fighters to reap the destruction we just saw in Paris last week, and even though President Obama keeps referring to the refugees as “widows and orphans,” most reports say as many as 72% or more are military aged men, and an awful lot of them aren’t even from Syria.

Even though I’m often reminded of God’s declaration in Hosea 4:6 that His people are destroyed for lack of knowledge at times like this, I truly hope and pray that won’t happen to America!

Americans Unite Against Influx of “Syrian Refugees”

For months, ISIS and other terrorist groups have been using the situation in Syria to get into Europe and the United States by using fake passports; including at least one in the recent terrorist attack in Paris. ISIS has even bragged about the success of their “Trojan Horse” plan. In fact, eight suspected ISIS fighters were just detained in Istanbul yesterday, who were on their way to Europe, posing as Syrian refugees.

Yet, despite a myriad of legitimate reasons to be concerned about the likelihood of ISIS fighters posing as refugees coming to America, President Obama defies all common sense and repeatedly hurls accusations and insults at Republicans who want to put a hold on his plan to bring up to TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND Syrian refugees to our country over the next two years.

Then in Manilla last night, President Obama again mocked Republicans, saying they’re “scared of widows and orphans…worried about three year old orphans, and went on to accuse them of giving ISIS recruiting tools as he always does. Well, as God would have it, it appears that when President Obama made the above slur against Republicans, he wasn’t aware that Senators Chuck Schumer and Joe Manchin agree with Republicans. And he probably didn’t know that New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan had joined thirty Republican governors calling for a ban on additional Syrian refugees coming to the United States as well. But President Obama’s “smack down” didn’t stop there because even though he should be (and probably is) very much aware that there are ISIS terrorist training camps for children as young as four years old (as reported in this article), he sure didn’t know they’d get so much attention in the news on the heels of his shameful statement; including on PBS’ Frontline last night.

In any case, it’s clear to the vast majority of Americans by now that something has to be done to protect our country and that President Obama can’t be trusted to do that; so Representative Mike McCall introduced a bill last September to put a halt to President Obama’s plans to bring thousands of Syrian refugees to the United States without proper vetting and to require Congressional approval before implementing such a plan. Here’s more information about the Refugee Resettlement Oversight and Security Act and its status. According to various news reports, the bill will go on a “fast track” and should be voted on in the House of Representatives in coming days.

So this is the time for Americans to take a strong stand against President Obama’s unthinkable plan to bring potential ISIS fighters into America by letting our congressional representatives know what we think about the above bill and what the President’s doing; remember, most of them feel the same way we do and it’s important for them to know that we’re behind them 100%! You can find the contact information for your personal Representative at this link and the main phone number for the House of Representatives is 202-224-3121. You can also find your Senators’ information using this link.

One of my very favorite passages of Scripture is John 8:31-32 because it says, Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” That’s why it’s so important to me to do my part to help open the eyes of those who “want” to see…because at this time in our history, that’s the ONLY way we’ll STAY free! And now that some of the most influential Democrat leaders are starting to put aside political considerations for the sake of our country, I’m actually optimistic that the truth is winning and God is beginning to heal our land!

Racial Insanity Continues at Mizzou and Other Colleges

When it seemed things couldn’t get worse on the Mizzou campus, the real motivation for the militant minority students and those with which they’re affiliated have been exposed, and it’s hard to believe that two good men lost their jobs for this nonsense. However, it confirms what I wrote in this article, where I wrote: Time and time again, we’ve seen videos of college presidents trying to engage in dialogue with activists on their campuses, as well as some presidential candidates, only to be rudely and disrespectfully shouted down. Sadly, the message that sends to most reasonable people is that getting media attention is much more important than seriously working together to address legitimate grievances. And once people realize that there’s no pleasing militant minorities, they will stop trying; which will do little to effect the change needed in the hearts of anyone who views others through the distortive lens of racism.

In addition to complaining because the terrorist attack in Paris took media focus away from them, a very popular professor resigned rather than cancel a test as demanded. For more background details, you can read this article about how the racial claims can’t be substantiated and how this insanity got started.

Even though the president and chancellor lost their jobs at Mizzou, just as predicted, that was only the beginning and now students are protesting at colleges all around the country as they storm school libraries and shout foul racial invectives and assault white students. This is a form of domestic terrorism and it’s going to get a lot worse if college officials don’t deal with it; the issue is NOT racial insensitivity, which complaints about the terrorist attacks in Paris taking media attention away from them prove. Make no mistake, the goal is to spread hate and racial animus that will eventually lead to another civil war, which is very likely to manifest before the next election. I’ve expected that for some time now, but it’s unreal to actually watch it happening and see that no one is doing anything about it. Since a loss of money seems to be what talks to the boards running our universities these days, it might take massive transfers away from these colleges to make them do something about the permissive and acquiescent approach they’ve taken to this nonsense thus far. And when the socialist, communist and anarchist professors behind all of this start losing THEIR jobs, they might see things from a very different perspective. Equality also means equal disciplinary actions and NO ONE believes that white, Tea Party, Christian or any conservative student group could do what these militant minorities have been doing without being suspended, expelled or arrested, and failure to do either only encourages and emboldens those who don’t have this country’s best interest at heart.

May God shield our hearts from hatred and racial division, bless us with His wisdom and heal our land!

President Obama Identifies Muslim

President Obama publicly “identified” himself as Muslim for the second time at his G20 press conference today in Turkey. While the mainstream media and other liberals attempted to “explain away” why Barack Obama said “my Muslim faith” in his 2008 interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC, hearing those words left me with no doubt that he’s Muslim because under absolutely no circumstances could the words “my…Catholic…Mormon…Lutheran…Muslim…faith” ever come out of my mouth because I’m NOT Catholic, Mormon, Lutheran or Muslim. Yet those words came out of Barack Obama’s mouth so easily and naturally (out of the heart the mouth speaks…Luke 6:45) that he didn’t even realize what he said until George corrected him. But Heal Our Land visitors can read Snopes’ attempt to “explain that away” and decide for themselves if it holds water.

Then when I heard President Obama this morning, I literally couldn’t believe my ears and was sure I must have misheard what he said because I knew that IF I had heard it right, there would be NO plausible explanation for what he said this time other than that he “identifies” Muslim! After chastising anyone who stereotypes Muslims and blames them for terrorism, he said he thinks “Muslims around the world…religious leaders, political leaders, ordinary people, have to ask very serious questions about how did these extremist ideologies take root. Even if it’s only affecting a very small fraction of the population, it is real. And it is dangerous. And it has built up over time and with social media, it is now accelerating. And so…I think on the one hand, non-Muslims cannot stereotype , but I also think that the Muslim community has to think about how WE (and he STRONGLY emphasized “we”) make sure that children are not being infected with this twisted notion that somehow they can kill innocent people…uh…and that it is justified by religion.” He continued talking about things he thinks the Muslim community needs to do and then talked about the refugees coming from Syria, and I couldn’t believe my ears when he said, “The people who are fleeing Syria are the most harmed by terrorism…they’re the most vulnerable as a consequence of civil war and strife. They are parents, they are children, they are orphans…and it is VERY important…that we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence…and somehow start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism.” Then the President passionately defended his decision to bring Syrian refugees to the U.S. in large numbers and chided anyone who disagrees with doing that.

There’s no doubt that very few people agree with President Obama’s view that the Syrian refugees are the “most harmed” by ISIS, and his lack of sensitivity in making such a ridiculous statement so soon after the massacre in Paris and the downing of a Russian plane killing hundreds is breathtaking. I strongly encourage Heal Our Land readers to listen to President Obama’s G20 News Conference because there’s a LOT more to be concerned about than just once again publicly identifying himself as Muslim. While he didn’t include himself as a “non-Muslim,” he very clearly referred to himself as part of the “Muslim community” and didn’t make much sense as he kept repeatedly trying to defend his lack of action in fighting ISIS and said he knows that what he’s doing is the only thing that will work, so he’s going to just do more of what he’s been doing.

Another thing that really struck a nerve with me was when President Obama said, “…the terrible events in Paris were obviously a terrible and sickening setback…”, only to go on touting everything he’s done to fight ISIS, which all of the reporters made clear no one thinks is working. So I thought about why that seemed such a strange way to describe what happened in Paris and wondered why anyone would consider it a “setback” or that it would somehow “hinder” or “derail” the fight against Isis, and the only reasonable conclusion is even more disturbing. Since France and other countries are actually becoming more involved and more aggressive in fighting and DESTROYING Isis after the terrorist attack Friday night, and everyone is already questioning the wisdom of allowing more Syrian refugees into their countries (which was what President Obama was the most passionate about in today’s press conference) as a result of the attack, especially since it’s believed that at least one Syrian “refugee” was involved, one has to ask why that’s a “setback” in the fight against ISIS. Well, it would only be considered a “setback” (hindrance) IF the goal is NOT to stop and destroy ISIS and if the goal IS to disperse potential Syrian ISIS fighters throughout Europe and America, which is something people need to give a lot of thought to as well.

One thing’s for certain, either President Barack Obama is a Muslim or he isn’t. And if he isn’t and we mistakenly believe he is, there’s no real harm since many people have believed that for some time now anyway. BUT what if he is a Muslim and has not told us and the world the truth about that? He lied to us about his personal views concerning marriage and same sex marriage when he was running for President in 2008 because he was advised that he couldn’t win otherwise…he lied about his healthcare plan so he could get it passed…he lied about Al Qaeda, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Benghazi being about a video so he could get re-elected and he keeps lying about “containing” and “degrading” ISIS; which just about everyone but President Obama acknowledges is not true, including most military experts. So why is it unreasonable to believe that he’d lie to us about being a Christian (especially since we seem to be one of his favorite punching bags) and hiding that he’s in fact a Muslim? The most important thing to consider is WHY he’d do that, which is why it’s time for Americans and the rest of the world to start judging Barack Obama (the tree) according to the fruit he bears rather than the fruit of his lips, which we already know can’t be taken at face value. President Obama likes to quote Jesus when it suits his purpose, and it would be particularly prudent for all of us to pay attention to Jesus’ wise counsel in Matthew 7:16-18, where He said: 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.

Despite everything President Obama says to the contrary, it’s maddeningly evident to everyone that he’s not seriously prosecuting a real fight against ISIS; rather he just keeps squandering America’s precious resources to maintain the facade as even more people are slaughtered all over the world. And now he’s in the process of using additional American resources to bring countless thousands of military aged Syrian men into our country, which he says are refugees. But what if they’re not? What if the real reason President Obama won’t establish a “no fly safe zone” in Syria is because he wants to see thousands of Syrian “refugees” dispersed throughout Europe and America? It’s time for people to start asking the hard questions and considering what needs to be done about it before it’s too late. We can’t just keep “assuming” that the President keeps doing things that make no sense to us because he’s against war under any circumstances, or just in denial and doesn’t really understand or know what he’s doing. President Obama is NOT a stupid man, so what if he knows exactly what he’s doing and it makes no sense to us because we can’t imagine a President working against the best interest of his own country and worse yet? Well, we had best start viewing what the President is actually DOING through the prism of possibly having less than honorable intentions or we just might well live to regret it.

I pray that we won’t be so blinded by ideology and political correctness that we won’t even ask these questions; yet in the end, America’s fate is in the hand of God and I still believe He can and will heal our land if we heed the wise counsel found in His Word.

Terrorism…Reaping the Consequences of Vapid Lives and Culture

In the days after another inconceivable act of terrorism in France, the world is left trying to cope with the devastation and heartbreak that naturally follows the senseless loss of so many lives, and once again asks “Why?” Sadly, until we face the truth about what really fuels the rise of terrorism around the world, what happened in Paris Friday night will just be repeated over and over again and terrorist groups like ISIS will continue to be strengthened and our country will continue to be plagued with mass murder by young men who have absolutely no sense of belonging or purpose. Even if this isn’t the seminal event bringing us to that realization, we’ll eventually be forced to face it; so I hope and pray this is the time when we stop lying to ourselves and to each other, as well as supporting and covering up for politicians we know are lying to us and don’t have our best interest at heart.

For instance, no one even believed President Obama when mere hours before ISIS executed their well planned slaughter of over a hundred and thirty unsuspecting people in Paris, his response to George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America when asked if ISIS was getting stronger was to deny it; saying “I don’t think they’re gaining strength. What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq, and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave, but you don’t see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain.” I can’t help wondering if the people of Iraq and Syria agree with President Obama regarding ISIS being “contained” in their countries…I seriously doubt it! And the French people surely don’t!

No, we’re not surprised when our President lies and misleads us anymore because he’s been far from honest with us on so many issues, from his personal view of marriage, his long time commitment to legalizing same sex marriage (what David Axelrod said he had to do to get elected), his healthcare law (which wouldn’t have passed otherwise), Al Qaeda and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in order to get re-elected to blaming an anti-Muslim video for an obvious terrorist attack in Benghazi and many other things. Unfortunately, our country and culture have come a long way the wrong way from the days when President Richard Nixon was forced out of office by BOTH parties for lying and covering up a third rate burglary…and no one died in the Watergate Hotel break in; yet four brave Americans lost their lives in Benghazi, and instead of holding President Obama and Secretary Clinton accountable for endless lies and cover-ups, they’ve been rewarded with re-election and the very likely nomination as the Democrat Party presidential candidate. What’s wrong with this country!

Further proof of how far we’ve fallen as a nation is that the vast majority of Democrats are willing to vote for Hillary Clinton as President, knowing full well that she’s lied to us time and time again and has been linked to one scandal after another; such as lying about Benghazi being caused by a video and even worse, lying to the Benghazi families as the bodies of their loved ones were brought home. Just as her husband’s infamous perjury illustrated, Secretary Clinton has perfected the art of “lying by inference.” She infers something without actually saying it by intentionally linking two unrelated sentences together or by intentionally adding or deleting a word here and there, which then gives her plausible and “legal” grounds on which to deny saying what she very strongly inferred and clearly intended to convey. She actually demonstrated that by trying to explain what she did without directly admitting it in this powerful and very informative excerpt from her recent testimony before the Benghazi Select Committee; which Democrats and the mainstream media actually proclaimed a great success! Then on top of that, Mrs. Clinton offers no credible explanation for intentionally violating her own State Department’s policies regarding properly securing email communications and other official records in accordance with Records Management by Federal Agencies (44 U.S.C. Chapter 31), obviously trying to avoid compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, which led to her being the subject of a FBI felony investigation…notwithstanding the Clinton campaign’s farcical denials.

It’s no wonder that some of our youth have no sense of value and no meaningful aspirations when the leadership in this country is so bereft of integrity and fail to provide wholesome inspiration. Instead, our President tells them that marijuana is no big deal and no worse than smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol and encourages its legalization, while fomenting further racial division as he often does. Then they see the President send his Attorney General to fight for legalization of same sex marriage and hear his high praise when the Supreme Court ruling goes his way despite saying something totally different when running for President in 2008, which was just a lie to get elected. They’ve seen their President strongly support and endorse the country’s largest purveyors of abortion, even asking God to bless them, as well as personally encouraging and praising an activist Georgetown student in her publicized fight for controversial taxpayer funded birth control for unmarried college students. They’ve also witnessed their President shred the Constitution and “rule of law” by granting virtual amnesty and work permits to millions of illegal immigrants, which he repeatedly acknowledged he couldn’t do lawfullywhy the courts stopped it with an injunction. When our leaders display such moral bankruptcy and lack of integrity and the country turns a blind eye to it for the sake of ideology and the promise of benefits that have encouraged massive government dependency rather than hard work and self-responsibility, we’re in trouble. And when our leaders aggressively promote social changes that have led to increased destructive drug use (ignoring the federal law they’re sworn to uphold) and increased casual promiscuity and significantly fewer marriages, it’s not surprising that naturally idealistic youth are confused and disappointed.

If our leaders place no value on anything that’s “good and decent” and display open hypocrisy and cynicism, when there seems to be no such thing as “right and wrong,” and the culture around us says anything goes and maligns and tries to destroy anyone who adheres to basic standards of decency and moral behavior and encourages others to do the same, we shouldn’t be all that surprised when our youth are so easily led astray by someone who actually “stands for something”…even when it’s radical groups like ISIS. They just don’t buy the big lie that you can do whatever you want to…you don’t have to work to support yourself–we’ll take care of you…it doesn’t matter if you can’t excel because we don’t expect you to and we’ll just lower the standards of education so you can do well since you wouldn’t otherwise–and give you a trophy just for trying…since getting high and intoxicated and being sexually promiscuous are so important to you, you need to elect Democrats because the Republicans will keep you from doing that…it really doesn’t matter if your leaders lie to you because they “love you” and are looking out for you and everyone else is just trying to take everything away from you because they “hate you”…there’s nothing wrong with playing violent video games all day and night or watching pornography that demeans women and reduces sex to nothing more than an animalistic act of self-gratification or listening to music that promotes violence, hatred of police, racial strife and a general lack of respect for authority and everything else…it doesn’t matter if you break the rules and violate the law because we believe in “restorative justice“…Republicans, whites, conservatives, Christians, “straights” and rich people are all bad, racist, bigots and unfair so they hate you and don’t want you to be happy or get ahead and you have to put a stop to that…on and on the lies go. But the liberals and political leaders promoting and spewing such lies don’t take into account that God said He has written HIS LAWS on the tablets of our hearts; in other words, no matter what we hear and see, we KNOW the difference between right and wrong because God has put that knowledge in each of our hearts. So when an extreme religious group comes along and tells them that the world, particularly the western world is wicked and an abomination to God and that God tells them to stamp it out, they buy it hook, line and sinker because they’re really just seeking significance rather than the emptiness of their meaningless and vapid lives in the permissive and uninspiring culture of today.

So the claim that youth around the world are joining ISIS in droves because they’re “disenfranchised,” and just need job opportunities, and that the root problem is bad “governance” (according to Marie Harf of our own State Department) is just another big lie. And Ms. Harf’s insistence that the problem is “poor governance” in the countries she mentioned is particularly bazaar since the youth of America are also joining up with ISIS.

Even though I believe our youth are sucked into joining ISIS in part because of bad governance for all the reasons mentioned above, the news reports about the people joining their rankks don’t indicate that they’re from poor or uneducated backgrounds; in fact, quite the contrary since they’ve often been well educated and from well off families. So it’s obvious that the real culprit is the state of our hearts and culture; youth who aren’t encouraged to achieve their utmost and who constantly have hatred, racism and division drummed into their heads are angry, frustrated and restless individuals, which makes them easy prey for groups like ISIS. And another real problem, at least here in America, is that our kids aren’t raised in healthy, intact family units and homes where they feel loved, nurtured and significant. Our youth need positive role models in their lives, yet in today’s culture, those who are accepted and touted as role models are involved in one scandal and disgrace after another, and send the message that drugs, alcohol and promiscuity are what life’s all about, and that a lack of respect and civility toward others is somehow “cool.” Our children long for goodness, a sense of accomplishment and inspiration and until we change the way we do politics, especially the way it exists in our schools and universities these days, there’s little hope for meaningful change. Well educated and informed individuals who have been taught to overcome whatever issues they face in life rather than feel victimized by them, and who have a strong sense of purpose and self worth won’t ever be led astray by groups like ISIS; but since that also means they can’t be deceived and manipulated by politicians who derive and maintain their power through their dependence on government and victim status, certain politicians really don’t want to help them succeed in achieving the American dream.

So in addition to praying and asking God to heal our hearts and land, we have to start electing politicians and leaders who can’t be bought off and who sincerely want to help those who need it through better education, effective job training, promoting self-reliance and unity rather than division. When I think back to all of our great presidents, they were inspirational and encouraged Americans to achieve their utmost and to serve others rather than themselves. They also believed that our country was good and worthy of admiration and encouraged a genuine spirit of patriotism, which is sorely lacking in our current president. So I hope and pray that we’ll once again soon have a president who truly believes in the goodness of America and that all Americans who want to and are willing to work for it can experience the American dream as God begins to heal our land.

Did Donald Trump Intentionally Sabotage His Own Campaign?

As stated in my previous article, I was very disappointed when I first heard excerpts on MSNBC this morning from Donald Trump’s campaign speech in Iowa last night, which was vile and reprehensible in the extreme. At that point, I just heard Trump’s disgusting and inexcusable comparison of Dr. Ben Carson to a “child molester”, as well as when he in essence called voters in Iowa and around the country who support Ben Carson “stupid” and openly mocked Christianity, in addition to saying that he could just go back to his life! I immediately felt that he had just “done in” his bid for President, especially since he didn’t even seem to realize or care that the audience grew unusually quiet as he continued his bazaar tirade against Dr. Carson and insulting Christianity and all potential American voters. But when I had the time later and listened to Donald Trump’s Fort Dodge speech and read this well written and informative article by Jenna Johnson, I realized that there was a whole lot more going on in that speech than I first thought.

Mr. Trump clearly wasn’t himself last night, which is really saying something since he’s “usually” quite unusual. And even though I have no earthly evidence to explain why, I had the distinct impression that Donald Trump is just tired of (or “over”) running for President (perhaps having Secret Service protection gave him a glimpse of what being President will be like that he hadn’t previously considered). Needless to say, a lot of people have predicted that from the beginning, but I never believed it before today. Of course, time will tell, but beyond that, I was just truly disappointed in Donald Trump because he acted just like any other politician last night, and demonstrated that while he might not “sell out” for money like most politicians, he’s quite willing and able to sling mud with the worst of them!

I was leery of Mr. Trump initially, but ultimately started trusting him because I believed he really could change things in Washington based on his impressive record of success. And despite not liking things he’d say from time to time, I’d still try to give him the benefit of doubt, but all of that went right out the window this morning when I heard the excerpt from last night’s speech about Dr. Carson.

Besides regarding Dr. Carson with the utmost respect and admiring him on many levels, I just couldn’t support someone who demonstrated the lack of human decency Mr. Trump did in that speech last night, and who’s obviously willing to say (and perhaps do) ANYTHING to get elected, regardless of how outrageous it is. In addition to defaming a very good, decent and honorable man, Mr. Trump derisively mocked and ridiculed the experience of many Christians throughout history (including my own and likely many in the audience) and proved once and for all that he doesn’t know a thing about having a “personal,” life changing relationship with Jesus Christ, which is the ONLY thing that makes any of us a “Christian.” And even though he might not understand that distinction and thus the impact of his ridiculously inaccurate statements, Donald Trump is a pretty smart man and it’s hard to believe he didn’t realize the potential blowback he’d get after calling voters “stupid” and “fools” for believing and supporting Ben Carson. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s definitely smart enough to know that he sent a pretty clear message that he’d just as soon get out of the race and get back to his normal life, which just feeds into the media’s narrative about him from the very beginning…the last thing he needs if he wants to win and someone like Dr. Carson is right on his heels.

So despite what appears to be Donald Trump’s desperate attempt to “slime” Dr. Ben Carson in his Fort Dodge speech last night, I can’t help wondering if he wanted to sabotage his own campaign so he can get back to his life, even if subconsciously. In any case, I doubt very seriously that I’m the only one who was very disappointed with that speech and his attack on the character of Ben Carson, who is by far a much more decent and honorable man than Donald Trump will ever be. And perhaps this was a wakeup call to remind many Christians that out of the content of the heart, the mouth speaks (Luke 6:45), and that if any man or woman has to tear someone else down to elevate themselves, there’s a problem with the content of their heart as well as the content of their character. Of course, as I’ve written in earlier articles, it appears that God’s favor is with Dr. Carson, in which case He knows exactly what it takes to accomplish His plan, and Donald Trump probably just gave Him a helping hand.

Mika Brzezinski Jumps on the “Let’s Get Rid of Ben Carson” Bandwagon

On yesterday’s “Morning Joe” program on MSNBC, Mika Brzezinski’s intent was obvious as she shamelessly ridiculed and attempted to discredit Dr. Carson on every level, and repeatedly said she just doesn’t get it. For instance, immediately after reading an article clearly referring to the Mannatech vitamin supplement Dr. Carson takes as “vitamin supplements,” she repeatedly and very deliberately referred to the supplements as a “drug” and then “medicine.” She even said he was “disconnected” somehow, inferring that he’s mentally unstable. In fact, she was nigh unto hysterical just about every time she brought the topic around to Dr. Carson yesterday, which she did throughout the entire show; especially when she “feigned” horror at the thought that the American people could support a man who actually went after his mother with a hammer…on and on she went. However, I don’t recall anyone in the Democrat Party or mainstream media saying anything along such lines after Ted Kennedy literally killed a pregnant woman rumored to be his mistress, and never heard them say that disqualified him for office or called his character into question.

Mika even brought up a new weapon in the “let’s get rid of Ben Carson” arsenal of character assassination that I hadn’t previously heard, and regurgitated the details of this NBC News story disparaging Dr. Carson for his best friend’s guilty plea in a healthcare fraud case. Hum, guilt by association…I sure don’t recall Mika expressing such concerns about President Obama’s lifelong associations with avowed communists, socialists and Marxist, as well as domestic terrorists, including those mentioned in his own book and Bill Ayers…or even Bill Clinton’s well known personal friendship and association with convicted pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, who actually pleaded the Fifth when asked if he knew Bill Clinton personally! But getting back to Dr. Carson’s friend’s fraud conviction, I urge everyone to watch the above NBC News report and decide for themselves, but without knowing any of the details, it sounds like one of those politically motivated prosecutions to me. The prosecutor even sounded like he was trying to justify the case as he haltingly said something like, “uh…I mean…uh…fraud is fraud.” Again, not knowing the details, I know from friends in the healthcare industry that doctors and medical practices are often charged with fraud for clerical and bookkeeping errors rather than intentional fraud. In any case, that doesn’t reflect on Dr. Carson’s character other than his loyalty to a very good friend.

Mika also launched into a tirade about how ignorant she perceives Dr. Carson to be when it comes to foreign policy, referring to his statement in the last debate that China was in Syria. Well, I was watching the debate and immediately went online to check that out when I heard Dr. Carson say that, and was quite surprised to find multiple articles like this one about China’s interest and expected involvement in Syria! Mika’s endless derisive commentary on Dr. Carson continued on this morning’s program, but it backfired on her big time when she mistakenly attempted to get General Michael Hayden (former director of the CIA and the National Security Agency) to agree with her opinion that dr. Carson isn’t qualified to be president based on his lack of foreign policy knowledge and experience, especially in light of his “china in Syria” comment. Well, much to my delight and her chagrin, General Hayden didn’t acquiesce and even told her that he didn’t agree with her and stated that Dr. Carson had called him two months earlier and they had a lengthy conversation. He indicated that he was in fact impressed, saying that Dr. Carson asked all of the right questions, listened attentively and asked the right follow on questions as well. Mika couldn’t hide her shock and dismay, and even later asked General Hayden if he didn’t want to change his opinion; which the general declined to do! She mentioned that several more times as the program continued this morning and acknowledged that she was having trouble processing what General Hayden said and would have to watch the video again. Later on the show, they even played the White House’s “rebuttal” of what Dr. Carson said about China being in Syria, but I’m not too sure how convinced the American people will be by that since the President’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice was the one to deliver the message—just like she said the attacks in Ben Ghazi didn’t have anything to do with terrorism because it was all about “the video.” Well, based on the Obama’s endless history of lying to the American people, I’ll personally take Dr. Carson’s word over anything they say any day of the week, and it’s hard to get a better commendation than from a former director of the CIA and the National Security Agency when it comes to foreign policy! I just love seeing how God repeatedly works to vindicate Dr. Carson in his bid for President every time the media attempts to destroy him!

Finally, I was personally very disappointed when Mika happily shared Donald Trump’s disgusting and reprehensible comparison of Dr. Ben Carson to a “child molester”, which I’ll get into in my next article. But I think this will seriously hurt him, especially since Trump called Iowan and American voters who support Ben Carson “stupid” and openly mocked Christianity, in addition to indicating that he’s really not all that dedicated to staying in the race for President.

So, Mika, I want to tell you what others see in Dr. Ben Carson that you’re incapable of seeing. First and foremost, Mika, we don’t believe he can be “bought off,” and that’s a REAL big deal to those of us who are sick and tired of politicians selling us and our country down the river while they line their own pockets and feather the nests of their political aspirations. While you don’t consider Dr. Carson a man of character and integrity, we do. That doesn’t mean we think he’s perfect–we know there’s only One Who fits that bill. We don’t expect him to get every single detail of events from decades ago correct because we know they don’t in any way challenge the veracity or significance of the events in question, which prove to “us” the kind of man he is and that he’s experienced the redemptive power of Jesus Christ in his heart, mind and life…just like we have. And we don’t care that he doesn’t know the most minute details concerning foreign policy because we know he’s a VERY intelligent man and will quickly learn everything he needs to through the national security briefings he’ll start getting once he’s nominated, as well as from the highly qualified and experienced foreign policy and national security advisors he’ll choose once elected. We also know Dr. Carson shares our traditional American values, as well as our concerns regarding how they’re being eroded in today’s politics, through the collapse of education on all levels and the decline of our culture. And we believe he will work tirelessly to make the “American Dream” available to ALL, especially for the disadvantaged people politicians now shamelessly use as ploys in their unending quest for power and personal enrichment–because he knows very personally that the lack of a quality education and dependency on government is today’s form of slavery. Finally, we just appreciate that the man has such an abundance of common sense, which we find sorely lacking in most politicians today!

Something else you can’t understand or relate to, Mika, is that the onslaught of derisive and derogatory attacks on Dr. Carson, particularly the attempts to assassinate his character by mocking and questioning his Christian values are perceived as attacks on those of us who “know” him despite never being personally acquainted with him…because he is “us.” And despite being aware of the existence of today’s thriving and very active social media, you guys in the mainstream media don’t seem to realize that you no longer have the same power and ability to influence voters you had in the past. So when you do things like you’ve done over the past few days, you just lose credibility with all of us; in fact, I wish I didn’t need to watch your program to stay “informed” because I’d rather not contribute positively to your ratings. However, I have watched you long enough to recognize when you feel the need to protect or defend something or someone who means a lot to you, and that’s what I’ve seen in your tone and attitude toward Dr. Carson in the past two days, which leads me to think you’re actually scared to death of him as a presidential candidate. Let’s face it, even though some liberals initially had the nerve to state that Dr. Carson was just the Republican “token black” quite some time ago, that lie has clearly been debunked, which must scare a lot of folks. We all know that many black conservative Christians voted for Barack Obama primarily because he was black (and lied to them about his support of the LBGT community and same sex marriage), and it’s not unreasonable to expect them to vote for Ben Carson this time, which naturally eliminates a considerable voting block for Democrats. It’s also impossible for Democrats to deny that despite their concerted efforts to paint Republicans as hating blacks, Hispanics and women, unlike your party, we have a black leading in our primary, along with two Hispanics and a woman! So that lie has been debunked as well. Not only that, our candidates are much younger than your party’s candidates and not aggressively pushing a socialist takeover of America, which I doubt very seriously the vast majority of Americans support. The bottom line is that you can’t understand or “get” the appeal of Ben Carson because you’re not in touch with the values of most everyday Americans. But we “get” him, and it appears that he has God’s favor, which is all that matters in the end. So you all just keep up the vicious character attacks on Ben Carson and see how that works for you.

Finally, I want to say that I learn a lot by watching Morning Joe, and that’s worth something, especially since I’m able to filter out the bias through which it’s presented. And encounters like you had with General Hayden this morning and your reaction to Mark Halperin’s unwillingness to agree with you yesterday despite your best efforts are actually quite entertaining and fun to watch! So thanks for all you do to help make my day!

Here We Go Again…Racial Extortion Spreads Like Wildfire

Witnessing the racial insanity now being manifested across colleges throughout this land is heartbreaking and something we’ll ALL live to regret if university officials continue to acquiesce to the outrageous, totally unreasonable and un-American demands of militant minorities. According to numerous news reports and this excellent article written by Katelyn Harrop, President Thomas Rochon of Ithaca College in New York is now the target of a rapidly spreading movement to overthrow university presidents, and even our entire system of government based on some reported statements. Make no mistake, it’s not just a coincidence that in addition to “demanding” the ouster of Ithaca’s president, as stated in the above referenced article, Ithaca’s newly formed “people of color” organization is also demanding ”radical, transformative change in governance structure at Ithaca College”…uncannily reminiscent of Barack Obama’s declaration a few days before being elected President in 2008.

As explained in great detail in this article by Jillian Flint of The Ithacan, the clamor for President Rochon’s removal began after racially insensitive comments were made by a participant on a panel at the “Blue Sky Reimagining Kick-Off.” According to Flint’s article, after the event on October 8, 2015, President Rochon and Vice-President Benjamin Rifkin apologized for the comments in a statement a few days later, saying, We regret that what was intended to be a visionary moment for our community was diminished by insensitive comments,” the statement said. “In general, the college cannot prevent the use of hurtful language on campus. Such language, intentional or unintentional, exists in the world and will seep into our community. We can’t promise that the college will never host a speaker who could say something racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or otherwise disrespectful. Even so, we reaffirm our commitment to making our campus an inclusive and respectful community.”

Unfortunately for President Rochon and everyone else who believes they can appease this well-orchestrated and no doubt well-funded militant movement, it’s simply not acceptable to foster and insure constitutionally protected free speech on a college campus these days because its demise is an essential part of the “radical, transformative change” they’re demanding. So it’s terribly ironic, even though entirely predictable that Rochon’s effort to “demonstrate” Ithaca’s political correctness and willingness to be more “inclusive” might well lead to the loss of his job.

The above article also included some pretty profound statements by Claire Gleitman, an English professor at Ithaca, who attended the Blue sky event. Flint wrote, At the beginning of the event, Rochon emphasized that the initiative was meant to allow the college to reimagine everything.

“Unless we throw everything out first and develop that clarity of vision, we will be too self-limiting in our creativity,” he said during his opening remarks at the event.

Gleitman said she is confused and wonders what exactly the college needs to reimagine.

“I also remain puzzled by the task: to engage in Blue Sky reimagining, we are being asked to design an immersive community from scratch jettisoning everything we presently do.”

Gleitman said it was clear that Sy and VanDyke had good experiences at the college. She said she wished the college would have talked more about how to build on those positive experiences.

“While I recognize that this is essentially a thought-experiment, I’m struggling to see how it is intellectually meaningful, and the conversation at the Blue Sky event didn’t clarify that for me,” Gleitman said. “It would have been nice if there had been more discussion of how we can build upon what we already do, in order to ensure that engaged, impassioned learning experiences occur even more frequently for our students.”

Professor Gleitman’s comments really spoke to me because I know there’s a movement under way to change and undermine just about everything in our country; from doing away with free speech rights (allowing only speech deemed acceptable and non-offensive to militant minorities), respect for any and all symbols of American pride and patriotism (now deemed offensive and racially insensitive—even capable of inciting violence), personal accountability, respect for the feelings and opinions of others, free exercise of religion, civil discourse, standards of excellence and high achievement in education, redefinition of marriage, the deliberate dismantling of what used to be the greatest military force on earth…just for starters!

Presumably, every student involved in this “let’s change everything” movement entered the college of their choice because it would provide them the education that best met their particular needs; yet they now consider them in need of “radical, transformative change.” The saddest thing about this “I’m a victim and it’s all your fault and you have to do something about it” attitude that’s becoming pervasive in all areas of American life is that it will not bring about the desired result. Illegal immigrants come to America for a better life, blacks and gays want to feel loved, accepted and respected despite their differences and so on it goes; yet their divisive, angry, disruptive, militant and hate filled words, accusations and extortive tactics are destructive and will ultimately make their dreams impossible to achieve.

As a blind individual subjected to extreme verbal cruelty as a child, as well as someone who remembers being absolutely horrified when a black man was lynched in my small hometown because he was accused of raping a white woman, listening to the totally unreasonable and unjustified demands from black students and others today because someone called them a dirty name or hasn’t sufficiently catered to them as a “special” extraconstitutional class makes my head spin. While I’ve witnessed the ugliness of racism in some whites I’ve known in my lifetime and despise it, I’ve also known blacks who filter every life experience through the lens of racism based on their own prejudice against whites. Both attitudes are equally wrong and destructive because they create ingrained hostility that’s very difficult to overcome and cause deeply entrenched resentments. Time and time again, we’ve seen videos of college presidents trying to engage in dialogue with activists on their campuses, as well as some presidential candidates, only to be rudely and disrespectfully shouted down. Sadly, the message that sends to most reasonable people is that getting media attention is much more important than seriously working together to address legitimate grievances. And once people realize that there’s no pleasing militant minorities, they will stop trying; which will do little to effect the change needed in the hearts of anyone who views others through the distortive lens of racism.

Martin Luther King literally gave his life for a cause so much greater than himself and our country is all the better for it, but the resulting racial equality his efforts helped bring about is now being undermined by what’s going on in our country today. We have a leading black presidential candidate, a black President, our second black Attorney General, majority black leadership in many urban cities and even in the Mizzou student government…all of which would not be if not for the majority vote of white Americans. Yet that seems to count for nothing and some blacks feel totally justified in holding everyone accountable for the actions of a few.. Just as blacks don’t want to be judged based on the color of their skin, all law enforcement officers shouldn’t be judged based on the badges they wear. Just because a white person made undeniably racially insensitive comments, a college president shouldn’t be made to pay with his job. Just because some blacks are militant and more interested in stirring up disunity rather than effectively working for the betterment of their communities, all blacks shouldn’t be painted with the same brush. Just because Christians strongly believe that God created marriage for a man and a woman, that doesn’t mean they hate gays. Just because Americans believe in the rule of law and suffer the consequences of illegal immigration, that doesn’t mean they hate illegal immigrants. And as I can personally attest to, being blinded by one’s ideology and preconceived notions about others is a much greater disability than my physical blindness.

So if our schools and parents don’t get back to preparing our kids for real life and all of its ups and downs, disappointments, inevitable failures, as well as teaching them that things are not always “fair” or even “right,” things are not going to get better in America. The social experiment that’s taken place in our schools and universities over the past two plus decades has been an abject failure, which is no more evident than in what’s currently playing out on college campuses around the country. The youth of America will never achieve more than what we teach them to settle for, and it’s really sad to see just how low we’re willing to set the bar. But worst of all, they’re the ones who will pay the highest cost because they won’t ever experience the American dream as long as they’re coddled and allowed to get away with some of the shenanigans we’ve witnessed recently. Our children are really just searching for significance, and when we fail to teach them how to achieve that through hard work, respect for others, standards of excellence and good behavior; rather than mediocracy, promiscuity and self-indulgence, they won’t ever be blessed with the sense of happiness and satisfaction real personal accomplishment brings. So let’s keep praying for our country and most especially for our youth because it’s never too late with God!

Claims of Racial Incidents on Mizzou Campus Unravel

Even though I immediately doubted the validity of the alleged incidents of racism at Mizzou and thought the extorted resignations of the President and Chancellor were shameful, I was totally shocked today when I heard that it’s probably all just a big lie! But I shouldn’t be surprised since one of my most consistent prayers about what’s been going on in our country has been for God to bring to light the things being done in darkness; relying on His promise in Luke 8:17, which says For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. So it’s probably the speed at which it all started coming apart that caught me by surprise; yet it’s otherwise confirmation of everything stated in my initial article about the recent events at Mizzou. As I said, “…this is just the beginning and won’t likely resolve racial tensions at Mizzou or anywhere else. It’s actually more likely to make things even worse because their demands were met just to avoid the loss of millions of dollars, which sets a very dangerous and destructive precedent for Mizzou and all other universities and schools.” When universities, schools, businesses and governing bodies acquiesce to the demands of militant minorities, thus feeding their lust for power and notoriety, the outcome will never be either fair or just. And there can be no more disturbing example of that than what’s been done to President Tim Wolf and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin.

It’s just too bad the news media weren’t equally interested in “vetting” the allegations of racism made by the Mizzou students as they were in “betting” the biography of Dr. Ben Carson. And based on The Federalist’s well written, well documented reporting (a great example of what REAL journalist do!), it obviously wouldn’t have taken much time or effort to figure out that there was absolutely NO evidence to substantiate the alleged “poop swastika” incident at Gateway Hall on the Mizzou campus. So even BEFORE Student Body President Payton Head proved himself to be a totally unreliable witness and fraudster, Sean Davis rightly concluded that the poop swastika incident was likely nothing but a “giant hoax.”

The details revealed on Twitchy about what Mizzou’s Student Body President, Payton Head, set in motion last night are very bazaar and disturbing. He recklessly incited further racial tension via his Facebook post that KKK was confirmed on campus, warning students to stay away from windows, and falsely stated that he was in contact with the police department, state troopers and the National Guard. Needless to say, total bedlam erupted on campus as mass hysteria set in; and it was all a big lie! He later deleted his first post and then his less than honest apology for “scaring everybody,” though not before both screenshots were recorded for posterity. And this article from Liberty News further makes the case for why alleged claims of racial incidents are starting to fall apart (Note: I’m sharing this link for content despite the offensive language in one of the comments). Then as revealed in this article on American Thinker, racial hoaxes are on the rise, which is exactly what we can expect to continue as long as schools, businesses and governing bodies are intimidated by the demands of militant minorities. All of this is intended to fuel the flames of racial tensions and animosity; the means by which many political “leaders” gain and maintain their power.

I just looked online for updates on today’s events before publishing this, and couldn’t believe the “whitewash” (there’s absolutely no mention of Payton Head’s irresponsible and false Facebook postings) I found on NBC News and USA Today! It really strains journalistic credibility for USA Today to report that Others tweeting from the university’s Columbia campus said people used racial epithets as they drove around the school, and a group of men walking with bandannas covering their faces yelled racial slurs at black students. without so much as a shred of evidence when in this day and age, EVERYONE RECORDS EVERYTHING! Are we really expected to believe that in every single racial incident reported at Mizzou, not one person had a cell phone available to provide recorded evidence so the culprits could be identified? If the mainstream media, university officials and political leaders continue to pander to this kind of nonsense as both of the above media outlets reveal, it really will take an act of God to save our country!

DOJ Appealing Injunction Barring Implementation of President Obama’s Lawless Immigration Plan

Yesterday was a great day for all who believe in the “rule of law” and that the “separation of powers” set forth in our Constitution is essential for the survival of our nation since the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court’s injunction halting implementation of President Obama’s executive action providing virtual amnesty for up to five million illegal immigrants.. However, the Obama administration plans to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court on appeal; while at the same time intimating that the President could implement his amnesty plans through an executive order. But based on this article in The Atlantic, it’s apparent that the Democrats prefer to make illegal immigration an issue in the upcoming presidential elections, which will most likely determine the course the Obama administration takes going forward.

Additional details of yesterday’s court ruling are available from Fox News and CNN, but I think it’s important to draw attention to issues not being mentioned in most of today’s media coverage. While President Obama unquestionably has “prosecutorial discretion when it comes to the implementation of laws passed by Congress, Bestowing and implementing rights not established by constitutionally passed law goes far beyond the “prosecutorial discretion” the Obama Justice Department claims as justification for the President’s executive action. In addition to openly defying well settled law regarding deportation of illegal immigrants, DACA also authorized the issuance of work permits for millions of them, and their newfound “semi-legal status” would most likely make them eligible for other benefits only Americans citizens are entitled to. So as Breitbart News reported last November, the President’s plan for amnesty could ultimately cost American taxpayers as much as two trillion dollars according to Robert Rector, an expert from The Heritage Foundation. Therefore, despite the Obama administration’s claim that they have to “prioritize” which illegal immigrants to deport because of inadequate funding by Congress, in addition to the President’s failure to deport millions of them as required by law, the cost of giving illegal immigrants “legally protected status” and other benefits they’re not otherwise eligible for would cost American taxpayers far more than it could possibly save!

Unfortunately, even the highest courts of our land are being diminished by politics as almost every ruling these days is split along party lines, and yesterday’s ruling was no exception since the two judges appointed by Republican presidents upheld the lower court’s ruling and the one appointed by a Democrat was the dissenting judge. So one of the most ironic and cynical aspects of the President’s unlawful use of executive power to grant amnesty, work permits and eligibility for benefits normally reserved for legal citizens to almost five million illegal immigrants are the President’s own words. In fact, in approximately twenty-five different statements, the President himself made the best legal case AGAINST what he attempted to do through DACA. This is one of the most detailed, and a few others are here, here and here. And in this speech on the House floor, Speaker John Boehner quotes most of the statements made by the President explaining why he couldn’t do exactly what he ended up doing. Call me cynical, but it’s undeniable that President Obama knew full well that what he did was unlawful and unconstitutional, and thus very unlikely to withstand the legal challenges he knew would inevitably follow. So it’s more reasonable than not to believe that his administration’s ruling granting unlawfully protected status and the resulting rights to millions of illegal immigrants was simply a political ploy to appease the Hispanic base of the Democrat party (who were becoming quite disgruntled with President Obama as his upcoming re-election approached), as well as creating a very divisive political issue in future elections (most particularly his own re-election of 2012), as indicated in the above article from The Atlantic.

Perhaps the day will soon come when those considered the “base” of the Democrat party will realize how their emotions and circumstances are being manipulated in the very high stakes game of politics and that the leaders they’ve placed their trust in for decades have actually done very little to improve their lot in life. Since those who view themselves as “victims” rarely rise above their perceived identity to become victors, “victimhood” is the most consistent and effective message proclaimed by those who seek to put asunder traditional American and Christian values in our country. But we are not victims…we are victors in Jesus Christ and America was founded to protect and guarantee that most fundamental right for all!

Incidents Like Mizzou’s Socially Sanctioned Extortion Insidiously Tear at the Fabric of our Nation

America is headed for real trouble if universities, schools, businesses and governing bodies continue to cave and give in to what appears to be the socially sanctioned extortion that culminated in today’s resignation of the University of Missouri system’s president, Tim Wolfe, along with Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin. News reports from USA Today and The New York Times, as well as numerous cable news reports, make it clear that the incidents of “alleged” racism were not necessarily the only motivation behind the protests and boycott at Mizzou.

However, assuming that all of the incidents mentioned did take place and were racially motivated, exactly what was the president of the university supposed to do about it? We do live in America and people ARE racist and prejudiced (including many blacks, gays and liberals against whites, Jews, Hispanics, Christians and conservatives) and there’s not a single word in the U.S. Constitution that protects our sensibilities from offensive language and actions. But it’s important to remember that not a single person was physically harmed or attacked; in fact, no one was even threatened with harm and the perpetrators of the alleged racial slurs and actions weren’t even identified. Not only that, I haven’t heard of any “evidence” being produced to substantiate the alleged claims of racism that caused Mizzou’s minority students to feel unsafe on campus. Yet the careers of two honorable men who had done absolutely nothing wrong were destroyed in what can only be described as an act of extortion and political correctness in the extreme…what might even be called “domestic terrorism” if not for the liberal double standard and media bias that exists in America today. And even if the university consents to all of the “demands” still being made by the Mizzou students, similar incidents can and will continue to take place because they won’t do anything to eradicate the anger and hatred rooted deep within the hearts of all racists.

Unfortunately, as statements made by students after the president and chancellor resigned clearly indicate, this is just the beginning and won’t likely resolve racial tensions at Mizzou or anywhere else. It’s actually more likely to make things even worse because their demands were met just to avoid the loss of millions of dollars, which sets a very dangerous and destructive precedent for Mizzou and all other universities and schools. Since the Mizzou football players and those threatening other disruptive tactics were willing to shut down and do irreparable harm to the university and literally used extortion to force the Board of Curators into an untenable position, Tim Wolfe’s resignation for the sake of the university he loves proved him to be the better man.

So for the sake of our country and ALL concerned, I hope people will pay attention to the wisdom expressed in the following excerpt from The Washington Post:
Some saw Wolfe’s and Loftin’s resignations as a sign that even powerful leaders could be toppled if an important issue such as equality were at stake. Others saw it as further proof that political correctness on university campuses has a stranglehold on common sense, making administrators who had recently been praised for their stewardship of a complex institution suddenly vulnerable to student complaints.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder said that racism has no place at a public university, but he also cautioned against allowing “a dissident few to drive the actions that decide the future of our state university.”

“While I respect the right to peaceful protest … I cannot ignore the necessity of law and order at our universities. Student concerns must be listened to and heard out,” Kinder said in a statement. “However, our universities cannot be run by individuals making demands or using extreme actions. The Board of Curators is in place to make informed decisions and govern, and they must be free to do so. Otherwise chaos ensues.”

We need to wake up because America is slowly being transformed from a nation where majority rule was a founding principle to one where a militant minority rules…and that’s just NOT America!

Joe Scarborough Viciously Attacks Dr. Ben Carson’s Integrity

I’m usually self-controlled enough to watch all of the cable news networks because I know that’s the only way to stay informed; we really aren’t justified in our opinions against those we disagree with if we won’t even listen to what they have to say. But as I watched all of the networks this morning, I actually turned off MSNBC and said a few words I had to immediately repent for! Joe Scarborough repeatedly called Dr. Ben Carson a liar and said, “You’re lying and you need to come out front, and you need to admit it because it’s only gonna get worse.” I actually didn’t change the channel until Joe said that Dr. Carson said he “got a scholarship to West Point,” which he never said. I even stayed tuned through all of the shrill, derisive, mocking, scoffing and condescending hostility displayed toward Dr. Carson–even when Joe angrily declared “it’s pure BS and it’s one lie after another lie after another lie and he keeps getting caught.”

Just because the details of events from forty plus years ago can’t be verified, it’s not right or fair to automatically dismiss them as lies or fabrications. and even though Dr. Carson might not have expressed himself as clearly or precisely as the media seems to uniquely expect of him when relating his past, that’s a far cry from Dr. Carson “lying” about his past. Perhaps it’s necessary to remind Joe Scarborough and his ilk that lying means making a deliberately untruthful, false or misleading statement with the INTENT to deceive or mislead others.

The reason Joe and others who so strongly dislike Ben Carson, primarily because he is such a good and decent man who threatens and opposes everything they believe and stand for, are targeting his credibility is because without exception, all of the polls indicate that he ranks higher than all other presidential candidates when it comes to integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. I actually went online here later to listen to the rest of the discussion about Dr. Carson on today’s Morning Joe program because it’s important to hear with my own ears what others say rather than rely on how it’s reported in the media.

I wonder if Scarborough and others will have the decency to apologize to Ben Carson and the American people if those involved in the incidents he’s related about his past start coming forward to verify everything they now so derisively challenge and call lies based on mere assumptions. I doubt it, but I do hope people who can confirm Dr. Carson’s past will come to his defense, and I won’t be a bit surprised when they do because we’re assured in Isaiah 54:17 that No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me,” says the Lord.

So let’s all let Joe Scarborough know what we think of his baseless and hateful attack on Dr. Carson, which you can do from the above link, and let’s keep lifting Dr. Carson up in prayer and support him with contributions to his presidential campaign.

Obama’s Administration Threatens to Withhold Federal Funding to Force Transgender Agenda on Public Schools

The radical LBGT agenda now aggressively being foisted on public schools throughout the country by Barack Obama and his administration will surprise those who unwittingly took him at his word at the Saddleback Civil Forum with Rick Warren when he was
running for President in 2008. However, that was nothing but a calculated lie and necessary means to the desired end result, as David Axelrod wrote in his memoir (Believer: My 40 Years in Politics) and admiringly acknowledged in this interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper. In fact, Axelrod even admitted that the President consistently misled the American people on his stance on gay marriage in order to get elected; notably because opposition to gay marriage was particularly strong in black churches. And here’s President Obama himself proudly touting everything he’s done on behalf of LBGTs as he heartily endorsed the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of same sex marriage.

Unfortunately, President Obama’s plan to “fundamentally transform” America didn’t stop with pushing same sex marriage because his administration is now aggressively threatening public schools with the loss of federal funding if they don’t comply with his radical “gender identity” policies and give teachers, staff and students alike equall access to all bathrooms and locker rooms regardless of their physical anatomy. In fact, schools already allow students to play on sports teams based on their “gender identity” regardless of their actual sex.

As per the Chicago Tribune, the “U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights found “a preponderance of evidence” that Palatine-based Township High School District 211 violated Title IX by barring a transgender student from using the girls’ locker room.” However, as stated, “the position taken by the Obama administration contradicts some of the court rulings in lawsuits over locker room and bathroom access for transgender students.” It further states that “In two separate rulings — one this year in a suit against a Virginia district and another in 2013 involving the University of Pittsburgh — the courts dismissed the Title IX claims and upheld the schools’ decisions to prohibit the transgender students from using the facilities that correspond with their gender identities.”

Sadly, even multiple court rulings against them haven’t stopped the Obama administration’s relentless pursuit of their radical LBGT agenda based on this this article from May of 2015 and subsequent updates. So despite the tremendous opposition from parents and pastors to their outrageous social engineering policies, as shown in this report, “The district said they were mandated by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights to add “gender identity” to the policy — or else risk losing federal funding.” So the schools were basically blackmailed by the Obama administration and threatened with the loss of federal funding if they refuse to actively promote their radical LBGT agenda.

While Barack Obama and his administration might have experienced a temporary victory, I’m confident that the American people will not stand for their efforts at social engineering and will assert their ultimate power to effect and reject such outrageous policies in how they vote in the upcoming elections.

Politico joins the Media “Hit Job” on Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson must really threaten everything the mainstream media stands for since they’re obviously willing to put their own credibility and journalistic integrity on the line by publishing easily provable slanderous fabrications and lies about Dr. Carson! Today’s slander against Dr. Carson again centers on his biography, Gifted Hands, and his account of meeting with General Westmoreland and being offered a scholarship to West Point; about which Politico headlines blast “Ben Carson Admits Fabricating West Point Scholarship.” Well, the problem with those headlines is that Dr. Carson has NOT admitted any such thing because he NEVER claimed that he went to West Point or received a scholarship to attend West Point! In fact, He clearly stated in the same book, as well as in previous television interviews, that he didn’t seek admission to or attend West Point because he wanted to pursue a career in medicine.

Needless to say, the rest of the media smells blood and will move in for the kill now by knowingly repeating and piling on the slanderous lies printed by Politico as they do their best to destroy a truly great and decent Christian man. As I said yesterday, this is one of the most disgraceful episodes of media bias and journalistic malpractice I’ve ever witnessed and I hope and pray that the American people won’t stand for it. Just as with CNN’s hatchet job yesterday, this is even more disturbing considering that Politico and the rest of the mainstream media aren’t similarly inclined to investigate and challenge the veracity or truthfulness of Hillary Clinton’s many stories; particularly those we already have undeniable evidence and proof are outright lies. Instead, they’re obviously quite content to carry her water and don’t care how low they stoop to destroy anyone who dares to stand in her way as she “ascends” to the presidency!

So I strongly encourage everyone reading this to let the media know we aren’t going to allow them to destroy those they perceive as political enemies just because they’re conservative Christians by contributing to Dr. Carson’s political campaign and telling Politico what you think of their slander and journalistic malpractice! If we have any hope of God healing our land, we have to start defending godly principles and refuse to allow the media to destroy political candidates who are not ashamed of their Christian values!

UPDATE: Within the last hour, Politico has changed the headlines on their earlier slanderous attack on Dr. Carson; which now reads, “Exclusive: Carson claimed West Point ‘scholarship’ but never applied.” However, the intended damage was done and will continue as intended because FOX News’ Special Report just led with Politico’s original slanderous story, without stating that it wasn’t true and without clarifying that Dr. Carson never said he received a scholarship or went to West Point. In fact, they even followed that up with yesterday’s scurrilous report by CNN! We just can’t allow the news media to get away with trying to destroy a man’s life with nothing but lies just for political gain! Of course, if as I suspect, God is for Dr. Carson, no one can stand against him according to Romans 8:31!

FURTHER UPDATE: By the end of Special Report on Fox News, the story had totally turned around! They even commented that Dr. Carson looked like he was “toast” when the Politico story broke earlier today and now they had to back away from their reporting and Dr. Carson appears to have won!!! Way to go conservative Americans and most of all, way to go God!!! We really can make a difference when we take a stand for what is right and against what is wrong!

CNN Caught Deliberately Trying to Discredit Dr. Ben Carson

I was actually shocked earlier today when I saw CNN’s shamelessly and openly flagrant attempt to discredit Dr. Ben Carson as a candidate for President of the United States of America!

I watched Brooke Baldwin’s show in utter disbelief this afternoon as bits and pieces of the above video were played and Brooke, correspondent Joe Johns and reporter Maeve Reston openly challenged and questioned the character and integrity of Dr. Ben Carson. I honestly don’t recall ever seeing anything quite so disgraceful…their mocking, scoffing and derisive attitude toward a man of such character, stature and unquestionable ability was a sad commentary on CNN’s own lack of journalistic integrity and character.

You can read the transcript of what I watched, beginning just above [15:15:08] on the transcript. While Brook, Joe and Maeve obviously couldn’t hide their disdain for Dr. Carson and did their best to imply that he made up things about his childhood and how God changed his heart and life, Maeve Reston actually revealed that CNN investigated Dr. Carson’s biographical story in an effort to prove him unfit to hold the office of president based on his bad temper. She said, “So just — it’s important to point out there that what Dr. Carson said is completely inaccurate. We didn’t just talk to people who knew him when he was 14. We talked to neighbors. We talked to elementary school classmates, junior high classmates, high school classmates, people who were in (INAUDIBLE) with him. None of these people had heard about any of these incidents, except for one who said he remembered a vague rumor about the stabbing incident at the time, but had no evidence to prove it. And we just find it really odd that the campaign will not help us find any of these people or eyewitnesses who can talk about what happened during this time. And this is a really important piece of vetting a presidential candidate. We went about this story to find these people to talk to them about Dr. Carson’s temper, this moment that he had with God where he said that the temper went away from that point forward. And that’s an important thing to know for someone who is going to be in the Oval Office.”

Sadly, CNN obviously didn’t consider it necessary to similarly “vet” or investigate President Obama’s background when he was running for president, despite his very well documented personal and professional affiliations with many individuals who openly and even violently demonstrated outright hatred of this country. They also don’t seem equally interested in “vetting” or investigating Hillary Clinton’s very well documented lack of character and integrity despite so much readily available evidence that she has neither.

Since I’ve been thinking about setting up this site for several months now, I actually want to thank CNN for prompting me to get that process started just so I can shed light on their absolutely and undeniable lack of journalistic integrity! And I hope many others will respond to their attempted hatchet job on Dr. Ben Carson by joining me in contributing to his presidential campaign, which you can do here!

As Christians praying for and counting on God to heal our land, we have to stand up for the godly men and women running for elected office and support them by telling the media that they can’t get away with things like this, so please take the time to let CNN know what you think about what they’re trying to do to Dr. Carson on their “feedback” page.

UPDATE: It appears that CNN is getting quite a bit of negative feedback since they’ve already edited the original video and are now actually being quite defensive of their original story!